Spa launches fat-busting laser that claims to give you a trim tum like the Duchess of Cambridge in just FOUR weeks

Before and afterAnyone know where I can buy some incontinence pants, because I’ve just pmsl. Another classic load of old rubbish from the Mail today read here.

If you want to read the article, feel free, what a load of old nonsense. I’m not knocking Harvey Nichols’ Beyond MediSpa, I’m sure they are very genuine, although the image included in the article is so obviously “Photoshopped” it’s a joke. The images are supposed to have been taken 4 weeks apart.  It’s the same image, same shadows, same clothing, same colour tone, same moles. Bra line identical, thong line identical, 1st image soft focus, 2nd image, bit of work around the front bottom area, slight difference where the front bottom thong has been altered, tummy moved in a bit, oh and image 1 is slightly magnified, but it’s still the same shot.

goldilocksHowever, that’s not what made me laugh, it was the shot of Goldilocks Middleton and the volley tummy. Ha Ha, is it April 1st, nope just checked it’s November 24. That image was taken sometime in October.

I don’t want to labour the point here, not that Kate would understand what that means, but we did cover this a few weeks ago see here.

If that is the tummy of a woman who a couple of months ago really gave birth to 8lb 6oz Prince George, then there is no hope for any of us.

What has  happened here is damage limitation.  What are the chances of getting a shot of the royal flesh when she’s not on holiday? The volley tummy shot was never meant to have happened. It did, questions were asked, this article comes out a few weeks later to sort of make it plausible. Nice try, but I don’t buy it.

goldilocks lge


Murdoch And Blair Fall Out Over Wendi

They were once so close.

They were once so close.

Oh no! Lord Murdemort and Liar-nel Blair have had a boy spat over Wendi according to the Mail today see here. I don’t want to keep plugging the Mail, but someone’s got to while Chris is off line.

Cherie Blair

Wendi enjoying Cherie’s attempts at stand up comedy. “Have you heard the one about the ex Prime Minister and non existant WMDs”

The Mail does make it clear “There is no suggestion by this newspaper of any impropriety by Mr Blair or Ms Deng. And Mr Blair’s friends have repeatedly denied he had an affair with Ms Deng.” No or course there isn’t any suggestion, that’s why you went ahead and printed the story. I bet that wiped the smile of Cherie’s face this morning.

To be honest, I care little whether there was any hankie pankie, Murdoch is 82, Wendi is 44, they got married (now divorced) 14 years ago when she was 30 and he was 68 (I may be one or 2 years out), but they are all adults, so what the hell. Plus, if Mr Blair’s friends have denied it, that’s good enough for me. It’s not like the Blair camp to tell fibs is it?

Cliff Richard launches a sparkling rosé wine to honour the birth of Prince George

article-0-199D6B3100000578-173_634x945It’s a shame Spivey is off line at the moment, he would have liked this one in the Mail today.

It seems dear old CirClip, or Harry Roger Webb as we fondly remember him has launched a  rosé wine to honour the birth of little Prince George.

You’ll never guess what he’s called the wine, Congratulations!

That must have taken ages to think up, named after one of his many hit records, brilliant. Shame it wasn’t one of his other songs, maybe, Bachelor Boy, or even, “Don’t Forget To Catch Me”.

Anyway, bottoms up!

As a slight postscript, the Mail does add “Sir Cliff looks young for his 73 years”. No hecliff4 does not you bunch of sycophantic liars, he looks like an old bloke with a very suspect hair style.

The image is a quick artists impression of how CirClip looks without the hair style. Yes I know it looks rubbish, I was in a hurry.

BBC Children In Need 2013. More Of The Same Old Hypocrisy.

Banksy Savile bbc smallAre you ready for it, got your red nose within reach, oh sorry, that’s Len’s gig isn’t it, not Tel’s, I get a bit confused with these guilt trip telethons. Look, I kicked off about it last year (here), so I won’t go on about it too much, but here are a few points to consider.

No child on this planet should be in need in 2013. One little old lady in Buckingham Palace has enough personal wealth to solve these problems over night.

How much does it cost the BBC to run this “boost a celebrities profile” campaign each year? It’s your money they are wasting to ask you to give up more cash. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Why does Pudsey have one eye covered? Bit symbolic that!

This is all from the corporation who systematically covered up child abuse within its walls.

ILLUMINATI celebrities- hand covering eye - all seeing eye gesture lady gaga

The People’s Voice. David Icke and His Team Pull It Off, Against All Odds.

footer-logoI’m not sure what was better yesterday, watching the money raising “People’s Voice” telethon, or keeping up with attempts on Twitter to rubbish it.

So 17.00 came and went. I did actually start to think that after all of the hype, nothing would happen. We carried the whole 5 hour show live on and to be honest, I nearly removed the feed from the front page, but after a few tense minutes, “The People’s Voice” burst onto the screen.

I am, however very disappointed, not in TPV itself, but how little support it received from the so called alternative media. It appears that people are so wrapped up in their little self important corners of the internet that they are frightened to praise the efforts of a small group of people doing their best to make a difference.

Last night was never going to be a polished launch of the station. It was an introductory telethon to test things, give a taster of things to come, and raise some much needed cash. In my opinion, it not only achieved that, but far exceeded anything I had hoped for. Yes there were nerves, there were technical glitches, and the odd questionable guest, but for what is, lets face it, a shoe string global station, what they achieved was truly miraculous.

I really believe “The Peoples Voice” has the potential to blow the system wide open. So why are so few people openly supporting it? And why are so many pontificating over every minor glitch, almost willing it to fail. Even on Ickes own forum today, instead of shouting from the rooftops how great it was, they are arguing over why Icke is giving into Ofcom regarding a licence.

Here’s the bottom line you bunch of very strange “activists”. Trust David Icke to do whatever he has to to make it work! Have you spent the last 22 years giving up a successful career and being the butt of the media’s campaign against you like he has. Single handedly fighting for a cause that affects all of us. No you haven’t, so just shut up and trust the guy. Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

Yes, we support Icke. Over on ANN, we have been promoting The Peoples Voice for months, and will continue to do so. Is he the new Messiah, no and contrary to the MSM likes of Wogan, he never said he was, but he is a person who realised many years before most of us that the system is evil and not working in our best interests. As a lone voice he stood up and told it how it really is, regardless of ridicule and personal threats for his own safety. To be honest, until you can match the effort he has put into this war on evil, you have not earned the right to  judge him.

Icke was one of the first to say “Paedophilia is the cement that holds the system together”. He exposed truths about the system that made very uncomfortable reading. To date, none of this has been proved to be incorrect, in fact in light of the Savile revelations, we have only just uncovered the tip of the vile iceberg. The corrupt system has closed ranks and is doing their best confuse the issue by spreading disinfo, false investigations, false court cases, and every trick and smoke screen they can to cover up the truth. The real truth behind this whole paedophile network has yet to be exposed, but it will, and when it is, Icke will be proved right again.

As a side issue, one of the strange spin off of the Savile case is the awful truth that any mention of paedophilia in a blog title brings in huge hits to websites. So much so that some sites claiming to be “alternative” have been set up in the last eighteen months dedicated to nothing else. I really don’t get this, it’s like setting up a site about how to build your own house, but only talking about the mortar used to stick the bricks together. Yes, exposing paedophilia is a very important subject, but it is part of the problem, not the whole problem, and certainly not a reason to  be a pseudo expert, simply rehashing stuff put out by the MSM.  This mini rant doesn’t of course include the sites run by “real” people who have survived unimaginable experiences at the hands of the system. They know who they are, and can write about what the hell they want too, although most of the genuine sites cover a wide range of topics.

Anyway, back to The People’s Voice. The other big gripe doing the rounds at the moment was including Peter Tatchell in the opening extravagansa. To be totally honest, my first reaction last weeks was “WTF?” why give him a voice, (I’m not a fan). But, thinking about it in the cold light of day, the point of The Peoples Voice is not to exclude anyone. If it does the job it’s intended to, how can it expose the system  if it hides from it? Let’s hope that they include the likes of Blair, Clarke, Brittan, and McAlpine to name just four.

So all in all, a great start to what could be something really special. Please get behind it, these chances don’t come along that often. Oh and if you don’t like it or trust Icke, do a better job yourself.

If You’ve Got It, Blog It, Otherwise, Shut It!

5-1So, I was eating my breakfast Sunday morning!  I started with “so” on purpose because everyone starts sentences with “so” these days, and I want to appear contemporary, init. I’m loving this.

So, I was eating my breakfast Sunday morning catching up with the latest news from the papers that still let you read their old nonsense for free, I mean, come on Murdoch, do you really think I’m going to subscribe and pay good money to read your propaganda rag, ROFL. “Oh”, I suddenly thought, I wonder what old Spiv is up to, so I grudgingly went over to his site to see if baldy was still online and fuck me, he was. That’s three days without a break, things are looking up. I only cuss on here generally when I’m thinking about Spivey, I’ve no idea why.

Well I couldn’t believe what I was reading, some naughty people over on Nutter Ickes forum have been having a go at my mate Chris, and he’s not happy.

I’m not going to go into the in’s and out of it here, but if you want to have a look, go here. However, it did make me waste an hour of my precious time this morning because like an naive gullible fool that I am, I clicked on the link to see what was being said. Thanks Chris, that’s an hour of my life gone forever, and at my age, they are all too precious.

I’m probably going to upset a lot of people here, but I don’t like forums. Within the membership there are a small a group of people who hide behind stupid id’s or whatever you call them, that they spent hours dreaming up, things like “Satan’s Sister”.  Their goal seems to be to post as much as possible to get the “senior member” badge. Here’s an example:

“Cool, I think you can find things out there in others as it happened to me. I say dont wear the mask and let them try bully you and see how foolish they end up looking, you have the upper hand your smarter than them, youve read icke 

OK, fair enough, a few errors, dont should be don’t, youve should be you’ve, and of course the classic your when it should be you’re. But the reply made to crease up:

No i have never read anything by him, i will never be anyones sheep, i just live what i write about.”  This is on David Ickes own forum for fuck sake. (sorry Chris)

Do you remember the 1980’s. Do you remember CB radio’s. “Breaker Breaker, 10/4 good buddy, catch you on the flip flop” The CB FM band (as opposed to the far better AM and SSB), was populated mainly by a group of lonely sad people chatting to truckers, or worse each other from the comfort of their armchairs. They would spend hours talking inane twaddle usually centered around what rig they had, or “brb” I’m going to make a cuppa. Well I am convinced the same people now get their daily fix of social interaction on  forums, or Facebook/Twitter, or all three. I wonder how much my shares are worth now.

Back to what was being said about Spivey, this one is great.:

Spivey just got to many facts Wrong in his rants ……
and I am getting sick of rants about the “Bad Guys “…now I want solutions not complaints ….we know the shit in every headline is a lie …
Solutions please not how helpless we are against them …..

Just about sums it up, sit back and let someone else sort things out!  Here’s an idea, why not start you own truth-seeking blog, do the work yourself and stop criticising others. If it’s good enough, people will read it, if it’s a load of old bollocks like what I write, then they won’t. (Bring me sunshine)

To be honest, the general tone of the thread was appalling.  Some of the named members have retracted what they said, but the idea that Spivey is on a money making mission with his site is hilarious. As for feeling  for anyone who donated, forget it. They did it from the heart, for something they all personally believe in.  Am I stupid enough to be conned by his alleged money making scam, well that’s between me and my Paypal account,  although Chris would never have known if I had, because my Paypal account gives no clue to who made the donation.

Of course, the other reason people post on forums like Nutters is to drive traffic to their own blogs, it also helps your Google ratings, which strangely “ping backs” from WordPress don’t.

I really believe that if you have something to say, don’t hide in the shadowy corners of forums, start-up a free blog on WordPress or Blogger (other blogging sites are available, terms and conditions apply, your home may be at risk if you spend too much time blogging) and put your own neck on the line.

Which gets me onto why we run “”. See what I did there, added a link which all helps my Google visibility. In the old “PieReport” days we tested an idea of bringing together feeds from various truth-seeking sites. It became popular, so we set it up as a stand alone site. It’s visited by enough people to make it worth doing, not massive figures, last month it had 510,221 hits, so there’s a long way to go, but it’s better than doing nothing. Are all of the sites “the real deal”, well sort of. I did remove a few that made me uneasy and there are still a couple who I leave on there to see how big a hole they can dig, plus who am I to judge, that’s the job of the reader. ANN certainly doesn’t make money, but it’s just little old me, doing my little old bit. To be honest, keeping it online takes up most of my spare time, but I believe it does, however small, a valuable job.

Why do we promote Alex Jones and David Icke so much, that’s easy, although I refer to Icke as Nutter, I have followed him since the early 1990’s, read his books, and believe him to be 100% genuine. As for Jones, I listen to him daily, and don’t buy into the mis-info theories. I do also take what he says with a big pinch of salt, but generally find him a good listen. I may be wrong, but hey, does it matter? I’d rather promote Jones than Morgan.

As a side issue, nice to see TPV is being knocked before it even launches. Yes I agree about Peter Tatchell, he makes my skin creep as well, but a free, truth-seeking media outlet should air all views. Once you start censoring who appears and who doesn’t, you’re back to controlled media.

Back to my Corn Flakes, do they taste a bit soft to you?

Russell Brand. Real Man Of The People?

brand and KhanGreat news everyone, Russell Brand and Jemima Khan confirm they are giving their romance another go. OMG, I’m so excited for the happy couple.

Brand, who did so well exchanging blows with the razor sharp Paxman and is now the champion of the common man, for change in this country.  This is exactly what we need, a high profile intellectual celebrity fighting in our corner. And what a lovely pair they both make, Russell with is trademark open honest face, and Jemima, looking meek and humble as ever.

Sorry, I just can’t do this. I’ve tried to write a nice piece about this pair, and it is physical impossible for my fingers to type the sort of rubbish the tabloids are pumping out on a daily basis. Anyone who really believes Brand is anything other than a Trojan horse just doesn’t get it.  Ex lover of Globalist puppet star Katy Perry, Brand talks a very good talk, but that is all it is.

The fact that he is dating Jemima Khan / Goldsmith is enough to show even the most gullible person that this is all an act.

Let’s just join a few dots in case you have forgotten what’s happening here.

jamima Imran

Jemima Khan, ex wife of ex cricketer and Pakistani politician Imran Khan.


She is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith.

James Goldsmith is alleged to have had along standing affair with Frances Shand Kydd, Princess Diana’s mother. Shand Kydd was part of the Rothschild bloodline.

Goldsmith is alleged to be Diana’s biological father, therefore Jemima is alleged to be Diana’s half sister.


Zac Goldsmith                   Ben Goldsmith               Diana   Goldsmith Spencer             Jemima Khan

Notice any family resemblance here?

Zac is married to Kate Rothschild. Ben is married to Alice Rothschild. Diana’s mother was a Rothschild. OK, her maiden name was Roche, but still part of the Rothschild clan.

So we are really expected to believe that Russell Brand is a real man of the people. Yea right.

You’ll be telling me Prince George isn’t Jewish next!