Angela Merkel Nude Photo, Fake Or Real? What Is The Naked Truth?

Angela MerkelThis image has gone viral today, supposedly of a young Angela Merkel naked.

For the sake of taste and decency we have pixelated out the naughty bits, but trust me it’s very 1970’s.

Now, we have run a few stories on dear old Angela Merkel in the past, including

Is Angela Merkel Adolf Hitlers Daughter?  but this one has got me a little puzzled. I first saw it on the Tap Blog on Saturday, but had to wait for Spivey to work his magic today, to get the full frontal version.

OK, the problem is, it was published on April 1, so is it real or fake? The face is almost certainly Angela Merkel, the East German hair cut gives that away, no offence intended, but what about the naked bits, do they also belong to Angela Merkel?

I use Photoshop as my standard imaging program, so I slapped the image in it, and I have to say, the pixels do seem to match, which is always a give away for sloppy editing, remember Obama’s fake birth certificate, the pixels were all over the place with different layered sizes, plus the White House published the layered image DOH!

But this one does seem to be genuine, added to the fact that it first hit the internet before April 1.

anon2That’s the big problem with April Fools day, you just don’t know what to believe any more. I’m off to pick some more spaghetti.

Dam is it April 2nd already, oh well never mind.

Europe Has No Answer to Euro Crisis

Surprise, surprise Europe has no solutions to its Euro crisis. Portugal is
in a worse state that Greece; Greece faces an election which will fail to
elect a government and a health service in a state of absolute collapse; Spain
is back in recession with no job prospects for its over 50% young unemployed;
Ireland continues to be crushed under Troika imposed austerity as it prepares
for its referendum on the 31st of May.

European finance ministers will meet again on the 30th March. Bloomberg
has received a draft copy of the proposals they will “approve” at that meeting.
Nothing is changing. The situation bumbles its way along the bottom while it
waits for the next cliff edge, and rather than dealing with the problems, the
only solution European financial leaders can come up with is more bailout.

We are sitting in the eye of the storm. Everything seems calm. But not for long –
trying to fix debt by adding more debt is creating a new momentum to the
forward motion of the storm. Hold on to you hats, folks. The next few
months is going to get interesting.