Paul Gambaccini Arrested. Isn’t The BBC Great!

TOP OF THE POPSSo Gambo has been nicked. As always with these stories, it’s best not to jump to any conclusions, he certainly wasn’t the 64 year old presenter most people were expecting to be named.

Interesting that he is one of the few to speak out about Savile, even confirming the necrophilia. Wogan knew about Savile’s evil ways, and kept quiet, expecting others to finger him, if you’ll pardon the expression, and Blackburn, apart from not seeming to know what time of day it is, just thought he was vile and evil. Yea, right Tony, it has been reported that you were a bit of a lad in your time.

Blackburn with wife Debbie. Is that a kiss, or is she adjusting the old Crown Topper?

Blackburn with wife Debbie. Is that a kiss, or is she adjusting the old Crown Topper?

In fact by his own admission, the ex Radio Caroline and London DJ has bedded over 500 lucky ladies, sensational!  You weren’t crowned king of the jungle for nothing. (source)

What else this week, oh yes, Savile’s ex BBC driver about to go to Crown Court, kills himself. Shame really because he probably had a lot of information about a lot of important people that would have been revealed during the trial, isn’t that annoying when people with damaging information kill themselves.

Back to old Gambo, I love the way the Mail had to use the line “A spokesman for the gay presenter said”. If that’s not a homophobic subliminal dig, I don’t know what is.

Still, not long to go now before we have to endure Children in need again. Just to refresh your memory, this is what we wrote last year.


BBC Hyprocisy At It’s Worst. Children In Need 2012

wogan hellThere he stands, all smug with his wibble wobble Irish charm, Sir Terry Wogan fronting yet another evening of Flagellation from the BBC. In a very awkward juxta position, the very same BBC who turned a blind eye to the antics of paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile and friends for decades tries to carry on as if nothing has happened.

The BBC has broadcast this Smorgasbord of inane celebrity nonsense, mixed with heart pulling footage of deprived  children, every November since 1980, raising millions of pounds. Very honorable you may think, but at the same time it was allowing a powerful paedophile network to abuse the very children it was using the licence payers money to promote helping. Lets face it, no one does something for nothing. Wogan, who at one time was actually paid to do this gig received a knighthood, and last night it was used to boost the careers of the various members of Girls Allowed.

I just found the whole evening very uncomfortable, and in very bad taste. Was it right to allow Wogan, the man the establishment used to try to destroy David Icke, to front the show. Let me make this very clear, I’m not suggesting that Wogan is directly implicated in the BBC scandal in any way. But he has worked for the BBC since the 1960’s, on the very same station as Savile, John Peel, Alan Freeman, and Dave Lee Travis. If minor DJ’s of the day like Paul Gambaccini knew it was happening, surely they all did?

Radio 1 DJ's, (left to right) Jimmy Savile, Ed Stewart, Dave LeeThe BBC is in total disarray, but they still manage to put their head in the sand and carry on as if nothing had happened. Yes they  raised over £26,000,000, brilliant news, only a few days after letting Entwistle shuffle of with his pockets stuffed full of cash.

This dinosaur is outdated, and out of control. It’s time to realise that Lord Reith is long dead, the BBC has lost the respect it once had. Maybe it’s time to get rid of it for once and for all.


4 thoughts on “Paul Gambaccini Arrested. Isn’t The BBC Great!

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  2. And what are your views on the Murdock empire? Don’t overlook who is behind much of the negative bbc publicity. Just look at the way Th Sun ran a front page leader before gambo was named, using it as an opportunity to have a dig at the bbc for not naming him. Why should he be named? He hasn’t been found guilty of anything, and now his career is in tatters. Also, why do you think it is that it’s nearly all bbc stars being arrested? Perhaps Because someone wants to shift public perceptions about the bbc sufficiently far for the public to call for an end to the license fee? It has worked on you on, for example. Of course, I may be way off the mark, but it all looks very fishy.

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