New Years Honours List. Tracey Emin Gets A CBE.

So the New Years Honours list for 2013 has been published. This embarrassing relic of Britain’s former colonial power is always received with mixed blessings.

Not wishing to dilute the joy that receiving any gong from the establishment gives to many worthy people, there are an awful lot of people in there who you simply ask, why?

For example, Hector William Hepburn Sants former Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, who is about to take of a position with Barclays. I was listening to James Max on LBC 97.3 today while performing my morning ablutions. He was ranting about whether   Hector had received a Knighthood for failing in his capacity as Chairman of the FSA. He was in charge during the financial crash, so Max was suggesting he shouldn’t have been awarded the knighthood. How wrong was James Max, (where is Steve Allen when you need a bit of sense on a Saturday morning) Max was arguing on the assumption that Sants had failed! The truth is that Sants probably did exactly what was required of him, hence the knighthood.

Now Tracey Emin is another matter altogether. She has received a CBE, or Commander of the British Empire, which is one pip down from getting a knighthood, or in her case  being made a Dame. When I started writing this post it was going to question why dear Tracey should be awarded a CBE at all, but now it is crystal clear.

emingoodimaginationShe is brilliant! Anyone who can convince that amount of people that they are a talented artist and pay for the stuff they creates is a genius.  I’m no art critic, but I know what I like and I have to say the sketches of Ms Emin CBE, naked playing with her “lady bits” doesn’t do much for me, but if people are prepared to pay for it, all power to you girl, and a big shout out to the Margate possy.


This is of course not a sketch by me, but a Photoshoped image from Tracey’s website.

In fact I thought I would give the old art thing a go myself, so here is my portrait of Tracey Emin CBE. Any good ?

Facebook Censoring Alternative Media Sites, Really, You Surprise Me!

homerOld Christopher D Spivey is kicking off over on Spivey again today, well actually yesterday to be honest, but I’ve not gone to bed yet, so it’s still today to me.

He’s done a great piece on Piers Morgan, to which all I can say is pay him more CNN, keep the Smuck over there, and yes, I know what a smuck is, although it is based on circumstantial evidence.

But the real story that got me going on Spivey is the Max Keiser post regarding Faceache taking down alternative media sites. I agree with a lot of the stuff Spivey posts, and of course, I agree with this one, but it’s not really news, this has been happening for months. The media war has already started and we only have ourselves to blame.

How on earth have we, supposedly intelligent people allowed our global masters to dominate a free internet in the way they have. Forget eBay and Paypal for a minute, their guys have been attending Bilderberg for years, or so I’m led to believe, but the four main internet sites people use today are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google.

As far as the social media sites go, these have to be the greatest con trick in the history of mankind. We all rush to post our most intimate details on them for the world to see. They are nothing but a massive overt information gathering network. They are there for a reason, and that reason is not to spread the word about the Globalist agenda, of course they are going to shut down pages that tell the truth they don’t want people to know about. DOH!

YouTube has been shutting down channels for ages, because it is owned by Google. It’s not a friendly video sharing site anymore, everything is controlled and monitored. If you post a video (funny how we still use that word) of a cat doing a handstand on top a blokes bald head the clip[ stays up. Try posting a video exposing the corruption that is controlling the world, different story.

And as for Google, OMG, it places little programs on your machine that monitor your usage, can take over your webcam without your knowledge, and now tries to force you to sign in before you can do anything. Do you honestly think the searches you bring up on Google are anonymous, or indeed accurate? We have noticed very strange things happening to our ratings on Google in recent months.

Kick them all out, stop using them. There are alternatives out there. If you use Blogger, get rid of it, use an independent platform like WordPress, or better still self host like we do. Use one of the privacy guaranteed search engines like Ixquick or Duck Duck, you really don’t need a Hoover to vacume a carpet.

Stop using the very tools they have put in place to control you, “simples!” (Is that copyright, I do hope McAlpine hasn’t got shares in Meerkat .com)

Oh, and yes, we do use Twitter and Facebook ourselves, as a mirror auto post of this site. We started on Facebook a couple of months ago, I’m sure my 4 followers would be devesated if we vanish.

Subliminal Message In New Kellogg’s Advert.

This isn't the new ad, but I thought the context was quite symbolic.

This isn’t the new ad, but I thought the context was quite symbolic.

“From the moment you are born, you are defined by a number”. That is the opening line of a current Kellogg’s cereal advert, so seemingly innocent, tacked onto the front of an advert.  So innocent in fact that you don’t even notice it, but that subliminal message is all part of the control mechanism that the globalists, of which Kellogg’s is alleged to be part, beam at us every day.

So why is it a subliminal message? It is normalising the fact that we are all numbered, catalogued and counted from birth to death. At birth you receive a birth certificate, at death you are written off with a death certificate. In between you are part of the stock of whatever country you live in.

You are fed the illusion that you are free because it’s easier to control things that believe they have a choice.

The MSM has hypnotised you every time you switched on the brain wash box in the corner of the room or read a newspaper for decades. Technology has stepped up the pace now so this dumbing down control mechanism is pumped into you every time you use your cell phone, computer, or any other gadget that has become an essential part of life.

So, here is the truth that you need to learn to break away from this control system.

If you think you are free, living in a free society, you are under the Globalists control.

If you know that you are living in a Globalist controlled society, you are free. It’s as simple as that.

Once you understand that, the dark veil will start to lift allowing you to see things as they really are. The more people that realise this, the quicker the control system will start to crumble. They know this which is why they are moving fast to control alternative information including the internet. They also know that in percentage terms they are far outweighed by the real people. They account for a tiny percentage, i.e. the very tip of the pyramid.

OK, let me explain, they can only control you in this way because they divert your attention onto make believe situations, i.e. TV shows etc.  They hide what they are doing in open view because they know we only see what we want to see. Remember that line in the Da Vinci code when the Police didn’t see them escape in the car from the jet plane. It’s the same trick every stage magician uses; they just do it on a global scale, they are masters of miss-direction.

The good news is that it will only take a small percentage of people to wake up to what is going on for it to all appear in plain view. If just a small percentage understand that money is nothing more than shared debt created by the Bankers to control us, or that all major religions are one of the major control mechanisms used for thousands of years to keep us subservient to some fake deity, while pitting one clan of pseudo religious followers against another, creating massive wars to destabilise us, while they create billions of dollars for themselves.

Wake up people, religion is a smoke screen created to manipulate and control. Do you really think that Jesus of Nazareth would look on Ratzinger as his representative on Earth. Sitting there in his gold palace in Rome, what a fine example of Christian love he is.

To beat them, you must learn their techniques, and simply understand what they are doing. We are so conditioned to believe what we are told, right from tiny children when if teacher said it was right, we knew it was right. To be honest, it makes you a bit paranoid because you look at any news story and question the real agenda.

Take Sandy Hook for example, what the hell was going on there? We get Obama, wiping tears from his eyes, except I didn’t actually see any tears, video footage of a grieving parent talking about his little girl, but caught on film a few seconds before the main event laughing and mouthing the same words as the voice over, as if it was a carefully rehearsed script. I don’t know if that was genuine, or a set up, but something about that film made me very uneasy.

All I’m really trying to say here is be aware of how they manipulate and control you. Facebook, Twitter, & Google all have hidden agendas. That’s why they are fun to use, to draw you in.

Take my advice, bin them all, as soon as possible.

Globalist Herman Van Rompuy Puts Pressure on Cameron In The Continuing EU Pantomime.

von rompyIt was interesting to read in today’s Mail that “Damp Rag”, Herman Van Rompy Pompy, our esteemed leader of Europe is putting pressure on “call me Dave”. Cameron is of course, half heatedly trying to placate the Euro skeptics in the Tory party by appearing going through the process of negotiating a better deal for the UK.

Van Rompuy has basically said to Tory boy Dave, take it or leave it.

“David Cameron will not be allowed to ‘cherry pick’ powers to claw back from Brussels, the EU president has warned.

In a major blow to the Prime Minister’s strategy, Herman Van Rompuy said the European Union would fall apart quickly if countries were allowed to pick and choose which powers they wanted to keep.

Mr Van Rompuy said he wanted Britain to stay in the EU, adding that the UK’s departure would ‘see a friend walk off into the desert’.

But he insisted that he would block Mr Cameron’s bid to secure a better deal for  Britain if it involved repatriating significant powers to Westminster.” Read more.

When will they stop this farce. We know already that they are only acting out a pre-written plot. Cameron has no control over what the UK can or cannot do in Europe. The three bankster stooges Blair, Brown and Mandleson signed away the UK’s sovereignty in the whole “New Labour” con. The UK has, by design been taken over and there is nothing Cameron can or will do about it.

When you consider that UKIP is the UK’s only chance is getting out of this mess, you realise how desperate the situation is.


Massive Food Shortages On The Way. Banks Buying Up Wheat & Grain.

wheat-priceWe wrote earlier this year about the hyped drought situation, and how it was a fake ploy to hike up food prices. Well, as predicted there was no drought, hosepipe bans imposed to make us believe this load of garbage were reluctantly removed as more water fell from the sky than has in living memory. (please note, the use of the word “sky” is in reference to the area above our heads and has no connection to BskyB, in case Google or Murdochs News International are planning on taking action regarding copyright grounds. I don’t really want to be sent to

Anyway, we had some friends round today for a festive game of “Newmarket” and “Spoons”, and the conversation came round to the wet weather and the effect it will have on food prices. As they work in the farming industry, they seemed to be the right people to get a clear view of the situation. “through the roof” was the response to my question about the wet conditions effects on prices. He then went on to say something very disturbing,  “the price of wheat is going to sky rocket”.  Not his exact words but you get my drift. “How do you know that for certain”, I probed. It transpired that a neighbouring farmer had just sold a massive amount of stockpiled grain to a guy from a major high street bank!  “If those f—–s are buying up the stuff, it can only mean one thing, massive f—–g price rises on the cards”

So there you are, the banksters who forced this economic crisis on us (all planned), are now buying up the raw materials for our daily bread. And, if this is true, they must be doing the same everywhere, with anything they can use against us for profit.

Happy new year everyone.


Paedophile Twitter Accounts Closed After Hackers Expose Content.

I Googled for an image under “Twitter Child Abuse”, and found this on page 1 line 3. Just a random image, Click on it to see who Tweeted it is lmao.

You may have seen this report in the Mirror on Christmas Eve.

“A string of Twitter accounts have been closed after they were revealed to contain disturbing images of child abuse.

The graphic pictures were apparently made public late last night after hacking groups claimed to have broken into the private accounts to expose their indecent content, the NSPCC said.

The charity said it received a “flurry” of reports overnight relating to at least half a dozen Twitter accounts which were later disabled.

They will now be investigated in the US, where the micro-blogging site is based.

An NSPCC spokesman said: “Apparently these were pretty disturbing images of child abuse.

“We understand the authorities in the US are now looking at the accounts.”

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) said it had also received around 30 reports, relating to at least four accounts.” Read More

Well, if you are an avid reader of Spivey like me, you will know the real story behind this report. If not, follow this link. I won’t re-post it here as Chris has his own unique style.

Satire: Ho, Ho, Ho! 9/11 Was An Inside Job!

Santa Claus
The Onion
December 25, 2012

Seasons greeting from your old friend Santa! My, my, Christmas is just two short weeks away, and everyone here at the North Pole can’t wait to deliver presents to all youcoca-cola-christmas-santa nice boys and girls this year. Yes, Jolly ol’ St. Nicholas hopes you’re all being as good as can be!

But today, Santa would like to tell you all about something very naughty, something very, very naughty indeed. Dear children, have you not heard? Why, 9/11 was an inside job! Oh, ho, ho, my, yes it was!

I mean, look at the facts, boys and girls! We already know the Bush administration was itching to go to war in Iraq, now, don’t we? Yes, indeed we do, my darling ones! The Downing Street memo proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Then you look at the Presidential Daily Briefing of Aug. 6, 2001, the one headlined “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” Ignored! Why, children, they threw that briefing aside like used wrapping paper on Christmas morning, didn’t they?

And remember, sweet little ones, Bin Laden never claimed responsibility for the attacks until 2004. Do you know how many years that is, boys and girls? Something was up the government’s sleeve, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: It wasn’t sugar plums, oh, no! No, it was the ties between the bin Laden and Bush families. They’ve been under the mistletoe for decades, if you catch your old pal Kris Kringle’s meaning! I’ve checked my list twice, and it seems Arbusto Energy, a Bush business, had financial connections to Salem bin Laden, half-brother of Osama. The CIA actually helped create and fund al-Qaeda right around the time Bush Senior was the agency’s director—ho, ho, ho, ol’ H.W. stuffed their pockets as fat as a Christmas goose!

Now, as for the towers themselves: The type of steel they used melts at a temperature of about 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, and as I’m sure all you smart little boys and girls know, jet fuel burns at 1,500 degrees, tops. My darlings, you’d need quite a Yule log to create that extra 1,200 degrees, wouldn’t you? Oh, what a glorious sight it would be!

Of course, you do know what they found in the Ground Zero debris, don’t you? Would you like St. Nicholas to tell you? Well, then, hop up on his lap and I’ll whisper it in your ear: traces of nano-thermite. Does that jingle any bells upstairs? Nano-thermite is an explosive compound, children, capable of making the biggest Christmas cracker you ever saw! So what in the name of Donner and Blitzen was it doing in the world’s largest banking complex? Was Lehman Brothers or one of the insurance companies stockpiling explosives? No, children. You find nano-thermite where there’s been a controlled demolition. Ever see a controlled demolition, little ones? That’s where the whole building plummets straight downward like a plumb bob and every floor is destroyed. Even if the building is struck in the middle.

Oh, dear, perhaps ol’ Santa has just gone a little nutty in the head, like dear Mrs. Claus repeatedly likes to claim! Perhaps, much like Mrs. Claus, Santa would be better off pretending the facts don’t exist. But you believe, don’t you, children? You believe in Santa’s theory.

Now, I’m not saying the hijackers weren’t naughty. They were very, very naughty indeed. But if you want to really talk naughty, there’s not enough coal in Santa’s sack for a government that throws its own citizens under the sleigh just to gain political power.

Ho, ho, ho, so many questions dance through Santa’s head! What about the six eyewitnesses who saw a low-flying jet immediately after Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, children? Why was debris from the flight found miles away from the crash site? And why did the BBC incorrectly report that 7 World Trade Center had collapsed moments before it actually did? Talk about a snow job, eh, young ones? Why, it’s a veritable winter wonderland!

Perhaps this Christmas, Santa will bring some of you very well-behaved—and discreet—young children some nice, shiny new computers to play with, so you can go to, watch Loose Change on YouTube, and see for yourselves. Because if you ask Santa, the truth needs to come out in order to properly honor the memory of the victims and awaken a duped populace, slumbering away in their cozy beds, living in dreamland. We can close our eyes and drink the government eggnog, or we can raise our voices and demand to know what really happened. Isn’t that right, boys and girls?

Well, I’ve still got a lot of toys to build before Christmas Eve, my little ones, but I’ll be visiting you all very soon—ho, ho, ho, that is if I’m not jailed as an enemy combatant for asking simple questions!

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