Just Another Thought.

Am I the only one who thinks that the naughty President of France  Francois Hollande bears a striking similarity to Phil Silvers. Just a thought ‘Heyaheyup’

Phil Silvers

Phil Silvers

Francois Holland

Francois Hollande









Francois Holland

Francois Hollande

Phil Silvers / Sgt Bilko

Phil Silvers / Sgt Bilko

Nigella Lawson. Grillo Sisters Are Cleared Of Fraud.

Nigella Lawson 3Ouch, that must have been painful for Nigella Lawson, a real kick in the Fanny Cradocks.

What started out as a straightforward fraud case, turned into a chance for Saatchi to stick the knife into his ex-wife, slightly more effectively than tweaking her nose in public.

I’m no fan of Baghdad born Saatchi, who along with his brother Maurice, steered Thatcher to three election victories, during which time Nigellas dad, Nigel was Chancellor of the Exchequer. I’m also no fan of the simpering Nigella, so often described in the media as a chef. She is no chef, she is a posh bird who can cook a bit and make suggestive gestures out of almost any kitchen activity.

What to me this story encapsulates is the arrogance of these people. By taking the Grillo sisters to court , it really didn’t occur to her that she would be digging a big hole for her squeaky clean image to plummet into, and the best bit is she is now acting like the injured party. Or is she? Could it be that Saatchi forced her hand when the credit card bills where uncovered? Anyway, to be honest, I don’t care, she and her ex lost, end of.

While the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet, let alone cook her erotic recipes, I’m sure she will come out of this smelling lovely. Hey, it’s Christmas, why not get a gift set of Charlie?

I wonder if they are going to repackage her book?

Nigella book 2

Still they could launch a new line of cleaning products:

“Ladies, looking for a product that will uncover all of those hidden stains on your character?

Try new Grillo!


Cliff Richard launches a sparkling rosé wine to honour the birth of Prince George

article-0-199D6B3100000578-173_634x945It’s a shame Spivey is off line at the moment, he would have liked this one in the Mail today.

It seems dear old CirClip, or Harry Roger Webb as we fondly remember him has launched a  rosé wine to honour the birth of little Prince George.

You’ll never guess what he’s called the wine, Congratulations!

That must have taken ages to think up, named after one of his many hit records, brilliant. Shame it wasn’t one of his other songs, maybe, Bachelor Boy, or even, “Don’t Forget To Catch Me”.

Anyway, bottoms up!

As a slight postscript, the Mail does add “Sir Cliff looks young for his 73 years”. No hecliff4 does not you bunch of sycophantic liars, he looks like an old bloke with a very suspect hair style.

The image is a quick artists impression of how CirClip looks without the hair style. Yes I know it looks rubbish, I was in a hurry.

Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark Signs Off With Thriller Dance Live On Air

Kirsty WarkOK, it may have seemed a tad inappropriate on the night when  blood sacrifice is occurring in the dark corners of this evil world, to finish with a Michael Jackson tribute, but at least it shows that Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark has a sense of humour.

Newsnight, the once flagship program at the heart of the Jimmy Savile cover up controversy, is now just playing it for laughs, did you see the Paxman / Brand interview?

The worse thing about this surprise ending, I loved it.

Prince Harry Gives Away Masonic Connection

Harry 2a

I was just thinking while I was writing this, do you remember Harry Hewitt, “ee, by eck chuck” we do, he were wedded to Concepta, and a bezzie mucker of Len Fairclough. (sorry for the deliberate mix of Mancunian, Yorkshire and Scouse, but I live sarff of Watford). I’ve no idea why that popped into my head, so sorry.

Prince Harry, was photographed today shaking hands with football legend Sir Bobby Charlton, well cop a gander at the old hand shake. I thought to myself, funny, I wonder if he hurt his thumb playing rugby earlier? What do you think?

Grip of an Entered Apprentice It says in my book of funny hand shakes that it is the “Grip of an Entered Apprentice”, but what do I know?

The other photos are fun though.

harry 4

Who does that girl remind  me of?

Who does that girl remind me of?

Prince William Tries To Kiss Little Girl – OMG

What the hell is this all about? And for that matter who the hell does Prince William think he is, apart from a future King of course.

williamI just find it astonishing how these people think they can get away with this sort of behaviour! Prince William out and about with Princess Goldsmith thinks it’s OK to molest a small child in public. When I saw this on the news, I’m sure I heard him say, “do you want a kiss” before lunging at Shona Ritchie, a four-year-old Glaswegian. He then proceeds to grab hold of the child and try to plant a Royal smacker on her

Shona, a girl of impeccible taste rightly rebuffed Williams advances, and good on her.

Haven’t you been reading the papers recently? You’re not the Pope laddie, you can’t just go up to children in the street and start grabbing  and slobbering all over them. Whatever next?

I’m sure her mum had no real objection at all, but it made me laugh.

William, a descendant of Vlad The Impaler, looking like he's going for the girls throat!

William, a descendant of Vlad The Impaler, looking like he’s going for the girls throat!

Angela Merkel Nude Photo, Fake Or Real? What Is The Naked Truth?

Angela MerkelThis image has gone viral today, supposedly of a young Angela Merkel naked.

For the sake of taste and decency we have pixelated out the naughty bits, but trust me it’s very 1970’s.

Now, we have run a few stories on dear old Angela Merkel in the past, including

Is Angela Merkel Adolf Hitlers Daughter?  but this one has got me a little puzzled. I first saw it on the Tap Blog on Saturday, but had to wait for Spivey to work his magic today, to get the full frontal version.

OK, the problem is, it was published on April 1, so is it real or fake? The face is almost certainly Angela Merkel, the East German hair cut gives that away, no offence intended, but what about the naked bits, do they also belong to Angela Merkel?

I use Photoshop as my standard imaging program, so I slapped the image in it, and I have to say, the pixels do seem to match, which is always a give away for sloppy editing, remember Obama’s fake birth certificate, the pixels were all over the place with different layered sizes, plus the White House published the layered image DOH!

But this one does seem to be genuine, added to the fact that it first hit the internet before April 1.

anon2That’s the big problem with April Fools day, you just don’t know what to believe any more. I’m off to pick some more spaghetti.

Dam is it April 2nd already, oh well never mind.

Has Spivey Gone Too Far This Time, Or Is He Getting Soft?

spivey1Enough is enough, some people give the alternative media a bad name, and it’s time to speak out.

Firstly, lets look at why people like me spend time running a blog site like this. It’s because we believe in something. It’s because we want to make a difference.

Now that’s all very honorable, who the hell do I think I am, and why do I believe doing this can make a difference.. The true answer is I’m no one, and I don’t care. But also the reality is that I can’t do nothing. I know and find out certain things and need to tell people. I don’t care if no one is listening, I will carry on.

We all have our own natural style, which is where the reason for this post come in.

On Spivey today, the main topic is the cost of living, how the system is deliberately bankrupting the country to destroy hope and create desperation. It is asking the question we are all asking, why are we putting up with this. Why are we allowing our loved ones to suffer and die, while the caring elite steal from us and live in palatial luxury.

So here is my reason for being annoyed with Spivey.

In order to coherently make his point, Spivey used Fucking 78 times, Fuck 15 times, cunts 29 times,  piss 6 times, and shit 8 times.

This is a very important and serious subject, it’s about us standing up and being counted. It’s about why we are letting this happen and doing nothing, and Spivey used  Fucking 78 times, Fuck 15 times, cunts 29 times,  piss 6 times, and shit 8 times.

You are an absolute disgrace Spivey, why the fuck are you holding back on such an important subject. The cunts should be in three figures at least. It’s your style, Spivey, it gets you noticed, it gets the message out there, and it’s real, don’t hold back again. Fucking tosser.

Much love.


Pc who became YouTube sensation after smashing pensioner’s car window with truncheon to get six-figure payout after being bullied out of job

Is it me, or are police officers getting shorter.. Actually, I probably can’t say that without upsetting someone, maybe Pc Mike Baillon’s wife is very tall, who knows, and to be honest, I don’t really care.

Had a laugh at this story in the Mail today about  Pc Mike Baillon who is set to receive a six figure payout in compensation for becoming the butt of jokes from fellow officers.

The way I see this story, PC  Baillon stopped stroke victim pensioner Robert Whatley, 74 for not wearing a seat belt. Whatley claimed he was reversing his Range Rover at the time.  Thinking that the incident had been dealt with, Whatley drove off, yea right, he was probably totally hacked off that a police officer, who is, please remember a public servant, was about to fine him for not complying with enforced legislation to keep himself safe, as so successfully promoted by paedophile, necrophiliac child abusing pervet, Jimmy Savile. (see how I shoe horned that into the post, it really helps with Google searches).

Where was I? oh yes, so Whatley claimed he thought the incident had been dealt with, drove off, leaving PC Baillon rather annoyed, because he had probably already started writing out the ticket, and you wouldn’t believe the paperwork involved in voiding one of those. So Baillon gave chase, full “blues and twos”, obviously a fan of “Police Camera Action”

The chase, which lasted 17 minutes, across eight miles of country lanes, ended with Baillon making a complete dick of himself. Not because he used extremley excessive force, but it took him 15 attempts to break the window.

At no point did stroke victim pensioner Robert Whatley, 74 exceed the speed limit, and said he thought the kind officers were escorting him home lol. When they finally stopped the Range rover with a stinger, Baillon and another officer wreaked the Range Rover, and dragged the terrified stroke victim pensioner Robert Whatley, 74 out, after covering him in shattered glass.

Stroke victim pensioner Robert Whatley, 74 was taken to court and  found guilty of not wearing a seat belt, failing to stop for a police officer and having tinted car windows that did not conform to legal requirements.

He was cleared of failing to stop after an accident. He admitted having a registration plate which didn’t adhere to regulations and was fined a total of £235 and ordered to pay £300 towards prosecution costs.

He was subsequently  awarded a £20,750 payout from the police over the damage caused to his Range Rover and also received £45,000 is costs.

I’m not saying stroke victim pensioner Robert Whatley, 74 is totally blameless here, but what has this whole crazy police state nonsense caused by not wearing a seat belt cost you and me?

Read more:

Google Matchmaking, Great New Game

Saw a post on Tap today that made me think “I wonder if Google realise what they are doing”

Under the heading “Odd?” it was reported that if you type Leon Brittan into google, you get the following results on the right hand side.

The image from Tap

I have to agree, odd I thought, so I tried it myself and here is my screen grab.

google 1

Well, blow me down with a feather, it’s identical which means this is drawn from Google cache, and not cookies on local machines.
Now, to me this is a great game, so lets try some more.
Let’s think of a random name off the top of my head, I know, Alistair McAlpine.
google 2

Nice to see they put best pals Portillo and Lilley together. Try it yourself, it’s great fun

On The Bread Line. Royals in Crisis. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent to write off £750,000

master.The_Big_IssueHelp me out here please, because I can’t really get my head around these figures, it took me 20 minutes to find the calculator on this thing (it’s under programs / accessories in case you need it)

OK, here we go, I’ve got a net worth of £455,189, and assets of £551,852, I’m worth £1007041, right?

Now I’ve got a few quid in the bank, let’s say £339,991, but I owe £182,587, that means I’ve really got £157,404, still with me, so I’m worth around £100000 with £157404 in loose change. Nice and tidy so far, doing all right really in these hard times of Banksters crippling the country.

Actually let’s say me and the old lady are a limited company, let’s think up a name, I dunno, something catchy like Kent’s R Us. I chose Kent’s because that’s English for the popular Latin word Cantium . Actually that’s quite funny, cause if you say it quick, it sounds like Kent’s Arse. OK, so we are both directors, we need a pretty little company secretary, so I’ll be that as well.

So we are worth £1,000,000, so let’s issue ourselves with 1,000,000 shares at a pound each, cause that way we’ve got lots, happy days.

Oh bugger, it’s all gone tit’s up, we’ve got to write off £750000 which means our shares have dropped to 25p each. We are only worth £250,000 now.

It never rains but it bleeding pours, would you Adam “n” Eve it, luv a duck, gore blimey guv, the old lady, the landlord has only gone and said she is increasing our rent from £69 per week to £2307 a week, that’s £120,000 a year. (not sure why I went all Dick Van Dyke there, but it’s always nice to get the word Dyke into a post, “Don’t shtay awaiy too long Mary Poppinch”)

On top of that, my mate Boris, not that one, my Russian mate Boris promised to let me have £320,000 for 6 years to tide me over, well he only coughed up once, just cause a High Court Judge said he was “dishonest and deluded’.

I knew things were going to turn nasty, that’s why I sold my house which cost me £300,000 for £5.75 million before the crash, and moved into this pad. The neighbours have been a bit noisy recently although it has calmed down in the last month or so.

No idea where the £5.75 million has gone, the old lady luvs to do a bit of shopping.

My other source of income has dried up since people stopped being civil to us, so I really don’t know which way to turn. “Big Issue” anyone?

Source Material http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261957/Company-losses-force-Prince-Princess-Michael-Kent-write-750-000.html




The Palace Commissions New Portrait Of Spivey

STUNNED art critics last night slammed the first official portrait of Spivey — claiming he looks 51 and has “Kate Middleton’s nose”.

The oil painting — by “Southend Rap Artist” Stacey Eminem — was unveiled at Essex’s National Portrait Gallery yesterday and immediately branded “shockingly poor”.

It shows Spivey, with  hair, wrinkles and bags under his eyes — making him appear two decades older than he really is.

A spokesman for the Palace said “You get what you pay for luv. One thinks it is rather striking”

Spivey was quoted as saying “Don’t waste my fxxxxxg time you nonce”

You can visit Spivey’s site here to get his unique take on the good and the great.

Quentin Tarantino Loses His Cool Again, What A Lovely Guy. Just Who Do These People Think They Are?

Devil Horns

Devil Horns

Quentin Tarantino lost his cool with journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy in a bizarre televised rant telling the seasoned presenter ‘I’m shutting your butt down.’

Tarantino, who was promoting bloody slavery revenge film Django Unchained, on Channel 4 News, snapped during the interview after being asked questions surrounding the link between on-screen and off-screen violence.

The 49-year-old angrily told Guru-Murthy his interview was simply ‘a commercial for my movie’, before saying: ‘I’m not your slave… you can’t make me dance to your tune.’

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Here’s another old favourite.

John McCririck Is Suing Channel 4

Mccririck with John Majors former lover Edwina.

McCririck with John Majors former lover Edwina.

Racing pundit John McCririck, 72, is to sue Channel 4 for £3million claiming the broadcaster axed him from its racing coverage because he was too old.

The presenter was dropped when the station unveiled its new presenting team headed by Clare Balding.

McCririck has previously criticised the decision by Channel 4 to award the contract to produce the racing coverage to IMG Sports Media, ending its previous agreement with Highflyer.

In a statement he said: ‘Channel 4 and production company IMG Sports Media were yesterday each served a letter before action for age discrimination.

‘After 29 years with Channel 4 Racing, on a rolling annual contract, I have been sacked without any consultation or cogent explanation. I am 72.

‘For loss of future earnings, unfair career damaging, public humiliation, stress and mental anguish, I will be seeking £500,000.

‘Ageism is illegal. For tens of thousands of employees it has become the feared scourge of our society.

Read More

Pie View

In the infamous words of  Nigel Farage, “I don’t mean to be rude but….”

I would guess that McCririck is a freelance racing pundit. Now that is a guess, and I don’t know for sure, but in that industry, that’s how things usually work.

Therefore there are no guarantees  He’s been a highly paid pundit for 29 years, not a bad little earner, plus various other reality TV programs including two stints on Big Brother purely for the money (by his own admission) and now he’s claiming he’s been sacked. I think that may be contract not renewed rather than sacked.

Anyway, he is suing Channel 4 for £3 million squid for loss of earnings.  Well if that’s what he is claiming for loss of earning, I really hope his tax affairs are in order (I’m sure they are), cause the old revenue boys are probabley checking things as we speak.

As for Channel 4 being ageist, that’s going to be hard to prove, they still use Jon Snow. I don’t think it’s your age that’s against you MCcririck, I think it may be that you come across as repugnant revolting odious nose picking sexist pig with no sense of style.

Here are your best bits.

For gods sake, cut them off.

For gods sake, cut them off.


David Beckham pose

David Beckham pose

MCcririck getting an eyefull


Beckham doing a MCcririck

Beckham doing a MCcririck

If you think I'm sexy

If you think I’m sexy

I have no words for this one

I have no words for this one

Nose picking and eating

Nose picking and eating


I hope you’re not having your dinner!.

You asked for it John, so shut up about it now!

You asked for it John, so shut up about it now!

New Years Honours List. Tracey Emin Gets A CBE.

So the New Years Honours list for 2013 has been published. This embarrassing relic of Britain’s former colonial power is always received with mixed blessings.

Not wishing to dilute the joy that receiving any gong from the establishment gives to many worthy people, there are an awful lot of people in there who you simply ask, why?

For example, Hector William Hepburn Sants former Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, who is about to take of a position with Barclays. I was listening to James Max on LBC 97.3 today while performing my morning ablutions. He was ranting about whether   Hector had received a Knighthood for failing in his capacity as Chairman of the FSA. He was in charge during the financial crash, so Max was suggesting he shouldn’t have been awarded the knighthood. How wrong was James Max, (where is Steve Allen when you need a bit of sense on a Saturday morning) Max was arguing on the assumption that Sants had failed! The truth is that Sants probably did exactly what was required of him, hence the knighthood.

Now Tracey Emin is another matter altogether. She has received a CBE, or Commander of the British Empire, which is one pip down from getting a knighthood, or in her case  being made a Dame. When I started writing this post it was going to question why dear Tracey should be awarded a CBE at all, but now it is crystal clear.

emingoodimaginationShe is brilliant! Anyone who can convince that amount of people that they are a talented artist and pay for the stuff they creates is a genius.  I’m no art critic, but I know what I like and I have to say the sketches of Ms Emin CBE, naked playing with her “lady bits” doesn’t do much for me, but if people are prepared to pay for it, all power to you girl, and a big shout out to the Margate possy.


This is of course not a sketch by me, but a Photoshoped image from Tracey’s website.

In fact I thought I would give the old art thing a go myself, so here is my portrait of Tracey Emin CBE. Any good ?

All Smiles At Valentino’s Master Of Couture Exhibition.

© Richard Young / Rex Features


Nice to see the big smiles at Valentino’s Exhibition yesterday, how lovely!

As the Mail say’s today, “Women in black: The young princesses and their mother looked elegant and sophisticated in dark jackets and knee-length dresses”. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess. Read More

I’ve just read that piece in the Mail. Why is my first instinct to want to vomit all over my keyboard?

New Cartoon From GRRRGRAPHICS.com

Hang In There! Yes, Obama won another term. We all know what that means. A continued push toward socialism. The ridiculous war on drugs will go on. More opacity instead of transparency. He will get away with ‘Fast and Furious,’ his failure regarding Benghazi, his contempt for Congress through the use of presidential orders and czars (as well as his allegiance to the U.N.), the untenable Obamacare, his failed economic policies and possible voter fraud. The question is, can we liberty lovers hang on through another term? We believe in the Constitution and we have a strong grip–especially on our guns!
Four more years to go.

Tina Norton Garrison