Just Another Thought.

Am I the only one who thinks that the naughty President of France  Francois Hollande bears a striking similarity to Phil Silvers. Just a thought ‘Heyaheyup’

Phil Silvers

Phil Silvers

Francois Holland

Francois Hollande









Francois Holland

Francois Hollande

Phil Silvers / Sgt Bilko

Phil Silvers / Sgt Bilko

Nigella Lawson. Grillo Sisters Are Cleared Of Fraud.

Nigella Lawson 3Ouch, that must have been painful for Nigella Lawson, a real kick in the Fanny Cradocks.

What started out as a straightforward fraud case, turned into a chance for Saatchi to stick the knife into his ex-wife, slightly more effectively than tweaking her nose in public.

I’m no fan of Baghdad born Saatchi, who along with his brother Maurice, steered Thatcher to three election victories, during which time Nigellas dad, Nigel was Chancellor of the Exchequer. I’m also no fan of the simpering Nigella, so often described in the media as a chef. She is no chef, she is a posh bird who can cook a bit and make suggestive gestures out of almost any kitchen activity.

What to me this story encapsulates is the arrogance of these people. By taking the Grillo sisters to court , it really didn’t occur to her that she would be digging a big hole for her squeaky clean image to plummet into, and the best bit is she is now acting like the injured party. Or is she? Could it be that Saatchi forced her hand when the credit card bills where uncovered? Anyway, to be honest, I don’t care, she and her ex lost, end of.

While the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet, let alone cook her erotic recipes, I’m sure she will come out of this smelling lovely. Hey, it’s Christmas, why not get a gift set of Charlie?

I wonder if they are going to repackage her book?

Nigella book 2

Still they could launch a new line of cleaning products:

“Ladies, looking for a product that will uncover all of those hidden stains on your character?

Try new Grillo!


Cliff Richard launches a sparkling rosé wine to honour the birth of Prince George

article-0-199D6B3100000578-173_634x945It’s a shame Spivey is off line at the moment, he would have liked this one in the Mail today.

It seems dear old CirClip, or Harry Roger Webb as we fondly remember him has launched a  rosé wine to honour the birth of little Prince George.

You’ll never guess what he’s called the wine, Congratulations!

That must have taken ages to think up, named after one of his many hit records, brilliant. Shame it wasn’t one of his other songs, maybe, Bachelor Boy, or even, “Don’t Forget To Catch Me”.

Anyway, bottoms up!

As a slight postscript, the Mail does add “Sir Cliff looks young for his 73 years”. No hecliff4 does not you bunch of sycophantic liars, he looks like an old bloke with a very suspect hair style.

The image is a quick artists impression of how CirClip looks without the hair style. Yes I know it looks rubbish, I was in a hurry.

Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark Signs Off With Thriller Dance Live On Air

Kirsty WarkOK, it may have seemed a tad inappropriate on the night when  blood sacrifice is occurring in the dark corners of this evil world, to finish with a Michael Jackson tribute, but at least it shows that Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark has a sense of humour.

Newsnight, the once flagship program at the heart of the Jimmy Savile cover up controversy, is now just playing it for laughs, did you see the Paxman / Brand interview?

The worse thing about this surprise ending, I loved it.

Prince Harry Gives Away Masonic Connection

Harry 2a

I was just thinking while I was writing this, do you remember Harry Hewitt, “ee, by eck chuck” we do, he were wedded to Concepta, and a bezzie mucker of Len Fairclough. (sorry for the deliberate mix of Mancunian, Yorkshire and Scouse, but I live sarff of Watford). I’ve no idea why that popped into my head, so sorry.

Prince Harry, was photographed today shaking hands with football legend Sir Bobby Charlton, well cop a gander at the old hand shake. I thought to myself, funny, I wonder if he hurt his thumb playing rugby earlier? What do you think?

Grip of an Entered Apprentice It says in my book of funny hand shakes that it is the “Grip of an Entered Apprentice”, but what do I know?

The other photos are fun though.

harry 4

Who does that girl remind  me of?

Who does that girl remind me of?

Prince William Tries To Kiss Little Girl – OMG

What the hell is this all about? And for that matter who the hell does Prince William think he is, apart from a future King of course.

williamI just find it astonishing how these people think they can get away with this sort of behaviour! Prince William out and about with Princess Goldsmith thinks it’s OK to molest a small child in public. When I saw this on the news, I’m sure I heard him say, “do you want a kiss” before lunging at Shona Ritchie, a four-year-old Glaswegian. He then proceeds to grab hold of the child and try to plant a Royal smacker on her

Shona, a girl of impeccible taste rightly rebuffed Williams advances, and good on her.

Haven’t you been reading the papers recently? You’re not the Pope laddie, you can’t just go up to children in the street and start grabbing  and slobbering all over them. Whatever next?

I’m sure her mum had no real objection at all, but it made me laugh.

William, a descendant of Vlad The Impaler, looking like he's going for the girls throat!

William, a descendant of Vlad The Impaler, looking like he’s going for the girls throat!