We Do Not Have A Soul, Trust Me, I’m A Blogger.

pineal-gland-eye-of-horusIt seems unbelievable that it’s over three months since I last wrote for my own blog!! However, I have been a bit busy, what with keeping Alternative News Network online, which seems to take up more and more of my time. Not that the site itself needs much updating, as it’s all done automatically, but keeping the nasty hackers at bay, well that became almost a full time task.

As luck would have it, I’m fairly web savvy, but the “brute force” attacks were becoming a huge problem. Hundreds of IP’s trying to log on using the standard wp-admin method was  eating up far too much bandwidth. Anyone doing that now gets directed straight to the BBC’s cBeebies home page. I love ironic humour!.

So, what’s been going on out there during the last three months? Well, it seems to me that 2014 is fast becoming the year when the tide starts to turn. We’ve got bankers apparently killing themselves left right and centre, stories about Clintons friendship with convicted paeodiphiles appearing in the MSM, the alternative media is growing stronger by the day, with Youtube taking down whole channels with no warning. When that sort of censorship starts happening so publicly you know they are getting very worried.

One of the best good news stories of the year so far for me was CNN kicking Piers Morgan in the gonads. Laugh, I nearly wet myself. Look in the Mirror Piers, the Mirror never lies. Maybe he should take up a hobby, like keeping chickens. It’s really easy, and if they go missing during the day, they always “come home to roost”.

Madeleine McCann is still missing, as is flight MH370. No connection there at all, I just can’t get to the bottom of either story apart from knowing that the truth is being kept from us.

I think the main thing that has changed for me this year is a re-awakening of my more spiritual side. We get so bogged down in the cut and thrust of daily life that it’s very easy to loose focus on who you really are.

The biggest revelation in my re-awakening is that we do not have a soul. Man has for thousands of years pondered the question of whether we have a soul or not, or indeed if we have, exactly where the soul is! What a complete waste of time, we don’t have one.

If that is upsetting, don’t worry about it, you see, we’ve got it all back to front. We do not have a soul, because we are the soul. I am not the physical thing sitting here writing this stuff on my favourite eight year old net book, (which I built myself last year out of four scrap machines. Don’t ask, it’s a hobby of mine) The real me is the eternal being, soul, life force, call it what you will, which is using this physical body to interact in this illusion we call reality. So that’s it, I am not a flesh and blood body with a soul, I am a soul with a flesh and blood body. (Please don’t respond with remarks about being an R-SOUL, I’ve already heard them all)

The point I’m really trying to make here is that we focus so heavily on the physical, we forget that the physical is a temporary coat which we will all have to take off at some point. We all chose to come here, lets focus on why we are here, and get on with it.

I was talking to my daughter the other day, who at nineteen is much more awake and aware of the real nature of reality then I ever could be, about the “All seeing Eye” symbol. I happened to mention that the symbol happens to look very much like a diagram of the Pineal gland, or third eye. She looked at me like young people do when they can’t believe what they are hearing and said, “yes, that’s the point, why do you think they’ve been spending the last few thousand years doing everything they can to make us blind and stop it working!”  She had a good point so  I did a bit of research. It seems that this little bit of the brain has been deliberately suppressed to keep us slaves to the system. Dam! It may just be that the key to lifting the veil is as simple as kick starting everyone’s Pineal gland. I’ll let you know when I’ve got mine going. This link my be interesting.