Alternative Media In Fighting. Give me Strength!

Everyone has their own agenda, and / or reasons for spending time writing this stuff. I’ve made mine very clear on many occasions, so I find the current in fighting rather strange and a little sad.

The Needle
the outlaw

My view on this whole saga is, even if you don’t like each other, and to be honest no one would possibly like me, this public in fighting does the cause no good at all. I don’t care if people use the paedophilia topic to get more views on their blog, who the hell cares if it helps to get the message into the public domain.

I read all three blogs, and find them all useful, although Madlands has now retired to spend more time with his family business. I dislike forums with a passion as many people seem  interested on being the top poster, rather than actual content, and they tend to be a breeding ground for personal attacks and insults.

I usually make it a golden rule to believe nothing until I have done my own research, but blogs like gojams The Needle are a great pointer  towards information. Even Nutter boy David Icke has to be researched before you can trust what he say’s, and as for Spivey, well I am so trying to trip that bald foul mouthed Essex geezer up, but unfortunately, so far everything he has written has turned out to be right don’t cha know.

So here’s the deal guys, keep your personal wars to yourselves, keep on publishing good information and let the reader decide what to believe.  The best was to destroy any opposition is to infiltrate and divide it.

The Voice Is A BBC Scripted Load Of Tosh. Don’t Buy Into Hype.

You’ve got to love the Mail. The countries on the brink of meltdown as we are deliberately being driven to the point of total desperation, and they lead on a story about Freddie Mercury’s former girlfriend.

After ignoring that story, my eyes scanned to a bit about Jessie J getting upset over Under the headline ‘He never wants people to pick me’: Jessie J and come to blows as he tries to influence artist NOT to pick her on The Voice” Fay Strang expands on the spat between the two highly paid performers as if it’s real life!

Jessie jSorry to shatter the illusion, but it’s not real. It’s a controlled pre-recorded contrived load of old tosh to draw you in to watching for weeks on end, to achieve what? Where the hell is last seasons winner Leanne Mitchell? It really changed her life didn’t it.

Nothing you see on these shows is real. Simon Cowell stopping some kid half way through a song and getting him to sing another one, a glass of water being thrown, all of it is crafted to cause an emotional reason to keep watching. If you enjoy this stuff, good luck to you, but please don’t for one second think any of it is real.

I happen to think Jessie J is a very talented singer, Tom Jones of course is a legend, as for, I just love the Black Eyed Peas (Let’s get retarded), although I still have no idea who the other one is, and to be honest it doesn’t really matter, they are following a script, which dear old Tom looks like he has forgotten most of the time. Years ago I used to watch WWF  (now called WWE after the globalist backed WWF complained) and WCW, but I always knew it was fake.

Everything you watch on TV is controlled and designed to mesmerize you, from the news to Eastenders, please understand that simple truth.

If you want reality, focus on the pain you are suffering every time you go shopping or fill up the fuel tank. Start to study how the control system to slowly killing you and your loved ones with forced vaccinations, poison in the water, a health service designed to fill you full of drugs to profit  big pharma rather than teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Find out about the real corruption that controls our legal system, government, and police, and why the current paedophilia scandal will always be a white wash because the authorities in charge if investigating it are the very same people caught up in it. Do you really think all of this celebrity nonsense  including the Rolf Harris saga is the real story. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

The real truth is at the very top, the evil few who manipulate everything. Do you really think Ted Heath would have remained Prime minister if the truth about him had been exposed?  No one at that time had any idea he was an evil paedophile, abusing, and if the Icke information is correct, murdering little boys. He was given access to enjoy his grotesque lifestyle in order to be controlled, it’s how the system works.

As I always say, It’s your choice, I may be completely wrong, in fact sometimes I really hope I am, but unless things start to change soon, all will be lost, forever.

Paedophilia is not the problem, it’s just part of the problem.

illuminati2So, why have I not been active on here for a few days?  No biggie really, but just now and again you need to step away from the negative and recharge your batteries. Running a site like this can become very obsessive, and actually take over your life. I tend to blog late evenings, so no worries there, but I also have to earn money to live.

Apart from a full time job, I run other sites and online activity to help keep the wolf from the door. Alternative media, self-hosted sites like this one actually cost money to run, not even thinking about man hours. We could run it on WordPress .com for free, but self-hosting gives us total control and flexibility.

Yes, we do openly ask for donations, but that simply doesn’t happen often enough to cover the overheads. We have reluctantly put adsense back on the site, which helps a little, but the truth is, in order to maintain, Alternative News Network and Breaking the Machine, I need to spend time keeping the other stuff active.

I had considered closing PieReport-News (stupid name anyway) because Alternative News Network has taken off so well, bringing all of the good stuff together in one place, and needing very little maintenance, but keeping PieReport going does give me the freedom to kick off, and still receives good traffic.

Bottom line is that my reason for running PieReport-News is still very real. I understand much of what is going on and have taken the decision to step away from their system. Just by being aware gives you so much power. Understanding that it is all one big control game allows you to play by your own rules. If we can wake up just a few people to the real truth behind the global control system, then it’s all worth it.

I know the current topic is largely Paedophilia, and well done to everyone involved in yesterdays “#paedobritain” twitter storm, which was a brilliant success. To Madlands, you did a great job and must channel your energies in whichever way you feel best. But Paedophilia is not the main story, it is just part of a much bigger battle. We have spent a lot of time writing about it because it still has the potential to expose the evil controlling us, for what they really are.

What has to be exposed is the truth behind the matrix. Every part of our world is controlled by a few elite in the very darkest corners of reality. The TV we watch, the money we earn, food, media, entertainment, industry, health, religions, government, education, everything is under their control. Understand that simple truth and it all becomes clear. Whilst I live in the system, I am free of their control because I understand what the truth is. That’s all it takes, choosing to be free.

So we will continue, but as I always say, don’t just read this and expect others to fight for you, do something yourself to break this evil system.

Why Bill Gates Thinks I Must Be An Irresponsible Parent By Deliberately Putting My Daughters Health at Risk.

I saw this on the “Nutters” site today and it not only made me realise what a disgrace I am, but incensed me enough to break my enforced sabbatical from writing on Piereport. (I will explain later why I’ve been away for a few days, although it’s not a very exciting story)

Anyone who has bothered to read my “about me” page will understand why Ickes post has got my blood boiling again. Look at that image, what do you see? Mother and daughter lovingly looking into each others eyes? Well, it’s not what I see!

To me, this is globalist propaganda of the most disgusting and offensive kind. An innocent child trustingly  looking into her mother eyes, while she has a sort of evil demonic grin knowing that she is about  subject her child to a potential death sentence.

Yes I know that’s a bit over the top, but how many parents who allow the the control system to pump dangerous chemicals into their kids have bothered to do any research?

For god’s sake people, the human body is a wonderful self preservation capsule. It is designed to survive in this low frequency world in conditions far worse than most people live today. With half decent nutrition  it can survive very well without  the need for designer globalist sponsored shit designed to slow kill, being pumped into us.

Our daughter was one of the first to be “offered” the vaccine some years ago. When I say offered, it was an opt out, not opt in, so the assumption was that all girls would have it. Shock horror, you would have thought we were the family from hell when we refused to sign the consent form. Our daughter was one of only two in the whole year who didn’t have the vaccine. “Don’t you want to protect your daughter from the risk of cervical cancer” was one of the questions we were asked. I won’t give you my full response, but it included a bit about “at 14, it may surprise you to find out that she isn’t sexually active, even though you have done you best to educate her into being so”.

At this time I had no real idea how dangerous cervarix or gardasil are, but every instinctive parental alarm bell was rang.

Look, if you feel giving you child this stuff is the right thing to do, that’s your choice, but please at least do the research first, and make sure it’s is unbiased research, because the evil global pharma machine have flooded the main stream media with the worst kind of manipulating bollocks.

This post is dedicated to Christina Richelle Tarsell who died age 21 just days after having a Gardasil vaccination. Read her story here.


The evil who are controlling us are waging war on our brilliant immune system, you have the power to stop them!



Cameron’s Leveson deal is ‘threat to press freedom’, says human rights watchdog. And news blogs as well!

So the globalist soap opera rolls on. It appears that the whole Leveson phone hacking scandal was a means to an end.

What happens when you corner a rat? The rat attacks, and that is exactly what these rats are doing. They know that they’ve been rumbled. They are fully aware that people are waking up and exposing them for what they really are, political actors playing out a script written for them by the globalist masters, under the illusion of democracy.

People are starting to realise that all, and by that I mean all political parties are controlled by the elite. They play out the roles of government and opposition to reinforce the illusion of freedom, only to do as they are told when in power. Blair, a JPMorgan Chase man through and through, and still paid millions by them, plus earnings from Goldman Sachs, laid the foundations of the UK collapse under the guise of “New Labour”.

They are aware that some good journalists, yes there are still some, want to expose the truth. The rise of Alternative media sites, telling it how it really is, is a real threat to them, so they create a reason, planned over many years, to install controls on the media.

The hope that newspapers will refuse to sign up to this new charter is a false hope, as the newspapers are broadly owned by the same people who control the rest of the media.

This is a real threat and attack on freedom of speech on blogs like this. Here is a screen grab of the


interpretations of the charter. Section 1,b(ii) clearly states news related websites!!

So the heat is being turned up. What’s that expression about “can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”; well, I love cooking, sorry.

Here’s the article from the Telegraph.

David Cameron has been accused of creating a “threat to press freedom” by an international body which polices human rights in some of the most autocratic countries.

By Christopher Hope, and Rowena Mason7:20PM GMT 18 Mar 2013

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which usually polices elections to ensure against human rights abuses, said that the phone hacking scandal should not be used as an “excuse” to restrict free speech.
The intervention was made after the Prime Minister was accused of putting together a “grubby deal” after he dropped his opposition to use legislation to underpin a new system of press regulation.
The Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders met with a Conservative minister in secret talks which lasted until early Monday morning to hammer out a deal which could see the press regulated by a new Royal Charter.
Those who refuse to sign up, including websites, now face “exemplary damages” if they are taken to court.
Several of the country’s biggest newspaper groups, including Telegraph Media Group, issued a statement expressing their initial concerns over the proposals.

There is growing speculation that some newspapers and magazines may boycott the new system amid claims it violates fundamental human rights. Mr Cameron unveiled the plans in Parliament as several MPs – exposed for their own failings in the media – welcomed the crackdown. In a statement, a spokesman for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said: “A government-established regulatory body, regardless of how independent it is intended to be, could pose a threat to media freedom. “I still believe that self-regulation is the best way to deal with ethical lapses and failures to comply with professional standards. “The phone-hacking scandal was a criminal issue and the people involved are being prosecuted. This should not be used as an excuse to rein in all print media.” The Index on Censorship, a campaign group chaired by veteran BBC broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, said creation of Britain’s first official newspaper regulator for 300 years marks a “sad day for press freedom”. Mr Dimbleby said he is “dismayed” that politicians will now get power over the regulation of newspapers. The board has the gravest anxiety at the residual political powers the now expected outcome and system will give to politicians,” Mr Dimbleby said. “The two thirds block on any changes to the royal charter could be abused in the future – not least when today’s emerging consensus shows that the parties can come together in both houses to agree on press regulation.” In the Commons, Mr Cameron sought to draw a line under the phone hacking scandal which started with the claim that the mobile phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler was hacked by reporters and led to scores of journalists being arrested and a full blown judicial inquiry by Lord Justice Leveson. Insisting that the cross-party deal on press regulation would defend the principle of a free press, Mr Cameron told MPs: “My message to the press is clear. We’ve had the debate. Now it is time to get on and make this system work.” He defended the need to enshrine the royal charter in law, which could be amended by peers and MPs at a later date, insisting: “It is legislation to protect the royal charter, it is not legislation to recognise the royal charter. Setting out his reasons for opposing more fundamental legislation, he said it would be “wrong to run even the slightest risk of infringing free speech or a free press”. He added: “As Winston Churchill said, ‘a free press is the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free men prize, it is the most dangerous foe of tyranny’. By rejecting statutory regulation but being in favour of a royal charter this House has defended that principle.” The royal charter will be submitted to the Queen for approval in May, once the necessary legislation has been approved by MPs and peers. Read the draft royal charter in full:


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JP Morgan Chase. All Accounts show Zero balance 19 March 2013

jp-morgan-chase-logoDo you remember the times when you got paid weekly, with real cash in a brown pay packet? Yes I know, Wagon Wheels were bigger and the summers longer, but a story on

Sherrie Questioning All caught my eye this morning. It appears that Twitter was buzzing with people reporting their accounts with JP Morgan Chase where showing zero.

Whether this was a computer glitch or something more sinister doesn’t really matter, it’s a great example that these giant globalist Rothschilds controlled bastards have total power to steal your money at any time. How many times does this have to be repeated? Money does not exist, your bank does not have a little vault with your cash in it. Your bank balance is nothing more than numbers on a computer screen. Banks do not have keep your money, they just play with figures, and have the power to remove the figures at any time.

Cyprus is just a little trial to see how far they can push people. Fractional Reserve Lending is the biggest sin of the banking world. I give them £10 to look after, they lend out £100. The £90.00 difference has been made up out of thin air. They get paid interest on an imaginary £90.00, and demand it back, when it didn’t exist in the first place. These people are corrupt thieves. Wake up people.

If this confuses you, please do some research, your saving are not 100% safe.

The Queen, ITV. The Royal Propaganda Machine Rolls On.

Yes I did watch the Queen on ITV last night, which is unusual for me to watch TV, although I did enjoy Mr Selfridge, and am probably one of the few who record Dallas, just for old times sake. (we all need a bit of escapism)

My wife was astonished that I showed any interest in the program, but as I explained to her, you need to understand all sides of the debate to form an opinion.

I’m not going to go into the program in great depth here, you can watch it on ITV player, but for me it just underpinned how totally detached they still are from the real world. The great thing is that you don’t need to subscribe to Ickes reptilian theory to see them for what they are.

There were parts I really enjoyed, the lack of any interview with the pathetic Prince Edward was a huge bonus. While talking about the James Bond skit, it was made very clear that they agreed as long as it didn’t become another “It’s A Royal Knockout”. That was a lovely moment, and not only shows that they have never forgiven him for that shambolic disaster, but a subliminal nod to distance themselves from Stuart Hall as well, classic. Talking of Prince Edward, will someone please tell me why?.  When I say why, I ask that on every level, why? The even gave him a title for a part of the world that doesn’t exist.

Look, you, your friends and family are suffering and it isn’t going to get any better. Tell me one thing that she has done to ease your suffering? When you look at the amount of money the Royal Machine costs to keep this extended inbred family poncing off us, with sycophantic people bowing and scraping to their every whim.

They are at the very top of the evil system that is slowly killing off humanity. No I’m not a republican either, I just refuse any longer to be part of the brain washed majority who accept this as normal. Break up the Royal machine and use the unimaginable wealth they have acquired to give back to the people what has been stolen from them. As I said yesterday, there is no need for anyone in the world to be starving to death, it’s time we stood up and removed the elite families from the global control system.

Their days are numbered, and they know it, which is why 2 hours of prime time TV was taken up by this stuff. Get hold of any of Ickes books explaining how the corrupt system works, he’s been saying it for 21 years, you may not like him, but the truth is sometimes painful.