Russell Brand. Real Man Of The People?

brand and KhanGreat news everyone, Russell Brand and Jemima Khan confirm they are giving their romance another go. OMG, I’m so excited for the happy couple.

Brand, who did so well exchanging blows with the razor sharp Paxman and is now the champion of the common man, for change in this country.  This is exactly what we need, a high profile intellectual celebrity fighting in our corner. And what a lovely pair they both make, Russell with is trademark open honest face, and Jemima, looking meek and humble as ever.

Sorry, I just can’t do this. I’ve tried to write a nice piece about this pair, and it is physical impossible for my fingers to type the sort of rubbish the tabloids are pumping out on a daily basis. Anyone who really believes Brand is anything other than a Trojan horse just doesn’t get it.  Ex lover of Globalist puppet star Katy Perry, Brand talks a very good talk, but that is all it is.

The fact that he is dating Jemima Khan / Goldsmith is enough to show even the most gullible person that this is all an act.

Let’s just join a few dots in case you have forgotten what’s happening here.

jamima Imran

Jemima Khan, ex wife of ex cricketer and Pakistani politician Imran Khan.


She is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith.

James Goldsmith is alleged to have had along standing affair with Frances Shand Kydd, Princess Diana’s mother. Shand Kydd was part of the Rothschild bloodline.

Goldsmith is alleged to be Diana’s biological father, therefore Jemima is alleged to be Diana’s half sister.


Zac Goldsmith                   Ben Goldsmith               Diana   Goldsmith Spencer             Jemima Khan

Notice any family resemblance here?

Zac is married to Kate Rothschild. Ben is married to Alice Rothschild. Diana’s mother was a Rothschild. OK, her maiden name was Roche, but still part of the Rothschild clan.

So we are really expected to believe that Russell Brand is a real man of the people. Yea right.

You’ll be telling me Prince George isn’t Jewish next!


8 thoughts on “Russell Brand. Real Man Of The People?

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  2. I do want to point out an error regarding the goldsmith brothers. Now Ben was married to Kate Rothschild but they divorced 2012 when he found out about her affair with rapper jay electronically which she represented on her unprofitable record label (they are still together and happily getting mashed up in London and Ben has trapped off with a lingerie model). Zac was married to Sheherazade Ventura-Bentley (what a name) who separated in 2009 and in 2013 he married his sister in law Alice Rothshild as obviously the goldsmith and Rothschild blood lines must get even more intermingled.
    Lastly to ruin it all next time you have a pint of Guinness think of the Rothschild as Kate and Alice’s mother was from the Guinness dynasty.

  3. I disagree. I am not ac out able for my family , ancestors mistakes etc . I like russel in the main we must question and analyse every persons words . Elaine star ps not sure about today’s March for police rights russel .

  4. This is extremely dubious, i will admit, however. Is it possible to entertain the idea that maybe Brand has opened his eyes? Maybe he wasn’t perfect, but now sees the error of his ways and has changed for the better? To see the first evidence that Brand isn’t perfect and instantly assume he is a Trojan horse for the powers that be, to aid them in their ways of deceit sounds incredibly far fetched.
    An interesting, challenging side note for you would be:

    If brand is a puppet for the powers, how would spreading the message of Love, Compassion, Truth (objective facts, not more lies), Rationality and Fairness accomplish their rather obvious goal of Separation, Fear, Inequality, Propaganda, Hate?

    I am a conspiracy theorist to a degree, but some of this comments here hating on Brand come across as irrational, illogical and plain paranoid. I’d be interested to hear some replies.

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