British taxpayers to pay ‘millions’ towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security

Daily Telegraph

By Rowena Mason, Political correspondent

3:31PM BST 30 May 2013
Taxpayers are likely to have to pay millions towards the cost of policing the secretive Bilderberg meeting of the global elite due to gather in Hertfordshire next week.

The Grove Hotel in Watford. The town is an unglamorous location for this year’s Bilderberg meeting. Photo: The Grove

The clandestine meeting of royalty, prime ministers and business chiefs is taking place in Britain for the first time since 1998, sparking fears of “violence and disturbance” by protesters.
The Bilderberg organisers, who include Tory Cabinet minister Ken Clarke, do not release a guest list but a roll-call of luminaries are expected to descend on a luxury Watford hotel from June 6, forcing police to step up security.
Hertfordshire police have refused to release the cost of security for the event, which has previously drawn anti-capitalist demonstrators in other locations around the world.
However, they are in talks with the Home Office about a grant for “unexpected or exceptional costs” that is only given out if it threatens the stability of the force’s policing budget. The final bill would have to total more than one per cent of the police force’s overall spend – or about £1.8 million – for the grant to be successful.
The invitation-only Bilderberg meetings are attended by around 140 members of the international elite.
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Previous guests are thought to have included Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Peter Mandelson, David Cameron and Queen Beatrix of Holland but the list of attendees is different every year.
The cloak of secrecy surrounding the meetings, which ban journalists from attending, has fuelled conspiracy theories that so-called Bilderbergers are planning global domination and world unification.
However, the event is most often likened to a political version of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which draws members of high society to discuss business and the economy.
Its steering commitee includes Mr Clarke, Cabinet minister without portfolio, Thomas Enders, chief executive of defence company EADS, and Peter Sutherland, the chairman of Goldman Sachs.
Some activists have decided to hold a Bilderberg Fringe Festival – described by its organisers as a peaceful weekend of speakers, comedy, music, workshops, arts and entertainment nearby. However, Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford, has raised fears that the summit could also bring “violence.”
She told the Watford Observer: “I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.
“But I am confident the police will be able to minimise that and give them their right to protest.
“I am ambivalent about whether this is a good thing. It’s potentially a positive thing as long as things don’t kick off.
Hertfordshire Police said the Bilderberg Group has agreed to contribute some of the cost of security, but taxpayers will have to cover the rest of the bill.
The force said it could not yet estimate the cost to the taxpayer of policing the event or whether it will need to draw on reinforcements from nearby forces.
“The organisers of the event are paying for a private security firm who will be providing security at the venue,” the spokesman said.
“In addition, the organisers have agreed to contribute towards policing costs relating to the event.
“As we do not disclose the costs of operations prior to their event, we will not disclose the amounts at this stage.”
The last time the Bilderberg Group met in Britain was in Turnberry in Scotland in 1998. This year’s event will be at the Grove Hotel in Watford, which has been booked out for the duration of the conference from 6th to 9th June.
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Sam The Blogger Harassed at Bilderberg 2013 Venue,The Grove.

This video is a wonderful lesson in dealing with harassment from the boys and girls in blue, sorry, black.

  1. Know you rights and the law. This is a good place to start
  2. Do not do anything illegal, sounds obvious, but it is important that you do not give them a justifiable reason to arrest you.
  3. Stay calm and polite. Nothing is more frustrating to people trying to manipulate a situation than not falling for the control tricks they are trained to perform.
  4. Record the whole conversation for your own protection.
  5. If you are in the right, don’t give in.
Andy the Ryder Cup cop.

Andy the Ryder Cup cop.

Sam was firstly challenged for walking through The Grove by a police officer dressed in casual gear. When that didn’t work, he was monitored by a police chopper, until Sgt Dibble and officer 587 stop him outside on the public highway.

Police Chopper

Police Chopper

How much did Sams trip to the Grove cost, and why does a guy with a video camera need armed officer Sgt Dibble and friend, heavily dressed  in paramilitary kit to stop him on the public highway, with no legal justification?

I suspect that as the temperature rises around The Grove, there will be a lot more of this, watch this space.

Sgt Dibble

Sgt Dibble

Sgt Dibble & Officer 587

Sgt Dibble & Officer 587

I must admit, I did feel a bit sorry for Sgt Dibble, nice hair cut by the way, because he knew from the start he was onto a looser, it must be very embarrassing when he meets someone who knows his rights. And to be honest, he was just doing his job, remember, he didn’t write the script, the globalists meeting at Bilderberg did that job, he probably really believes he is working for the right side.

Bilderberg 2013 To Be Held In Watford UK

So the 2013 Bilderberg meeting is taking place in the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK from the 6th-9th June 2013. I wonder if the the main stream media will be giving it the full coverage it deserves, after all, some of the most “so called” influential people in the world will be gathering to plan your future for you.

The answer of course is, no they won’t, and never have since 1954. But we will. We will be covering every detail we can find out about this clandestine meeting.

Here’s the challenge. I am calling on everyone in the alternative media to cram Google with Bilderberg 2013 articles. They can no longer pretend the meeting don’t exist, so let’s not only all join together to expose them for what they are, but expose exactly who is attending.

I will be honest,Twitter leaves me cold, and i don’t really understand how it works, but  how about making it trend over there? #Bilderberg 2013 should be enough!!

The Reason Behind The Woolwich Murder

I’ve stayed away from the knee jerk postings of some sites over this whole Woolwich thing.

It was appalling how the MSM, within hours was plastering the word “Terrorist” everywhere. LBC 97.3, the London talk station, and commercial mouthpiece for the globalist controllers, was playing it’s role brilliantly, with old “Murdoch” hack Nick Ferarri using it time and time again. Repetition is a very basic and effective form of mind control.

Taking the whole thing on face value, it was not a terrorist attack, it was a cold blooded murder. No different in many ways from any of the  dozens of knife crime murders occurring on the streets of our cities each year. The main difference here is that it was acted out in a very public way, to get as much publicity as possible.

I’ve been following the “fake attack” stuff so quickly reported by some of the other alternative sites. As much as I see the need to investigate everything, from every side, I still haven’t seen any evidence to convince me yet. Yes, the lack of blood at the scene, where it suddenly appears smeared across the pavement in later images is odd, but not conclusive proof.

Whatever the truth, and it is only by people questioning the MSM version that it ever comes out, there is one thing that is not in doubt, the version put out by the MSM is designed to cause as much “terror” as possible.  The two suspects Adebowale and Adebolajo acted in a completely “un-terrorist” way, apart from the obvious of course. Why wait around for twenty minutes waiting to be shot, talking to passers by?  It has now been revealed that they were both known to MI5, and that MI5 had even attempted to recruit Adebolajo. My guess, and of course it is only a guess, is that MI5 were successful in recruiting them, as for the rest, who knows.

The best way to control people is by creating fear and division and that is exactly what has happened here. It would not be in any Islamic groups best interests to be behind something like this. This smell every bit like an agenda much closer to home.

The Alternative Truth Movement is Growing. Well Done Spivey And The Rest.

spivey toonI sometimes find it staggering that we get as many views as we do. I don’t in truth spend nearly as much time posting on here as I should, mainly because I’m working on other projects, but since we closed Piereport-news it’s nice to have a place to come and rant now and again.

Anyway, for a little free wordpress site, that has a few posts a week, and some historic stuff from P-R-N with all of the pictures missing, the fact that anyone visits us shows that there is a real waking up happening.

Now Chris Spivey and me (I’m sure that isn’t grammatically correct, but “I” sounds so poncy)  haven’t always seen eye to eye, in fact one of the best compliments he has paid me was calling me an “old git” and referring to my humble musings as “the gutter press”, but I do read his blog daily, and if for whatever reason you don’t, then get yourself over to SPIVEY sharpish. Spivey tell it as it is. There is no hidden agenda, or need to be the biggest blog in the UK, although he probably is. He doesn’t get involved in rubbishing other sites, but simply takes apart the spun MSM news stories, usually from the Mail, & presents the real story behind the headlines.

Sometimes he will publish articles written by a third party, which happened today.

I won’t try to steal his thunder by sticking it on here, but you really read what Ruth Smiles has to say. She is speaking for a growing number of genuine people who realise what a farce we are living in.

Tory Police Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld Hikes Expenses 6,000%

Anthony StansfeldIn my somewhat irregular feature “Let Them Eat Cake”, I was interested to read today that Anthony Stansfeld, Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley has worked a nice little number with his travel expenses. I would think “call me Dave” is so proud.

David Cameron’s local crime tsar has been accused of setting up a sham office in a ‘cynical scam’ that increased his travel expenses by 6,000 per cent, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Anthony Stansfeld, the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, could not claim for the cost of the 45-minute drive from his home to the force’s headquarters every morning.

He changed his main office to a single room in a police station just four miles from his house.

It meant Mr Stansfeld could then receive expenses for every journey he made to the police HQ, after briefly checking in at the smaller office.

In the first few weeks after the move he clocked up over 1,000 miles and was paid more than £450 of public money – a 6,181 per cent rise on the £7 he received the previous month.

And in a further twist, Mr Stansfeld has now become the first PCC to appoint a chauffeur to ferry him back and forth to work.

It means his mileage claims have ceased but it will cost taxpayers at least £20,000 a year for him to be driven around in an Audi.

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Texas High School Student Jeff Bliss Demands An Education.

Jeff BlissA video of Jeff Bliss has gone viral after he made a brilliant stand against the mind control education system. He dropped out of school for a year before he realised the value of his education. When he returned to high school in Duncanville, a suburb of Dallas, he landed in teacher Julie Phung’s World History class. After Bliss asked a question about an upcoming standardised test, Phung’s careless reply prompted him to stand and deliver a blistering indictment of uninvolved teaching and a demand for a better education.

How annoying for the US education system that there are some people who are wide awake and see it for what it is.

Jeff, you are outstanding.