Is ITV in Big Trouble? No Advertisements in Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Sharon Osbourne.

I’m a little concerned as I sit here this evening. I’ve just watched the excellent Piers Morgan interview Sharon Osbourne on ITV 1.
Whilst may be in personal dispute with ITV over their YouTube policy, I am genuinely worried. They are after all the UK’s leading commercial TV station. Piers Morgan is an “A” list international personality, Sharon Osbourne is an “A” list super personality, the show has been promoted as the interview Piers has waited for so long to do, and guess what, during every ad break, there where no advertisements!!!.

OK the show is sponsored by “Dreams”, but where are the other adverts? All we had to fill the frequent ad breaks where promo trailers for ITV channels. What on earth is going on at ITV. This should have been a massive show; Sunday night is not the best viewing period, but Dancing on Ice is still drawing respectable viewing figures, so did they not expect anyone to watch? They must have paid Piers & Sharon mega money to do the show, so why couldn’t they sell the advertising space?

We all know they are in trouble, to save costs they have destroyed regional television for millions of viewers, but I really can’t believe things are so bad they have to fill valuable ad time with free promos for themselves. Maybe ITV will answer these worrying questions, although I wouldn’t hold you’re breath, we are still waiting for an explanation from Michael Grade regarding YouTube.

Oz PM Vows To Tackle Arson ‘Evil’

Australia’s prime minister has vowed to tackle the “evil” of arson as charred homes are searched following deadly wildfires that have killed at least 173 people.

“We are left speechless at the thought and the possibility that some of these fires may have been deliberately lit,” Kevin Rudd told the Australian parliament.”Something which the nation must now attend to as a matter of grave urgency is the problem of arson.”This is simply murder on a grand scale.”Let us attend to this unfinished business of the nation and come to grips with this evil thing.”

A special taskforce of 100 police officers has been formed to investigate the wildfires and track down the arsonists believed responsible for starting some of them.Police are convinced that at least one of the major fires, which killed 20 people in Gippsland east of the state capital Melbourne, was deliberately lit.In total, at least 173 people died in the fires at the weekend and the death toll is expected to rise further as the remains of blackened settlements are combed by emergency crews.”Road by road, house by house, we are working our way through,” Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said.”We believe the toll will rise. It’s a very sad thing for all of us in our community… we hope towards the end of the weekend that the toll will start to settle in terms of numbers.”In devastated Kinglake, Ross Buchanan risked his life to save his home, only to find his 15-year-old son McKenzie and daughter Neeve, nine, had been killed as fire ripped through the rest of the town.”I’ve lost two kids, nothing can bring them back,” he told Sky News Australia.The mounting number of bodies has forced authorities to set up a temporary morgue in Melbourne which has so far admitted 101 victims.Exhausted firefighters, most of them volunteers who have had little rest since the wildfires flared on Saturday, continue to fight to save communities in the path of the flames.Healesville, about 31 miles northeast of Melbourne, is the latest community threatened by the fires, which razed entire towns over the weekend.

“Gordon Brown is a One eyed Scottish Idiot” J Clarkson

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson forced to apologise after calling un-elected Prime minister Gordon Brown a “One Eyed Scottish Idiot”

You’ve got to laugh haven’t you. Auntie BeeB is so paranoid these days, you can’t even have a pop at the Scottish MP who is in charge of this country without getting your knuckles rapped. Poor old JC has been forced to say sorry for telling the truth Well maybe saying he’s an idiot is a bit strong, but thinking reducing VAT by 2.5% would solve our slide into depression is pretty daft isn’t it.
Yes dear Piereport-news readers, welcome to the brave new world where satire is dead, and all opinions are equal, but some are more equal than others.
Bring back the Frost Report & Spitting Image, at least they had balls.