Kate Middleton. Is This The Stomach Of A New Mother?

Kate 1These people are so arrogant, they don’t even try these days. They think the public is so blind, we can’t see the obvious, even when it is there in full view.

Fresh on the heels of Prince Harry giving the old Masonic hand shake, we have alleged new mother Kate playing volley ball. How lovely. these super fit Royals are wonderful aren’t they.

Now call be an old skeptic, but is this really the stomach of a woman who was hospitalised with severe morning sickness, went full term and gave birth to an 8lb 6oz baby boy on July 22 2013, less than 3 months ago, I don’t think so.

Let’s have a quick recap, here is a snap of Kate, pre-birth.

kate 5

Kate pregnant, or is it a body suit? who knows, nice thin fingers, no sign of puffiness.

Kate 4

Kate leaves hospital, nice thin fingers, still wearing the body suit, who’s baby is it?

Kate 1

Less than three months later? Dear oh dear, there is something wrong here!

Kate 1a

I must rush out and get a commemorative mug.


3 thoughts on “Kate Middleton. Is This The Stomach Of A New Mother?

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  2. I totally agree that this woman doesn’t look like a new ‘mum’ in the least….and I for damned sure don’t buy the HG….HG is so bad that some women can’t carry to term…she didn’t have it…and interesting that the photos of the baby at his christening were photo shopped and also they had to do a retake of waity because she didn’t look motherly enough…wonder if something really is up here…it seems impossible that even the royals would try to pull this off but their history shows them to be above nothing…a nurse died because of this arrogant woman’s need for attention and people have lost their jobs because of her hissy fit over pictures she all but posed for….the sugar coating of this trollop is sickening. I think the press in the UK has been ordered to pour out syrupy stories about the lovey dovey couple and their baby….no pictures since the christening but then again that could be because waity is so arrogant that she thinks the entire world is waiting for her to deign to allow pictures of baby to be shown to the lower life forms….

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