FRACKtured Future – Ian R Crane. Why Fracking Is About Money At Any Cost.

Ian R CraneIn December 2012, the UK Government lifted the moratorium on the process known as Hydraulic Fracturing (FRACKING), pronouncing that the UK would be at the ‘heart of the Shale Gas revolution’.

Ian R Crane worked in the Oilfield Services Industry for 20 years (1979-98). Today he is on a mission; a mission to ensure that the British public are made aware of the abomination that is about to be unleashed on their ‘Green & Pleasant Land’. Ian exposes who is really behind the rush by Cameron to exploit Shale gas in the UK, and how the true risks are being covered up.

Warning, this is a long presentation but you really need to watch and share it with as many people as possible as it exposes not only the risks to us all, but the globalist connections and why puppet Dave is prepared to risk your health and safety for his masters. Some interesting stuff on ex BP Edmund John Philip Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, FRS, FREng as well.

Thanks to VicB who brought this to my attention, and Kyle Parr who saved me the bother of uploading it.


The Titanics of 2012, New Cartoon From GRRRGRAPHICS

The Titanics of 2012

The Titanic tragedy has spawned a lot of metaphors for essays and cartoons alike. I decided to draw one myself to illustrate multiple situations that are steaming toward tragedy and since one ship wasn’t enough, I drew many. They all seem intent on striking that iceberg.

1. Debt. Our debt money system benefits only a few bankers at the top. Everyone else gets poor and suffers higher taxes, lost pensions and austerity as a result. The banker-owned MSM is painting austerity as a good thing-of course!

2. Euro. This will be the first to collapse, but our dollar will be next. The banker ‘technocrats’ will undoubtedly steer the money system to a form of digital money. Everyone will be on the grid. No more paper money. If you disagree with the banker police state, they will turn off your credits and access to money and jobs.

3. More war. The bankers want to take down all countries that aren’t going along. That is why Libya was taken down. It’s why Iran is next. It’s all about resources and money-and the elite bankers want it all concentrated under their control.

4. Fukushima. How come the MSM isn’t discussing this? It is already many times worse than Chernobyl.

5. Obama Administration. Fast and Furious. Executive orders that circumvent Congress. Bogus birth certificate. Fraud, lawlessness and tyranny is a disaster for America.

6. False Flag Event. To be used to help get Obama re-elected.

7. Quadrillions in derivatives. A bomb waiting to go off. The gambling elite banks will survive-they’re still ‘too big to fail.’ The 1 percent will survive. The 99 percent may not.

8. Globalism. This is the reason behind the bogus climate change propaganda. Pay a carbon slave tax to the bankers so they can ’round us up and micromanage our every move using a high-tech police state. Collectivism is always bad for those being collectivized.

Published with kind permission from Ben Garrison.

UK Suffering Drought Conditions. Trust The Government,They Never Lie.

It’s not like PieReport News to disbelieve what the mainstream media is saying, after all they are all the voice of truth aren’t they. And of course the government is beyond reproach as well, so put the two together are you get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing like the truth.

Lets look at some recent examples of the versions of the truth they give us.

Swine Flu. Remember the mass media hype and hysteria whipped up over this allegedly man made virus designed to pump dangerous vaccines into the population. Yes I know it back fired because the people aren’t as stupid as they think and soon realised it was all manufactured hype, but it didn’t stop them trying to control us.

Weapons of mass destruction. Nothing more to add here, it was lies from the start sold to us by the media. A Blair in the hand is worth two in the Bush. (that actually means nothing, but it sounded good)

Financial Crash. We were blamed for over borrowing. The Banksters took the cash, the governments bailed them out with our money (remember governments don’t have money, they get it from us), and then borrowed money from the very same people they bailed out, now we have to pay back our own money they stuffed into the pockets of their masters, without our consent. It’s like being mugged and then paying the mugger for doing it. God bless Iceland.

Global warming. Total lie from the start, now proven to be false, designed to tax and demonise carbon dioxide, the very life blood of the planet. Don’t laugh because you are paying for this outrage. Planet warming is a natural circular event,CO2 levels increase after not before the warming. Basic school boy stuff.

Osama Bin Laden killed. He had been dead for years (confirmed by Madeleine Albright), but they still managed to kill him again, get rid of the body at sea (easy when you haven’t got a body), and release fake images (proved fake) of his dead body, and some old chap watching re-runs of Bin Laden videos. The media did their job and sold the story to us.

Gaddafi. Where do you start here, one time friend of world leaders murdered on CNN and BBC and all other media outlets. At least Libya is safe now under al Qaeda control.

I could go on and on about the lies they get away with the help of the globalist controlled media 9/11, 7/7, JFK. You see the more they repeat the lie, the easier it is to believe.

At the moment in the UK has been brain washed over the last 4 months to believe there is a drought. It all started with grass fires everywhere, in early spring, do me a favour. The mass media pushed the idea that everywhere was tinder box dry, in March? Yes there where fires, lots of them. I’ve never known it happen before at this time of year, a bit strange don’t you think? Now, I’m not suggesting that they were started on purpose to create the correct mood for the drought scam but every media outlet covered it, slowly hypnotising us into thinking it was very dry out there. Then the attention turned to the drought and hosepipe bans.

If  The Environment Agency (government body) tells us there is a drought, we must believe them. The BBC carried footage of dry fields, nothing but dust where water should be. Absolute proof of the drought, images can’t lie can they. Everyone panic, switch off hose pipes.

So what’s going on. Well the truth is it’s raining, and has been for weeks. There is water everywhere, dykes and ditches are full of the stuff, the grass is green, things are growing, I walk the dog and put on boots because it’s so wet, there is no drought. Amazing, the BBC tells us there is a drought, and even though you can look out of the window and see it falling from the sky, because they say it’s not we are conditioned to believe them.

The water is supplied by private companies using the Globalist Corporative system. This is not Capitalism, there is no competition. You cannot change water supplier, so you have to go along with their very inflated charges & accept water meters because they say so. Oh they say, this is the only way to save water. No, I’ll tell you what to do you bunch of control freaks, fix the leaks and build the infrastructure needed to supply the vast building schemes underway at the moment. Stop blaming Victorian water pipes, she’s been dead for 111 years, spend some of your masters profits and sort it out.

Of course, we have already been warned that food prices will rise again because of this water crisis, so is that the real agenda.? Come on people, wake up and smell the rain. Stop putting up with this nonsense.


Fuel Crisis, What Fuel Crisis? There isn’t One, Just Another Tory Blunder, or is it?

So the UK has run out of fuel at filling stations, well done Francis Maud & David (call me Dave) Cameron. It’s a little bit early for an April Fools joke, so why has this happened? It’s either crass stupidity from a bunch of people so out of touch with reality it’s embarrassing, or it was a deliberate attempt to kill the fallout of the proposed fuel tax increase.

francis maud and david cameronWhen was the last time anyone used the term jerry can anyway? They were designed in German in the 1930’s, and of course Jerry is a slang term for Germans. I wonder what Angela Merkel thinks about this?

  • Let’s look at the facts.
  • There is no strike by tanker drivers and it’s unlikely that there will be one before Easter, if at all.
  • Cabinet Office minister Francis Maud said “The greater the extent to which people have fuel in their vehicles, with maybe a little bit in the garage as well in a jerry can, the longer we will be able to keep things going.”
  • David Cameron advised people to fill up their tanks.
  • Fuel Stations all over the UK are running dry
  • Prices are rising as demand outstrips supply
  • Roads are becoming gridlocked as people follow government advice and queue for fuel.
  • One woman seriously injured as she fills up a fuel can in her kitchen

Well done boys, you make us all very proud. I’m just wondering what plans you have for the next looming financial crisis or the war with Iran!