Murdoch And Blair Fall Out Over Wendi

They were once so close.

They were once so close.

Oh no! Lord Murdemort and Liar-nel Blair have had a boy spat over Wendi according to the Mail today see here. I don’t want to keep plugging the Mail, but someone’s got to while Chris is off line.

Cherie Blair

Wendi enjoying Cherie’s attempts at stand up comedy. “Have you heard the one about the ex Prime Minister and non existant WMDs”

The Mail does make it clear “There is no suggestion by this newspaper of any impropriety by Mr Blair or Ms Deng. And Mr Blair’s friends have repeatedly denied he had an affair with Ms Deng.” No or course there isn’t any suggestion, that’s why you went ahead and printed the story. I bet that wiped the smile of Cherie’s face this morning.

To be honest, I care little whether there was any hankie pankie, Murdoch is 82, Wendi is 44, they got married (now divorced) 14 years ago when she was 30 and he was 68 (I may be one or 2 years out), but they are all adults, so what the hell. Plus, if Mr Blair’s friends have denied it, that’s good enough for me. It’s not like the Blair camp to tell fibs is it?

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. How Involved Was David Cameron.

Jimmy-Murdoch-and-the-News-fo-the-World As the Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson case gains momentum, we learn today that they had a six year affair from 1998. Wow, lucky Grant Mitchell didn’t find out, I mean, it’s all about family ain’t it. What would Peggy, Phil, and Sam (she was the one with the lump of nose missing) have thought?

Anyway, enough of the jokes, what I am really waiting for are revelations about just how close they both were to Dave Cameron LOL. We already know Brooks and Cameron were very close, exchanging frequent texts often ending in LOL, until she told him it means “laugh out loud” and not “lots of love”.

And lets not forget that Dave employed Coulson against much advice that he was unsuitable. So just why did Dave insist on employing Rebekahs ex lover?

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Culture Secretary Maria Miller Get Fashion Tips From Dolores Umbridge

Maria Miller

Maria Miller MP

Dolores Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge

So the Newspaper industry proposals for a royal charter covering press regulation have been rejected, Culture Secretary Maria Miller has told the Commons. Well, no surprises there then, and to be honest I’m bored with the whole story anyway. If you really want to read the report, go here.

For me, the bigger question for me is what the hell is she wearing? Now I’m no fashion icon myself, but a pink jacket, OMG!

Sorry Maria, but it makes you look you’re working for the Ministry of Magic under the control of the Dark Lord, or maybe you are?

BBC’s Answer To Bliderberg – Hatchet Job On Alex Jones

So after years of either ignoring Bilderberg, or pretending it doesn’t exist, the BBC, that bastion of truth and decency, when forced to comment, play the standard everyone’s a conspiracy theorist card, and treat it like a big joke.

Today, they did a spoof type documentary report, introduced by a laughing Andrew Neil, before doing their best to wind Alex Jones up to react in his typical brash style. However, for anyone with half a brain cell, it backfired big style.

Lets look at how they reported the event. The film starts with behind the curtains shots of the Grove Hotel, they use a clip of “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones being asked a really dumb question, not about what they are discussing and agreeing in the Grove, but about whether he believes all conspiracy theories. I’m surprised he even bothered to answer.

They then show footage of any oddball person they could find, and a couple of relaxed police officers, all very British. They even manage to surprise lovely old Ken Clarke, (that wasn’t a set up was it). He waffled on about it being just a get together for informal chats, and how the internet is full of “nutty” theories about ruling the world and invading America. The reporter even said when Clark suddenly appeared, “as if by magic”. I mean, what are the chances of just bumping into Ken Clarke? It’s a shame he didn’t get time to ask him about Ben Fellows!

Neil then make some joke about not having seen the reporter since, and then introduces Alex Jones as an American “shock jock”.

Now, and this is really important, this is the BBC, a corporation so discredited by internal scandals, corruption and  incompetence, the best they can do is put Alex Jones up against Murdoch men like Neil and Arronovitch. Andrew Neil, remember, he’s the man who helped destroy Fleet Street, and set up Sky News for Globalist Murdoch, took the role of sarcastic bad cop, while David Arronovitch played sympathetic good cop.

Judge it for yourself, yes Alex did kick off, but only after “Murdoch man” Neil finally achieved his goal. The program ended with a Neil looking even odder than usual, pulling faces trying to gesture that Jones was nuts. It may be a joke to you Andrew Neil, but of course, you are an insider, so it’s in your own interests to sell the story like this.


Cameron’s Leveson deal is ‘threat to press freedom’, says human rights watchdog. And news blogs as well!

So the globalist soap opera rolls on. It appears that the whole Leveson phone hacking scandal was a means to an end.

What happens when you corner a rat? The rat attacks, and that is exactly what these rats are doing. They know that they’ve been rumbled. They are fully aware that people are waking up and exposing them for what they really are, political actors playing out a script written for them by the globalist masters, under the illusion of democracy.

People are starting to realise that all, and by that I mean all political parties are controlled by the elite. They play out the roles of government and opposition to reinforce the illusion of freedom, only to do as they are told when in power. Blair, a JPMorgan Chase man through and through, and still paid millions by them, plus earnings from Goldman Sachs, laid the foundations of the UK collapse under the guise of “New Labour”.

They are aware that some good journalists, yes there are still some, want to expose the truth. The rise of Alternative media sites, telling it how it really is, is a real threat to them, so they create a reason, planned over many years, to install controls on the media.

The hope that newspapers will refuse to sign up to this new charter is a false hope, as the newspapers are broadly owned by the same people who control the rest of the media.

This is a real threat and attack on freedom of speech on blogs like this. Here is a screen grab of the


interpretations of the charter. Section 1,b(ii) clearly states news related websites!!

So the heat is being turned up. What’s that expression about “can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”; well, I love cooking, sorry.

Here’s the article from the Telegraph.

David Cameron has been accused of creating a “threat to press freedom” by an international body which polices human rights in some of the most autocratic countries.

By Christopher Hope, and Rowena Mason7:20PM GMT 18 Mar 2013

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which usually polices elections to ensure against human rights abuses, said that the phone hacking scandal should not be used as an “excuse” to restrict free speech.
The intervention was made after the Prime Minister was accused of putting together a “grubby deal” after he dropped his opposition to use legislation to underpin a new system of press regulation.
The Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders met with a Conservative minister in secret talks which lasted until early Monday morning to hammer out a deal which could see the press regulated by a new Royal Charter.
Those who refuse to sign up, including websites, now face “exemplary damages” if they are taken to court.
Several of the country’s biggest newspaper groups, including Telegraph Media Group, issued a statement expressing their initial concerns over the proposals.

There is growing speculation that some newspapers and magazines may boycott the new system amid claims it violates fundamental human rights. Mr Cameron unveiled the plans in Parliament as several MPs – exposed for their own failings in the media – welcomed the crackdown. In a statement, a spokesman for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said: “A government-established regulatory body, regardless of how independent it is intended to be, could pose a threat to media freedom. “I still believe that self-regulation is the best way to deal with ethical lapses and failures to comply with professional standards. “The phone-hacking scandal was a criminal issue and the people involved are being prosecuted. This should not be used as an excuse to rein in all print media.” The Index on Censorship, a campaign group chaired by veteran BBC broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, said creation of Britain’s first official newspaper regulator for 300 years marks a “sad day for press freedom”. Mr Dimbleby said he is “dismayed” that politicians will now get power over the regulation of newspapers. The board has the gravest anxiety at the residual political powers the now expected outcome and system will give to politicians,” Mr Dimbleby said. “The two thirds block on any changes to the royal charter could be abused in the future – not least when today’s emerging consensus shows that the parties can come together in both houses to agree on press regulation.” In the Commons, Mr Cameron sought to draw a line under the phone hacking scandal which started with the claim that the mobile phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler was hacked by reporters and led to scores of journalists being arrested and a full blown judicial inquiry by Lord Justice Leveson. Insisting that the cross-party deal on press regulation would defend the principle of a free press, Mr Cameron told MPs: “My message to the press is clear. We’ve had the debate. Now it is time to get on and make this system work.” He defended the need to enshrine the royal charter in law, which could be amended by peers and MPs at a later date, insisting: “It is legislation to protect the royal charter, it is not legislation to recognise the royal charter. Setting out his reasons for opposing more fundamental legislation, he said it would be “wrong to run even the slightest risk of infringing free speech or a free press”. He added: “As Winston Churchill said, ‘a free press is the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free men prize, it is the most dangerous foe of tyranny’. By rejecting statutory regulation but being in favour of a royal charter this House has defended that principle.” The royal charter will be submitted to the Queen for approval in May, once the necessary legislation has been approved by MPs and peers. Read the draft royal charter in full:


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Murdoch Apologises For Scarfe Cartoon Of Netanyahu. No Surprises There Then.

Murdoch poster2Lord Murdemort has swiftly apologised for the Gerald Scarfe cartoon of Netanyahu published last weekend  in the Sunday Times.


The artist behind a Sunday Times cartoon criticised as “anti-semitic” has apologised for the “very unfortunate timing” of the sketch, which was published on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Gerald Scarfe, who has drawn for the newspaper for 46 years, insisted, though, that he is not anti-semitic and did not intend to insult Jewish people.

The cartoon, published on Sunday 27 January, created an uproar this week, prompting a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission and a “major apology” from Rupert Murdoch.

He tweeted last night: “Gerald Scarfe has never reflected the opinions of the Sunday Times.

“Nevertheless, we owe major apology for grotesque, offensive cartoon.”

Scarfe told Press Gazette today: “Firstly of all I am not, and never have been, anti-semitic.

“The Sunday Times has given me the freedom of speech over the last 46 years to criticize world leaders for what I see as their wrong-doings.

“This drawing was a criticism of Netanhayu, and not of the Jewish people: there was no slight whatsoever intended against him.

“I was, however, stupidly completely unaware that it would be printed on Holocaust day, and I apologise for the very unfortunate timing.”

Earlier today, Scarfe received support from the Dr Tim Benson, president of the Political Cartoon Society (himself Jewish), who described the media uproar surrounding the cartoon as a “storm in a teacup”. Read More

It’s interesting to note how fast Murdemort grovelled to Netanyahu. What is that expression about “pipers and tunes”

Anyway, here is the cartoon.

And a few more from Scarfe. I wonder if he apologised to Thatcher.




Piers Morgan Shows True Globalist Colors On CNN Following Connecticut Massacre

Piers Morgan, sacked editor of the UK Daily Mirror, after publishing alleged fake photos of British servicemen abusing Iraqi prisoners, loses his temper in the aftermath of the horrific Connecticut massacre.

Enjoy this gift from your cousins in the UK, if you watch CNN, you deserve him.

By the way, he is also a former Murdoch man.

Piers Morgan Manipulates Jesse Ventura on CNN. Wake up People.

I used to have a lot of respect for Piers Morgan. He was a hard hitting news editor who, although irritating at times, stood up for what he believed in. Morgan, was editor of the Murdoch owned, disgraced News of the World, and then the Daily Mirror from which he  was sacked over alleged fake photo’s of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi. It is still my belief that he was stitched up over this, and fell foul of the same control mechanism that forced Greg Dyke out of the BBC over the Dr David Kelly affair.

However, after a few series of “Britain and Americas Got Talent” Morgan has sold his soul to the CNN devil and turned from poacher to gamekeeper.

In a recent interview with Jesse Ventura, he demonstrated that money talks, and those with the most, talk loudest. One of the most interesting parts comes at 29:00 when Ventura is demolishing him over building 7. Morgan utters these words ” Are you seriously trying to tell me that The British Broadcasting Company, one of the most respected news organisations in the world was inventing huge buildings falling over” He goes on to say Ventura needs a break and while fading to the break, the floor manager or someone is clearly seen walking on and saying something to Ventura. (Looks like Jesse overstepped the CNN mark here).

I don’t think the BBC is that respected now Piers, and like the rest of the MSM, it does and say’s what it is told. (also, a little pedantic maybe, it’s not been a company since 1927, it’s a corporation that put’s people in prison for not paying a licence fee). You also got a bit of a grubbing in the Leverson Report didn’t you Piers. In fact Leveson called your testimony “utterly unpersuasive”. OUCH.

Cameron Not Convinced By Leveson Inquiry He Ordered.

David “call me Dave” Cameron ordered the Leveson inquiry last year, with an estimated overall cost of £5.6m.

Now then, call us very simplistic here at, but why the hell waste all of that TAX PAYERS money on such a lengthly,  in depth inquiry only to stand up in the commons today and declare that he was not convinced.

Maybe he doesn’t want to get his fingers burnt by biting  the hand that feeds him! After all, it would be difficult texting Rebekah with burnt fingers. Just a thought!

David Cameron’s Friends Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks charged in Operation Elveden

Ex-Downing Street communications chief Andy Coulson and ex-News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, both close friends of British Prime Minister David Cameron,  have been charged over payments to police and public officials.

Journalists Clive Goodman and John Kay and MoD employee Bettina Jordan-Barber also face charges, the CPS says.

Mr Coulson, who was editor of the News of the World before moving to Downing Street, says he denies the allegations.

Operation Elveden is the Met Police investigation into corrupt payments.

Mr Coulson has been charged with two conspiracies relating to the request and authorisation of alleged payments to public officials in exchange for information – including a royal phone directory known as the “Green Book”.

It is said to have contained contact details for the Royal Family and members of the household.

Mr Goodman, a former royal correspondent at the now-defunct News of the World, is to face the same charges, the CPS says.

These two counts of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office involve one between 31 August 2002 and 31 January 2003 and another between 31 January and 3 June 2005.

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Now Piers Morgan’s Mirror and The People accused of phone hacking.

Piers sells his soul to Burger King.

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan born Piers Stefan O’Meara; who was sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror after his newspaper was found to have used faked photographs of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners, denied any involvement in phone hacking after he was implicated during the Leveson Inquiry by high-profile figures such as Jeremy Paxman.

However, two more tabloid newspapers were dragged into the phone-hacking scandal last night with the former England football manager Sven Goran Errikson among four people intending to sue the Daily Mirror and the Sunday People.

The former nanny to David Beckham’s children, Abbie Gibson, has been joined by Coronation Street actress Shobna Gulati and the former Blackburn Rovers captain Gary Flitcroft in seeking damages at the High Court from the People.

Mr Errikson’s action against the Daily Mirror could prove the most damaging to the owners of the two titles, Mirror Group Newspapers, given that it relates to a period when Piers Morgan was serving as editor. Ouch, we wonder how that will affect the darling of the US media. Read more



This set of videos posted by  on YouTube make interesting viewing. Set aside some time and watch for yourself. Remember, don’t take other peoples word for things, do the research and decide for yourself.


PART 2 is about the music industry, and its role in the New World Order. Many songs people listen to have lyrics that talk about the illuminati, the new world order, satan, demons, selling their soul for success, and have satanic meanings. People have no idea what REALLY goes on behind closed door in the music industry. The main purpose is to demoralize nations, especially the U.S.A. into having all the sex, and drugs they want. The music industry teaches to disobey God, embrace violence, murder, and cussing, and vulgar language.

This part 3 video is just as good as the first one, if not better. This video will enlighten you, and that’s an under statement. This documentary exposes the “alien” hoax. This doc. shows demon possession in our leaders, and media hosts/news reporters. This video goes into depth on the inner workings of the illuminati satanic cult!! MUST WATCH!!

Part 4. The media, history channel, and other channels are conditioning the public to accept a fake future alien invasion as real. The agenda is to create a New World Order through the means of a world wide attack from outer space extraterrestrials.


Part 5 is about what holy scriptures says Gods plan will be. Video footage of his prophecy unfolding in all the countries of the world. In the end, all that matters is where you stand in the eye of your creator. Satan’s plans will backfire, and like every other country, will rise, then fall quicker than it rose. God, our creator is bigger than satan. Only through the blood of Jesus Christ will you enter paradise. God will have HIS New World Order. The final stage. As people drift away from their creator, and embrace the things of the world, their arrogance, and sins will be their own down fall.

George Osborne’s secret meeting with Murdoch clan at country estate

Chancellor entertained Rebekah Brooks at official residence in Buckinghamshire as BSkyB bid was planned.

Toby Helm, political editor, Saturday 12 May 2012 22.53 BST

Chancellor George Osborne was dragged deeper into the furore over the Murdoch empire’s links to government as it emerged that he entertained Rebekah Brooks for a weekend at his country residence as Rupert Murdoch was planning to take over BSkyB.

Also present for the weekend at Dorneywood, the chancellor’s grace and favour residence in Buckinghamshire, was Brooks’s friend, Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor, who at the time was working as David Cameron’s director of communications inside No 10.

Labour said that the gathering, at a time when the government was evaluating how to react to News Corp’s £8bn bid for the whole of BSkyB – the biggest in UK media history – raised fundamental questions about Osborne’s judgment.

News of the weekend gathering will also increase pressure for Osborne to appear in person at the Leveson inquiry, in addition to David Cameron, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, education secretary Michael Gove and other senior political figures, to answer questions about their links with the Murdoch team.

So far Osborne has been asked only to give written evidence, although his aides said he would now be happy to appear if asked.

Details of the Dorneywood sojourn are contained in a lengthy written statement to the Leveson inquiry submitted by Coulson, who appeared before it on Thursday. Listing his meetings with Brooks during his time working for Cameron, Coulson said: “My family and I also spent a weekend at Dorneywood in 2010 as a guest of George Osborne and his wife. Rebekah and her husband were also guests.”

Osborne has made public four meetings with Brooks during 2010, three of them definitely after the May general election. A spokesman for Osborne said he believed the Dorneywood meeting was one declared by Osborne as having taken place with Brooks in September 2010. The location was not specified, and it was listed by the chancellor as having been a merely “social” event.

News of the Murdoch plan to take full control of BSkyB first broke in June 2010, with News Corp informing the European commission in early November of its intention to buy the shares it did not already own.

Giving evidence to the inquiry on Friday, Brooks said that, after briefly discussing the BSkyB bid with Cameron at a dinner in December 2010, she had a more substantial conversation with Osborne at a restaurant that month.

The next day she emailed News Corp lobbyist Frédéric Michel saying that Osborne had expressed “total bafflement” at Ofcom’s latest response to the bid. But she was not asked, when in the witness box, about the weekend at Dorneywood or what was discussed there.

Harriet Harman, Labour’s deputy leader, said the revelation raised serious questions. “When senior members of a government are looking at a bid such as the BSkyB one they have not only to make sure they act impartially but that they are seen to be acting impartially.

“Spending a weekend together with a senior executive of the company seeking approval for a bid such as this is not acting in a way that will be seen to be impartial.” Osborne’s aides said no discussions of the BSkyB bid took place.

But Labour MP Chris Bryant, a prominent critic of News International over phone hacking, said: “After all these revelations it feels like there were two halves of a single clan: in the political wing were Osborne, Cameron, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt, and in the media wing were Rebekah Brooks, James Murdoch and Andy Coulson. They seem to have been completely blind to the ethical considerations and to have forgotten that in government they are there for the whole country and not just for the clan.”

Labour also plans to raise questions about whether the home secretary, Theresa May, sent a message to commiserate with Brooks after she resigned. In a speech to the Blairite pressure group Progress, Labour leader Ed Miliband renewed calls for the culture secretary to resign over suggestions he operated a secret back channel to News Corp.

Miliband said: “One of the reasons so many people hate politics so much right now is that they think politicians stand up for the wrong people, not the right people. This is a clear example of that – Jeremy Hunt was standing up for Rupert Murdoch, not for the public interest.”

Rupert Murdoch ‘Not A Fit Person’ To Run Major Company, Phone Hacking Report Says


Jack Mirkinson

A parliamentary committee has judged that Rupert Murdoch is “not a fit person” to run a major international company such as News Corp. due to his handling of the phone hacking scandal.

The verdict, from the Culture, Media and Sport committee in the House of Commons, is an unexpectedly damning one. Committee members made clear on Tuesday that it was not a unanimous one, setting up a political fight when the entire House votes on some of its findings.

The committee wrote that Murdoch “turned a blind eye and exhibited willful blindness to what was going on in his companies and publications,” and concluded that he “is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company.”

The report is the culmination of years of investigation since the phone hacking crisis first broke in 2009. Since then, the scandal has caught everyone from journalists to police to politicians in its net, and cost Murdoch hundreds of millions of dollars.

Read the rest of this report here

Anyone surprised?, we doubt it. The Tories have of course stayed on the fence. If you saw sycophantic way Louise Mensch grovelled around questioning Murdoch on the day of the foam pie, it’s no more than you would expect. What astonishes us is that the report uses the words “not a fit person” to run a major international company. Don’t they know the rules?

None of these people are fit to run international companies, that’s why they get away with it. They are all so arrogant they think they are above the law, and as their friends create and control the law, they are correct.

Will this affect Murdoch, probably not, I doubt if the verdict from the Culture, Media and Sport committee, (a bunch of MP’s low enough down the food chain to not really understand how the system operates) will have much impact in the US.

I just find it hilarious that Murdoch & Sons claim they were unaware of the unethical way their journalists where operating. Maybe Murdoch hasn’t had much news room experience,after all, it’s not his fault he was born into a family who owned the Adelaide News.

Murdoch And The Leveson Inquiry. Another One Bites The Dust.

Well it’s been an interesting day. Adam Smith has fallen on his sword, the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. All honourable stuff, makes you proud to be British.

OK that’s it then, story over.

Well not really. Adam Smith in case you didn’t know was special adviser to culture secretary Jeremy Hunt. Yesterday, after revelations by James Murdoch,  it looked like Hunt would go, but of course that’s not how things happen in politics. The idea that Hunt was not aware of the involvement by Smith in the BSkyB bid is crazy. Even if it is true, how could he allow a culture to evolve  in which an adviser had such freedom.

So let’s look closer, because of course this is not how it really is. There is a growing school of thought that the mass media, of which Murdoch’s organisation is a big player are the voice of the Globalists. They report and distort the news in the way their masters demand to shape public opinion, just look at how Fox for example has handled the Presidential election in the US, anyone heard of Ron Paul?

Murdoch has had the ear of Prime Ministers for decades. Actually, some might say he has had the throat of them for decades. He said today that he never asked Margaret Thatcher for anything. Of course not, if you follow this same thought process, she had nothing to offer him, it was the other way round. To explain this, you would have to understand that politicians are puppets playing out the role to keep the illusion of democracy alive, interesting idea!

Vince Cable then culture secretary,  had it right when he declared war on Murdoch, and soon found out the hard way that you must not bite the hand that feeds you.

How will this whole drama play out?  How many people will be sacrificed to save “call me Dave”s skin?

This piece taken from Wikipedia makes interesting reading.

On 28 June 2006 the BBC reported that Murdoch and News Corporation were considering backing new Conservative leader David Cameron at the next General Election – still up to four years away. In a later interview in July 2006, when he was asked what he thought of the Conservative leader, Murdoch replied “Not much”. In a 2009 blog, it was suggested that in the aftermath of the News of the World phone hacking scandal which is still ongoing in 2011 and might yet have Transatlantic implications Murdoch and News Corporation might have decided to back Cameron. Despite this, there had already been a convergence of interests between the two men over the muting of Britain’s communications regulator Ofcom.

In 2006, Britain’s Independent newspaper reported that Murdoch would offer Tony Blair a senior role in his global media company News Corporation when the prime minister stood down from office.

He is accused by former Solidarity MSP Tommy Sheridan of having a personal vendetta against him and of conspiring with MI5 to produce a video of him confessing to having affairs – allegations over which Sheridan had previously sued News International and won. On being arrested for perjury following the case, Sheridan claimed that the charges were “orchestrated and influenced by the powerful reach of the Murdoch empire”.

In August 2008, British Conservative leader and future Prime Minister David Cameron accepted free flights to hold private talks and attend private parties with Murdoch on his yacht, the Rosehearty. Cameron has declared in the Commons register of interests he accepted a private plane provided by Murdoch’s son-in-law, public relations guru Matthew Freud; Cameron has not revealed his talks with Murdoch. The gift of travel in Freud’s Gulfstream IV private jet was valued at around £30,000. Other guests attending the “social events” included the then EU trade commissioner Lord Mandelson, the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and co-chairman of NBC Universal Ben Silverman. The Conservatives have not disclosed what was discussed.

In July 2011 it emerged that Cameron met key executives of Murdoch’s News Corporation 26 times during the 14 months that Cameron had served as Prime Minister. It was also reported that Murdoch had given Cameron a personal guarantee that there would be no risk attached to hiring Andy Coulson, the former editor of News of the World, as the Conservative Party’s communication director in 2007. This was in spite of Coulson having resigned as editor over phone hacking by a reporter. Cameron chose to take Murdoch’s advice, despite warnings from Nick Clegg, Lord Ashdown and The Guardian. Coulson resigned his post in 2011 and was later arrested and questioned on allegations of further criminal activity at The News of the World, specifically the News International phone hacking scandal.


Murdoch To Fight Back

25  April 2012

Catch a rat in a corner and it will come out fighting.

This is a fascinating time, and great to watch. “Call me Dave” having Xmas dinner with Jimmy & Bekki, chatting about the future of TV.

Now it appears that Lord Murdemort himself will be making another appearance, luv it. He has the power to bring down so many of his buddies, can’t wait for the film.

Murdoch Goes. Maybe the Stakes Went Sky High.

The Guardian reports that at 14.46:

We have spoken to Chris Bryant, the Labour MP and alleged phone-hacking victim who has been critical of News International and the Murdochs.

He said: “[The resignation] is inevitable and he should have gone a long time ago. James Murdoch’s only defence against allegations of involvement in a cover-up at News International was that he was so incompetent he couldn’t be bothered to read his emails.”


James Murdoch as Jimmy Murdoch

Rebekah Mary Brooks as Herwayonly Granger


Andy Coulson as Tory Weasley

Special Guest Appearance From

He Who Shall Not Be Blamed as  The Dark Lord Murdemort


James Murdoch has resigned as chairman of BSkyB with immediate effect.


If you can”t stand the heat, get out of the company. The “chosen one” has stepped down from BSkyB leaving the UK a Murdoch free zone,well in personalties at least. But why did he really walk? Some commentators say there could be more to this than simply ‘Murdoch the fall guy’?

Just days after it was alleged by the BBC’s Panorama that NDS a News Corporation subsidiary is accused of leaking information from ITV Digital (formerly On Digital) which could be used to create counterfeit smart cards, giving people free access to paid for TV, are BSkyB concerned about being fit and proper to hold a broadcast licence.

I hate it when families fall out, so here is a statement taken from

“Statement from Chase Carey, President and Chief Operation Office, News Corporation Regarding Misrepresentation of NDS by the BBC’s Panorama

NEW YORK, NY – March 28, 2012 -“The BBC’s Panorama program was a gross misrepresentation of NDS’s role as a high quality and leading provider of technology and services to the pay-TV industry, as are many of the other press accounts that have piled on – – if not exaggerated — the BBC’s inaccurate claims. Panorama presented manipulated and mischaracterized emails to produce unfair and baseless accusations. News Corporation is proud to have worked with NDS and to have supported them in their aggressive fight against piracy and copyright infringement. News Corporation fully endorses Executive Chairman of NDS Abe Peled’s attached letter to Panorama and supports NDS in clearing its name, just as the U.S. Department of Justice, a federal court jury and a federal appellate court have all done in past rulings.”

See, we have to be fair and balanced.

Just out of interest, here is a list of the Board of Directors of News Corp as of 3 April 2012

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert MurdochChairman and Chief Executive Officer
News Corporation

José María Aznar

Former President of Spain
FAES – Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis

Natalie Bancroft

News Corporation

Peter L. Barnes

Ansell Limited

James W. Breyer

Accel Partners

Chase Carey

Deputy Chairman
President and Chief Operating Officer
News Corporation

David F. DeVoe

Chief Financial Officer
News Corporation

Viet Dinh

Professor of Law
Georgetown University

Sir Roderick I. Eddington

Non-Executive Chairman for
Australia and New Zealand
J.P. Morgan

Joel I. Klein

Executive Vice President
CEO, Education Division
News Corporation

Andrew S.B. Knight

Non-Executive Chairman
J Rothschild Capital Management Limited

James R. Murdoch

Deputy Chief Operating Officer
News Corporation
Chairman and CEO, International
News Corporation

Lachlan K. Murdoch

Executive Chairman
Illyria Pty Ltd

Arthur M. Siskind

Senior Advisor to the Chairman
News Corporation

John L. Thornton

Professor and Director of Global Leadership
Tsinghua University of Beijing Ex Goldman Sachs


 Stanley S. Shuman (Director Emeritus)

Managing Director
Allen & Company LLC

And it’s been alleged by some people that Fox News is deliberately reporting the coverage of the US Presidential race to block out Ron Paul. It certainly makes you wonder doesn’t it.