Does LBC Censor Any Mention Of David Icke?

You’ve got to love James O’Brien on LBC, that’s Leading Britains Biased Conversation.

Now, I’ve got to admit that I enjoy listening to James. His command of the English language is is superb, taking no prisoners when callers annoy him, although unusually flexible to having his opinion changed if a good argument is offered. Coming from a journalistic background, James followed his wonderful father into the once noble profession. Mystery hour on a Thursday between 12.00 and 13.00 is also compulsive listening.

David-Icke & James O'BrienJames works for LBC which is owned by Global Radio, part of the Heart, Capital FM, Classic FM, XFM, Gold and Smooth Radio group. Global, under the Heart brand, have taken over much of the old Independent Radio network. Good small local commercial stations becoming homogenised into a massive impersonal mind numbing network.

James does however show his true colours when the “conspiracy theory” alarm goes off as a caller on Mondays show found out. The discussion was centered around the Child Abuse inquiries after the resignation of Fiona Wolfe. This caller wanted to put forward the view that child abuse in high political life was nothing new, and dared to say that David Icke wrote about it years ago. At the mention of Ickes name, O’Brien terminated the call immediately . Now to be fair to O’Brien, the end of the call did sound a little odd, so the seven second delay button may have removed something that could not legally be broadcast, but to me it sounded like he was just cut off.

This makes me wonder, was it his choice to refuse to discuss someone, who’s views have been shown to be correct time after time, or does the aptly named Global Radio have a special panic button. After all, James iain-dale-fight-3-460x288Whale who was never frightened to include Icke when he worked for Talk Sport, was allegedly shafted by Global when he worked for LBC, replacing him with Iain “Kick Up” Dale. Good choice Global, good choice.

Cameron Goes To War With EU Over £1.7 Billion! You’ve Got To Laugh

Cameron and Hollande.

Cameron and Hollande.











Anyone would think there was an election next year. The Mails headline today

“One step closer to the exit: Cameron goes to war on £1.7 BILLION bill as he hints Britain will vote to leave EU… but why was he kept in the dark about shock demand?”

You can almost hear the conversation, “Qu’allons-nous faire au sujet de l’UKIP François?” “Ne vous inquiétez pas David, nous allons trouver un moyen de vous faire paraître puissant, laissez-moi faire et Jose”


Just A Thought.

I’ve been a bit busy recently, rebuilding the other site yet again, and generally taking a forced break from the horrendous game of world chess being played out at the moment. It actually is quite a healthy thing to step away and take a bit of time just observing what is going on.

But we are back, mainly because I’ve got ANN running the way I want it too, at last. Still needs some tweaking, but at least it’s working again.

These are very troubling times. The Elites are playing out the end game, and doing their best to silence any opposition. The Alternative media is a mess, with continued in fighting. They say the best way to control any opposition is with divide and rule and that is certainly true at the moment.

How do you know who is telling the truth, who should you believe, who should you follow? The answer is, believe no one, follow no one, be the master of your own thoughts. Use the Alternative media as a way to look at events from a different perspective. Do your own research and trust in yourself.

I’ve always said, don’t ever just take my word for anything. Just because I believe something to be true doesn’t make it true. Do I blindly believe everything Spivey says, of course not. The fact that he believes it to be true and has certainly spent far more time than I ever would researching his material is enough reason for me to trust his integrity, but I decide what I believe, just as you should.

We are in this situation because people allow the news media to shape their opinions. “We are all going to die from swine flu, please pump me full of chemicals to save me”. It’s no different with the Alternative media. Just because Icke say’s the Mrs Windsor is a reptile doesn’t mean she is, work it out for yourself.

As for Spivey, I follow my gut feelings about people and he is one of the good guys.

Blair Warns Britain Needs To Take Action In Iraq And Syria – Or Face Terror Attacks.

Blair on SKYJust when I was having a really enjoyable Sunday tending to my veg in the garden, I decided to take a 10 minute sit down for a cup of tea and a quick scan of the latest MSM tosh. OMG, I wasn’t disappointed.

I remember reading some time ago, that people like Blair are such narcissistic characters, so detached from the real world that they really have no understanding of even care about how transparent their agenda is.

Anthony  Charles Lynton Blair this morning said Britain needed to take action in Iraq and Syria – or face terror attacks at home. Nice one Tony, how is the Middle Eastern Peace Envoy job going?

How on earth does a discredited man creature like Blair have the gall to dare give his opinion on anything these days is beyond me, and should be beyond any sane thinking person.  The only thing he has ever been ever fairly good at is  being  a smarmy yes man to the globalist masters pulling the strings, oh and making a vast fortune since leaving Downing Street, prostituting himself to anyone willing to pay hard cash to hear him talk, part time jobs with JPMorgan Chase(I wonder who they are connected to?) and scurrying around the Middle East jumping from conflict to conflict. 

At school  he was a complete pain in the backside and they were very glad to see the back of him source. He tired his hand at being a rock music promoter, and failed. He played in a rock band called (you’re going to love this) Ugly Rumours. He went to Oxford and got a 2nd, then moved in with Derry Irvine Chambers, where he met Elsie Tanners step daughter. He wasn’t great at the legal profession, completely out shone by Ms Booth. In the Nethermere (St Neots) Ltd v Gardiner case, he was representing the employers who where fighting to deny female workers holiday pay; he lost. However, Derry Irvine later became Blair’s first Lord Chancellor, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Talk about jobs for the boys.

It is alleged that during this period, in 1983 to be exact, a Charles Lynton was was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets, the police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings. I mention this because for the system to function, the powers need very naughty stuff to blackmail their puppets, and it seems Blair has quite a few skeletons in his closet.

So here we have it, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, saying on SKY News, yes, even that made me laugh, oh the irony of it, SKY News of all places. SKY News for any none UK readers is the UK equivalent of FOX News, and controlled by Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch is the former husband of Wendi Deng, who it has been alleged, mainly by the Daily Mail was a little to close to Anthony Charles Lynton Blair source.

Murdoch and Wendi

I don’t really buy this story, (although I have enjoyed writing about it previously), it has a whiff of the Cliffords about it. How better to confuse questions about Blair’s sexual preferences than by creating a story about him over the side with Wendi. It’s a real shame her and Lord Murdemort have split up, they always looked so well suited to each other. (Tale as old as time)

Anyway, dragging myself back to the point at hand, SKY News, the free voice of the globalists, gave Blair a platform, and did the BBC,  to warm about ISIS, and how if we don’t get involved, the terrorist threat will be even greater than it currently is after he and boy Bush sent other peoples children into Iraq and Afghanistan on the back of a lie to justify Blair’s sycophantic grovelling deal made to Dubber previously.

So Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, even for the less awakened members of the British Public, you are a totally discredit has been, who will one day have to answer for your betrayal of the honest men and women in the street, who put their trust in you, and were let down in the most dishonorable manner when you sold your soul to the devil.

For everyone’s sake, please keep your opinions to yourself, we don’t trust you, we don’t like you, and most of all, we don’t want you to hear from you.

Love is a many splendid thing. Bit of a funny old handshake?

Love is a many splendid thing.


End Sexual Violence in Conflict. Angelina Jolie and William Hague.

Don’t they make a great, and I have to say unlikely couple, Angelina Jolie and William Hague at the “End Sexual Violence in Conflict” summit.

The MSM are claiming Jolie was moved to tears after listening to victims of sexual assault speak about their experience.

jolie and hague


Good performance, Angelina, what is your profession again? Oh an actress, shame you weren’t  moved enough to actually produce real tears.


Look just for the record, here is how it’s done by true pro’s.


George Osborne at Thatchers Funeral

George Osborne at Thatchers Funeral

See the difference! If you buy this load of garbage, you’ll buy anything.

Bum Gate. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s Exposed Bottom Shunned By UK Tabloids.

Kate BumWhat a load of old fanny, well, not exactly true, as it was her back bottom exposed in the German press today, not her front, but you get the point. Although the self-righteous British media refused to print the sneaky peaky shot of Goldilocks Middleton’s derrière,  they still filled a lot of column inches talking about it. Whether it is the fall out after Leverson, or that they smelt a big fat rat, who knows. Even LBC, London Broadcasting Corporation,  London’s Biggest Conversation, Leading Britain’s Conversation,  “Loada” Biased Codswallop, got in on the act today, with old Fleet Street hack, the Murdoch loving Nick Ferrari conducting an on air poll to see if they should publish the image or not. with the result unsurprisingly being not to publish. If you really want to see the image, go to Bild here. We have covered up the cheeky bits, not because we are frightened of publishing the Royal keister, after all it’s not the first “up skirt” shot of Kate, but Bild paid good Euro’s to secure the rights to her tuchas photo (I’m running out of bottom words, although that last one is quite apt, very Jewish), so there must be copyright issues here.

My real feeling is that she, and Prince Willy, were well aware of the chances of a good bum shot happening. After all, Willy is a helicopter pilot, so he must have at least a basic understanding of up draft, or whatever it’s called. It happened before in Canada, when again her posterior was exposed to the public. As my old mum would have said, “at least wear a slip dear, or some sensible knickers”

dianaWilly’s mum, St Diana of Goldsmith (allegedly) fell foul to the skirt gaff very early in her media manipulating career, so you would have thought they would learn by their mistakes. Hang on, that shot got huge media coverage all over the world!

Or were they hoping to get the cheeky shot covered by the UK media to force more control on them, you know, the invasion of privacy stuff, and the UK media decided on mass not to bite? Nah, I don’t buy that one, seeing as how the media is controlled by the Global Elite.

Or were they hoping that the alternative media would jump on the publish and be damned bandwagon. Can’t see that either, because this happened in public, so there can’t be a privacy issue, and as for bad taste and offensive, not a chance. £2 million to refurbish Kensington Palace for this pair, now that’s offensive.

There is however quite a history of naughty Royal snaps. It is said that Princess Maggie had a bit of bother with some porno quality photos of her and a close friend who didn’t exactly fit the normal Royal boy friend demographics. Up kilt shots of both Prince Philip Battenberg and Prince Charles Saxe-Coburg and Gotha aka Charles Windsor. Shots thought to be of Prince Andrew full frontal naked jumping into a lake, the famous Sarah “Massey” Ferguson  topless toe sucking. Shots reportedly showing Willy’s willy, and of course the holiday snaps of Kate topless, so by these standards, a pair of bum cheeks is quite tame.

No, which ever way I look at it, my conclusion, they knew full well there was a good chance of the “botty shotty”. Why else would she wear a flimsy dress and thong (if indeed she is wearing any underwear at all). Or they are just simply incredibly naive and stupid.

Mail Pushing The “Global Warming” Hoax, Again. Give Me Strength, And A Snorkel.

Oh Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, I expected better from you. As science and technology journalist for the Mail you’ve really pulled out all of the globalist stops today! To be totally honest Ellie, after reading your piece titled Would YOU be underwater if the polar caps melted? Map reveals what our planet would look like if sea levels rose by 260ft” I had to check the date, no, it wasn’t April 1st.

What really hacks me off about these scare mongering pieces is that they are designed to spread fear in order to justify the global warming con trick forcing crippling carbon taxes on all of us.

I’m not going to do a line by line breakdown of the whole article like Spivey does for two reasons, I don’t have the time, or the intellect, however, a few things do need pointing out.

I worked on this map for about, gathering the data and rendering all the labels,’ said Mr Vargic, speaking to MailOnline. ‘It was entirely digitally hand-drawn, based on gathered topography data from Nasa.” (1)Exactly how long is about? (2)This post is entirely digitally hand typed. (3) We all trust everything NASA tell us.

‘I was always interested in the future climate change and human influence on the global warming. I created these maps both to raise awareness about the global warming and also because nobody has yet done this on such a scale” I can see that, I’m interested in future climate change, that’s why I watch the weather forecast.  Human influence on global warming, nice one, say it often enough and they all believe it. Oh, and nobody has done this on such a scale because nobody else wanted to waste their time on this nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, the map is great, in fact the best piece of digitally hand drawn work I’ve seen in ages, based a a big fat global lie.



“According to recent studies, there is enough ice in Earth’s polar caps to cause about 250-300ft (80–100m) rise of the sea level,’ he said on his website.” This one’s got me a bit confused. Firstly, and I may be wrong here because I was educated by the same system that is trying to destroy us, the ice at the north pole is floating. So it must be floating on water, with me so far. OK, now when Archimedes’ went all wrinkly sitting in his bath working out his principle  that when upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces, he sort of hit upon something. Therefore the amount of ice at the north pole has already displaced it’s own weight in water, so if it melts, which it isn’t going too, there is no change. Try it yourself, get a glass of water and pop a couple of ice cubes in, thus simulating the north pole. Mark the level of water on the glass. Come back when the ice cubes have melted, Eureka no change. Please note, this isn’t technically 100% correct but near enough to make the point.

On 8 September 2013, the Mail wrote a lovely little piece on Global Cooling, and how the Arctic ice is increasing, read here

MoS2 Template Master

Anyway, not to be out done, we have created a digitally hand drawn map to show what will happen if the water rises by 8848.1 meters.

gore map

And finally, I’m fairly sure that Co2 increases because of the planet warming due to normal climate variations, mainly influenced by the sun, not the other way round. They can’t yet tax the air we breathe in,  so they tax the Co2 we breathe out. I’m off to watch some cows farting.

BBC Children In Need 2013. More Of The Same Old Hypocrisy.

Banksy Savile bbc smallAre you ready for it, got your red nose within reach, oh sorry, that’s Len’s gig isn’t it, not Tel’s, I get a bit confused with these guilt trip telethons. Look, I kicked off about it last year (here), so I won’t go on about it too much, but here are a few points to consider.

No child on this planet should be in need in 2013. One little old lady in Buckingham Palace has enough personal wealth to solve these problems over night.

How much does it cost the BBC to run this “boost a celebrities profile” campaign each year? It’s your money they are wasting to ask you to give up more cash. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Why does Pudsey have one eye covered? Bit symbolic that!

This is all from the corporation who systematically covered up child abuse within its walls.

ILLUMINATI celebrities- hand covering eye - all seeing eye gesture lady gaga

The People’s Voice. David Icke and His Team Pull It Off, Against All Odds.

footer-logoI’m not sure what was better yesterday, watching the money raising “People’s Voice” telethon, or keeping up with attempts on Twitter to rubbish it.

So 17.00 came and went. I did actually start to think that after all of the hype, nothing would happen. We carried the whole 5 hour show live on and to be honest, I nearly removed the feed from the front page, but after a few tense minutes, “The People’s Voice” burst onto the screen.

I am, however very disappointed, not in TPV itself, but how little support it received from the so called alternative media. It appears that people are so wrapped up in their little self important corners of the internet that they are frightened to praise the efforts of a small group of people doing their best to make a difference.

Last night was never going to be a polished launch of the station. It was an introductory telethon to test things, give a taster of things to come, and raise some much needed cash. In my opinion, it not only achieved that, but far exceeded anything I had hoped for. Yes there were nerves, there were technical glitches, and the odd questionable guest, but for what is, lets face it, a shoe string global station, what they achieved was truly miraculous.

I really believe “The Peoples Voice” has the potential to blow the system wide open. So why are so few people openly supporting it? And why are so many pontificating over every minor glitch, almost willing it to fail. Even on Ickes own forum today, instead of shouting from the rooftops how great it was, they are arguing over why Icke is giving into Ofcom regarding a licence.

Here’s the bottom line you bunch of very strange “activists”. Trust David Icke to do whatever he has to to make it work! Have you spent the last 22 years giving up a successful career and being the butt of the media’s campaign against you like he has. Single handedly fighting for a cause that affects all of us. No you haven’t, so just shut up and trust the guy. Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

Yes, we support Icke. Over on ANN, we have been promoting The Peoples Voice for months, and will continue to do so. Is he the new Messiah, no and contrary to the MSM likes of Wogan, he never said he was, but he is a person who realised many years before most of us that the system is evil and not working in our best interests. As a lone voice he stood up and told it how it really is, regardless of ridicule and personal threats for his own safety. To be honest, until you can match the effort he has put into this war on evil, you have not earned the right to  judge him.

Icke was one of the first to say “Paedophilia is the cement that holds the system together”. He exposed truths about the system that made very uncomfortable reading. To date, none of this has been proved to be incorrect, in fact in light of the Savile revelations, we have only just uncovered the tip of the vile iceberg. The corrupt system has closed ranks and is doing their best confuse the issue by spreading disinfo, false investigations, false court cases, and every trick and smoke screen they can to cover up the truth. The real truth behind this whole paedophile network has yet to be exposed, but it will, and when it is, Icke will be proved right again.

As a side issue, one of the strange spin off of the Savile case is the awful truth that any mention of paedophilia in a blog title brings in huge hits to websites. So much so that some sites claiming to be “alternative” have been set up in the last eighteen months dedicated to nothing else. I really don’t get this, it’s like setting up a site about how to build your own house, but only talking about the mortar used to stick the bricks together. Yes, exposing paedophilia is a very important subject, but it is part of the problem, not the whole problem, and certainly not a reason to  be a pseudo expert, simply rehashing stuff put out by the MSM.  This mini rant doesn’t of course include the sites run by “real” people who have survived unimaginable experiences at the hands of the system. They know who they are, and can write about what the hell they want too, although most of the genuine sites cover a wide range of topics.

Anyway, back to The People’s Voice. The other big gripe doing the rounds at the moment was including Peter Tatchell in the opening extravagansa. To be totally honest, my first reaction last weeks was “WTF?” why give him a voice, (I’m not a fan). But, thinking about it in the cold light of day, the point of The Peoples Voice is not to exclude anyone. If it does the job it’s intended to, how can it expose the system  if it hides from it? Let’s hope that they include the likes of Blair, Clarke, Brittan, and McAlpine to name just four.

So all in all, a great start to what could be something really special. Please get behind it, these chances don’t come along that often. Oh and if you don’t like it or trust Icke, do a better job yourself.

If You’ve Got It, Blog It, Otherwise, Shut It!

5-1So, I was eating my breakfast Sunday morning!  I started with “so” on purpose because everyone starts sentences with “so” these days, and I want to appear contemporary, init. I’m loving this.

So, I was eating my breakfast Sunday morning catching up with the latest news from the papers that still let you read their old nonsense for free, I mean, come on Murdoch, do you really think I’m going to subscribe and pay good money to read your propaganda rag, ROFL. “Oh”, I suddenly thought, I wonder what old Spiv is up to, so I grudgingly went over to his site to see if baldy was still online and fuck me, he was. That’s three days without a break, things are looking up. I only cuss on here generally when I’m thinking about Spivey, I’ve no idea why.

Well I couldn’t believe what I was reading, some naughty people over on Nutter Ickes forum have been having a go at my mate Chris, and he’s not happy.

I’m not going to go into the in’s and out of it here, but if you want to have a look, go here. However, it did make me waste an hour of my precious time this morning because like an naive gullible fool that I am, I clicked on the link to see what was being said. Thanks Chris, that’s an hour of my life gone forever, and at my age, they are all too precious.

I’m probably going to upset a lot of people here, but I don’t like forums. Within the membership there are a small a group of people who hide behind stupid id’s or whatever you call them, that they spent hours dreaming up, things like “Satan’s Sister”.  Their goal seems to be to post as much as possible to get the “senior member” badge. Here’s an example:

“Cool, I think you can find things out there in others as it happened to me. I say dont wear the mask and let them try bully you and see how foolish they end up looking, you have the upper hand your smarter than them, youve read icke 

OK, fair enough, a few errors, dont should be don’t, youve should be you’ve, and of course the classic your when it should be you’re. But the reply made to crease up:

No i have never read anything by him, i will never be anyones sheep, i just live what i write about.”  This is on David Ickes own forum for fuck sake. (sorry Chris)

Do you remember the 1980’s. Do you remember CB radio’s. “Breaker Breaker, 10/4 good buddy, catch you on the flip flop” The CB FM band (as opposed to the far better AM and SSB), was populated mainly by a group of lonely sad people chatting to truckers, or worse each other from the comfort of their armchairs. They would spend hours talking inane twaddle usually centered around what rig they had, or “brb” I’m going to make a cuppa. Well I am convinced the same people now get their daily fix of social interaction on  forums, or Facebook/Twitter, or all three. I wonder how much my shares are worth now.

Back to what was being said about Spivey, this one is great.:

Spivey just got to many facts Wrong in his rants ……
and I am getting sick of rants about the “Bad Guys “…now I want solutions not complaints ….we know the shit in every headline is a lie …
Solutions please not how helpless we are against them …..

Just about sums it up, sit back and let someone else sort things out!  Here’s an idea, why not start you own truth-seeking blog, do the work yourself and stop criticising others. If it’s good enough, people will read it, if it’s a load of old bollocks like what I write, then they won’t. (Bring me sunshine)

To be honest, the general tone of the thread was appalling.  Some of the named members have retracted what they said, but the idea that Spivey is on a money making mission with his site is hilarious. As for feeling  for anyone who donated, forget it. They did it from the heart, for something they all personally believe in.  Am I stupid enough to be conned by his alleged money making scam, well that’s between me and my Paypal account,  although Chris would never have known if I had, because my Paypal account gives no clue to who made the donation.

Of course, the other reason people post on forums like Nutters is to drive traffic to their own blogs, it also helps your Google ratings, which strangely “ping backs” from WordPress don’t.

I really believe that if you have something to say, don’t hide in the shadowy corners of forums, start-up a free blog on WordPress or Blogger (other blogging sites are available, terms and conditions apply, your home may be at risk if you spend too much time blogging) and put your own neck on the line.

Which gets me onto why we run “”. See what I did there, added a link which all helps my Google visibility. In the old “PieReport” days we tested an idea of bringing together feeds from various truth-seeking sites. It became popular, so we set it up as a stand alone site. It’s visited by enough people to make it worth doing, not massive figures, last month it had 510,221 hits, so there’s a long way to go, but it’s better than doing nothing. Are all of the sites “the real deal”, well sort of. I did remove a few that made me uneasy and there are still a couple who I leave on there to see how big a hole they can dig, plus who am I to judge, that’s the job of the reader. ANN certainly doesn’t make money, but it’s just little old me, doing my little old bit. To be honest, keeping it online takes up most of my spare time, but I believe it does, however small, a valuable job.

Why do we promote Alex Jones and David Icke so much, that’s easy, although I refer to Icke as Nutter, I have followed him since the early 1990’s, read his books, and believe him to be 100% genuine. As for Jones, I listen to him daily, and don’t buy into the mis-info theories. I do also take what he says with a big pinch of salt, but generally find him a good listen. I may be wrong, but hey, does it matter? I’d rather promote Jones than Morgan.

As a side issue, nice to see TPV is being knocked before it even launches. Yes I agree about Peter Tatchell, he makes my skin creep as well, but a free, truth-seeking media outlet should air all views. Once you start censoring who appears and who doesn’t, you’re back to controlled media.

Back to my Corn Flakes, do they taste a bit soft to you?

Prince Harry Gives Away Masonic Connection

Harry 2a

I was just thinking while I was writing this, do you remember Harry Hewitt, “ee, by eck chuck” we do, he were wedded to Concepta, and a bezzie mucker of Len Fairclough. (sorry for the deliberate mix of Mancunian, Yorkshire and Scouse, but I live sarff of Watford). I’ve no idea why that popped into my head, so sorry.

Prince Harry, was photographed today shaking hands with football legend Sir Bobby Charlton, well cop a gander at the old hand shake. I thought to myself, funny, I wonder if he hurt his thumb playing rugby earlier? What do you think?

Grip of an Entered Apprentice It says in my book of funny hand shakes that it is the “Grip of an Entered Apprentice”, but what do I know?

The other photos are fun though.

harry 4

Who does that girl remind  me of?

Who does that girl remind me of?

Royal Propaganda Machine Working Overtime.

queen (1)These are very odd times. The country is bankrupt, both physically and morally with the globalist master plan unfolding in plain view before our very eyes. 90% of the population (conservative estimate) so dumbed down and and hypnotised by the deliberate mind control system, that it doesn’t even have to be done covertly any more.

I switched on the news this morning,  to be force fed images of the lovely new Royal parents cooing over Prince George. Yesterday we had Diana’s eldest son giving what appeared to be a well rehearsed “off the cuff” interview about the problems of being a new parent, lack of sleep blah blah, and how it’s much worse for Catherine, yeah, right Wills, we all really buy into that one.

Well, to be fair, most people actually do buy into it. I wonder how long it will be before we see the articles about how quickly Goldilocks Middleton has regained her amazing pre-pregnancy figure?  Anyway, getting back to the subject, while the country is being crushed and destroyed, we are all being force fed this drivel  about another royal baby. If you really think all of this new parent junk is true, I suggest you go back to watching Jeremy Kyle.

I was actually thinking about “Queen of Hearts” Diana Sunday night while lying in the bath. Not an image that you really needed, just painting a picture of where I do my thinking, but I had just watched for the second time  Helen Mirrens film “The Queen”. I was never a Diana fan, sorry if that upsets people, but in my opinion, she was as fake as the rest of them.  Well, she was of course very much one of them, poor little Jewish girl who started to believe her own press. The whole idea that she went into the marriage with the heir to the throne expecting him to be faithful only to her is laughable. She was a Spencer, or maybe a Goldsmith, depending on who Daddy really was. Her mother, the Shand-Kiss woman was a Rothschild.  Just to clarify the Daddy bit, in case you didn’t know, the word on the street is that Diana was Jimmy Goldsmiths daughter, and when you see photo’s of Jemima and Zac it fits nicely, and of course Fanny and Jimmy were said to be lovers. The point is, that this bed hopping was nothing new to her, it was in her DNA. It becomes even more complex when you consider Queen Victoria’s real father was said to be a Rothschild, but I digress.

The Queen of Hearts was really the “Queen of Spin”. When I hear all the tosh about the press hounding her, it makes my stomach churn. She was a master of manipulating them for her own ends, they knew it, and loved it. As Nick Ferrari said the other morning, any story about Diana on the front page, added thousands to the circulation.

Diana became a loose cannon. She was privy to insider information that could have finished the bunch of inbred’s off for once and for all. So although she was always one of them, they are not adverse to culling out the trouble makers for the greater good of the firm. Did she deserve to die in that tunnel in France, of course not, any more than hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children being slaughtered in the globalist funded wars being played out across the globe.

aroAnyway back to the film “The Queen”. It was good to see Michael Sheen playing Tony Blair, a role he reprieved in the Twilight Saga, along side Helen McCrory playing Cherie Booth, a role she reprieved in Harry Potter. Talk about the propaganda machine working overtime. My problem with films like that, The Kings Speech, or even Shakespeare’s Richard The Third, is that people actually believe that they are real, and history becomes re-programmed. Helen McCory

Nothing we think we know about these people is real, and to coin that well used praise from a “Few Good Men”, “You Can’t Handle The Truth”, because the truth is way beyond the comprehension of most people. These people are void of any form of compassion and empathy. We are their cattle, servicing their greed and need for power, and as long as the sheep (deliberate use of mixed metaphors there) choose to remain blind to the truth, they will continue to farm us for their own ends.

The good news is that a growing number of us are seeing them for what they really are, and as soon as we choose to step outside of their control system, we are no longer the cattle.


The Reason Behind The Woolwich Murder

I’ve stayed away from the knee jerk postings of some sites over this whole Woolwich thing.

It was appalling how the MSM, within hours was plastering the word “Terrorist” everywhere. LBC 97.3, the London talk station, and commercial mouthpiece for the globalist controllers, was playing it’s role brilliantly, with old “Murdoch” hack Nick Ferarri using it time and time again. Repetition is a very basic and effective form of mind control.

Taking the whole thing on face value, it was not a terrorist attack, it was a cold blooded murder. No different in many ways from any of the  dozens of knife crime murders occurring on the streets of our cities each year. The main difference here is that it was acted out in a very public way, to get as much publicity as possible.

I’ve been following the “fake attack” stuff so quickly reported by some of the other alternative sites. As much as I see the need to investigate everything, from every side, I still haven’t seen any evidence to convince me yet. Yes, the lack of blood at the scene, where it suddenly appears smeared across the pavement in later images is odd, but not conclusive proof.

Whatever the truth, and it is only by people questioning the MSM version that it ever comes out, there is one thing that is not in doubt, the version put out by the MSM is designed to cause as much “terror” as possible.  The two suspects Adebowale and Adebolajo acted in a completely “un-terrorist” way, apart from the obvious of course. Why wait around for twenty minutes waiting to be shot, talking to passers by?  It has now been revealed that they were both known to MI5, and that MI5 had even attempted to recruit Adebolajo. My guess, and of course it is only a guess, is that MI5 were successful in recruiting them, as for the rest, who knows.

The best way to control people is by creating fear and division and that is exactly what has happened here. It would not be in any Islamic groups best interests to be behind something like this. This smell every bit like an agenda much closer to home.

Isn’t It Time To Get Rid Of The BBC For Once And For All.


Part of the first transmitter

“This is 2LO calling” is how it all started on 11 May 1922, making “Auntie” 91 next week.

Nothing against old people, but “Auntie” has really seen better days. Suffering from, at best temporary amnesia, and at worst a bad case of Alzheimer’s  she has completely forgotten what went on within her many rooms since the 1960’s.

Today, more nauseating revelations about one of her favourite sons, little Stuart Hall, have been splashed all over the media. Of course “Auntie” knew what little Stu was up to, but he was such a lovely boy, always making people laugh, and of course friends of Mrs Windsors family, so she just thought it was a phase he was going through, and would soon grow out of, well, by the time he was in his 80’s anyway.

It seems that not only was “Auntie” aware of the naughty side of little Stu, but lots of her helpers were as well. A bit like last year when another one of her naughty little boys, Sir Jim’ll Fix it Savile was exposed as a filthy old pervert. Everyone loved Jim’ll so much, and he was another close friend of Mrs Windsors family, it was best to just let him get on with it.

You see, we can’t really blame “Auntie” can we, she is very busy gossiping like an old washer women, spreading the tittle tattle her big friends in the government have whispered to her. It’s not easy being a voice for the establishment, even harder making the lies she spreads believable.

Thank goodness she gets plenty of money to create the illusion of being a trusted old lady. Luckily, her friends in Whitehall passed a law so the people she lies to have to pay her as well, a sort of win win situation.

But it is a bit worrying for the old girl. After all, she did her best to keep the Stu and Jim’ll stories to herself. What about all of the other mainstream Saturday night celebs she has been covering up? After all, if everyone knew about Jim’ll and Stu, what about the others?

“Auntie” has many different rooms in her big houses. Some of them are kept especially for making radio programs, of which some are sent all around the globe, helping to manipulate world events. In other rooms, “Auntie” makes special television programs to hynotise people into thinking  the way she want’s them too. Some of the programs are about sport, to tap into the deepest primal instincts, some are about history, or to be specific, her version of history. She even makes programs for the little children, which is lovely because she can start to brainwash them right from the start.

But, we are starting to find out now, she has very special rooms where her really naughty boy’s and girls can have special fun, and because she is a clever old “Auntie”, she promises not to tell anyone. Well, as far as I’m concerned enough is enough. The BBC is outdated and totally discredited. It only survives because enough people still pay the licence fee.  If every person who is really sick of the hypocrisy of the BBC simply refused to pay, they would have to take notice.

UKIP Makes Massive Gains In Local Elections.

Well the votes are in, and UKIP have done very well indeed, taking about 25% of the votes from the about 25% of people who could be arsed to go and vote, which by my reckoning means that about 6.5% of the country voted for Farage. Is that really anything to be proud of?

The Tories took a good spanking, so they’re all very happy, Labour won a few and lost a few, and as for the Lib-Dems, who really cares.

What I think it does demonstrate is that  in this fake democratic system, the people can still be made to believe they can make a difference, Not that UKIP are the answer to all of our problems, take away Nigel Farage, and what are we left with, a few old has-been Tories  with a different coloured rosette.

I really like Farage. I’ve met the man and he certainly has  great charisma. To watch him tear into Van Rompuy or the awful Barroso is a joy, and on the surface, his stance on the shameful Euro NWO test run is spot on. However, my concerns over UKIP really came to a head when Farage helped Neil Hamilton onto the National Executive Committee.

There are a lot of things I hold Hamilton accountable for, but by far the worst is making Tatton available for Osbourne to worm his way into Parliament. Hamilton has had a very colourful past, links to Jimmy Goldsmith, remember him and the Referendum Party, that’s the same one old Alistair McAlpine was involved with. Not forgetting that he is also a close friend of recently arrested actor Bill Roach.

God, I’m boring myself now, just Google Neil Hamilton, it’s all there, let’s get back to the elections.

So, UKIP have made great gains. Cameron is wringing his slightly moist hands spouting the  the same old stuff, “lessons need to be learnt”, “we’ve got to engage with the people again”, blah de blah.

I’ve been around for far too long to believe any of this nonsense. No political will ever solve the problems this country is in, they never have, and indeed they never can. Don’t you get it, they are controlled by the very people who created the problems. We stagger from election to election acting out the charade of choosing the government or council or whatever, being conned into trusting this bunch of hypocrites, when above them there are the controlling elite, manipulating the whole soap opera of real life.

If Farage is genuine, and I really would love to think he is, he will never be allowed to get into power, it’s all just part of the big con. Sacrifice a few minor politicians now to make it appear that we can change things, then come the next general election, it will be the same old, same old.

Am I becoming a bit cynical in my old age?

Boston Marathon, Thatchers Funeral, Welsh Measles Outbreak. Wake Up People.

They say a week is a long time in politics, well, this last week has certainly seen the gas turned up to full power. We’ve had the Boston Marathon bombing, Thatchers Funeral, and the Welsh Measles outbreak, three seemingly unconnected stories all linked by the same thread. They are all part of the globalist controlled media campaign against us.

So lets look at them in more detail. The measles panic is all about lining the pockets of the global pharmaceutical companies, while filling as many kids with toxic shit as they can, which, if it doesn’t cause immediate harm, may well have long term health implications. How many times are the media going to repeat the “discredited Dr Andrew Wakefield” line. Yes I know Dr Andrew Wakefield was struck off by the General Medical Council, I wonder who controls them? (do your own research on that one). Try asking any parent who’s child has been permanently damaged by the MMR jab.

The media is falling over themselves creating panic. There is even talk of making the jab mandatory. Images of parents queuing to have the stuff pumped into their little ones. So where these evil control freaks failed with swine flu and donkey flu (yes I know), they seemed to have successfully scared welsh parents to queue up to beg these self serving monsters to save their kids. It’s a sort of “Gates way to heaven”

I know measles is very unpleasant  and yes it can kill, so can a handful of peanuts, but I grew up in a time where parents trusted our own wonderful bodies to take care of these problems. In most cases, where there are no underlying medical conditions, the human body can cope with measles, and create it’s own long term protection, this is all just controlled hype weaken the population, and make a few bob on the side.

Benjamin  Netanyahu and Henry Kissinger

Benjamin Netanyahu and Henry Kissinger

As for Thatchers funeral, I’ve already posted about this one, but I found it astonishing how many known alleged paedophiles where at large that day, unchallenged but anyone. The whole thing was one big propaganda stunt, deliberately saying to the growing numbers of people awake to the true reality, ” We are in control, if we can get away with this bollocks and make the people pay for it, we can do anything”. Our answer to that is, there will be a turning point, and when it happens it will be like the lights being switched on all over the world. Once it starts, nothing will be able to stop it.

So we come to the Boston Marathon bombing. How can anyone question whether this was a staged event? I don’t care what the odious Bill O’Reilly says on Murdochs Fox channel, everything screams false flag. I’m not going to go into it in detail here, there are much better writers putting out some great stuff at the moment, but will someone please answer me this one question?

It’s about the guy who had his legs blown off, you know the one wheeled away with bones and flesh  flopping about, the one one who was fully awake, with no blood trail behind him, even though blood should have been pumping several feet into the air. Let’s just suspend common sense for a minute and pretend he wasn’t an actor taking part in a drill or some other darker staged event, where are the photo’s of him standing watching before the bomb went off. Everyone else has been captured in before and after shots, the Navy Seals with back packs, the various perpetrators including the two they finally decided did it, but I haven’t yet seen any shots of the wheel chair guy before the blast. I might be wrong, let me know if you know different.

Boston Marathon Bomb. Figure On Roof

Person on roof

Person on roof

Craig Charles Haley writing in That’s is having a bit of a pop at the alternative media. I don’t blame him really, every type of media should be questioned, however, the figure on the roof stuff does appear to be genuine. I enhanced the image we had yesterday, and it proved nothing, but a new better quality image today clearly shows it is a man, with sun loungers on the roof.

But as Craig rightly points out, this is just an image of a man taken as the second bomb went off, only 20 seconds or so after the first explosion. When you look at the image, you realise that the person does not have a good vantage point to see the finish of the marathon, or indeed where the second bomb exploded.

He was probably just having a snooze in the sun, woke up to the first explosion, and was going to see what was going down. Or was he?

Three Explosions Hit Boston During Marathon

Boston explosion: the scene near Copley Square, captured by Twitter user @boston_to_a_t

Boston explosion: the scene near Copley Square, captured by Twitter user @boston_to_a_t

Two people have been killed and 23 injured after two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, police say.

The blasts shattered the carnival atmosphere of one of the biggest sporting events in the US, causing panic and confusion.

A third explosion occurred at the JFK Library in the city, Boston police have confirmed.

The cause of the explosions has yet to be identified.

The first explosion came at about 14:50 local time (18:50 GMT), approximately two hours after the winners crossed the line.

Mike Mitchell of Vancouver, Canada, a runner who had finished the race, said he was looking back at the finish line when he saw a “massive explosion.”

Smoke rose 50ft (15m) in the air, he told Reuters news agency, and people began running away and screaming after hearing the noise. “Everybody freaked out,” he said.Read More:

Sources told  the New York Post that up to 12 people had been killed in the two blasts, and further reported that a suspect is in custody at a Boston-area hospital and is being closely guarded.

A source who was speaking with authorities told MailOnline that there were shotgun shells in two explosions, which sprayed onlookers and runners with massive amounts of shrapnel, though the statement has not been confirmed by authorities.

CBS News reports that police are now looking at surveillance video showing someone carrying multiple backpacks into the area about 20 minutes before explosions.

One witness said ‘there was blood everywhere.’

Boston’s Lenox Hotel that serves as the headquarters for the Boston Marathon was locked down on Monday after a security incident near the finish line. Two blasts were heard by reporters in the media center. Read more:

Goldman Sachs Finally Acts To Take Over The Bank Of England. Mark Carney.

Bank of england
As we correctly stated last April, see here for details, Canadian banker Mark Carney is to take over as Governor of the Bank of England. The dear old lady of Threadneadle Street is to be run by a Canadian, what ever is the world coming too.

Well, it’s all part of the global financial plan, now running at full speed. Although never publicly stated, the Bank of England is controlled by the Rothschilds, as is the Federal Reserve in the US, so they have total control over our money supply. By installing Goldman Sachs man Carney, it’s just making it a bit more public.

Currently Governor of the Bank of Canada, and Chairman of the G20 “Financial Stability Board”, he is to get a £800,000 package for creating money out of thin air, and guiding the UK through the rest of the financial crisis his chums created.

You couldn’t make it up could you.