The Queen, ITV. The Royal Propaganda Machine Rolls On.

Yes I did watch the Queen on ITV last night, which is unusual for me to watch TV, although I did enjoy Mr Selfridge, and am probably one of the few who record Dallas, just for old times sake. (we all need a bit of escapism)

My wife was astonished that I showed any interest in the program, but as I explained to her, you need to understand all sides of the debate to form an opinion.

I’m not going to go into the program in great depth here, you can watch it on ITV player, but for me it just underpinned how totally detached they still are from the real world. The great thing is that you don’t need to subscribe to Ickes reptilian theory to see them for what they are.

There were parts I really enjoyed, the lack of any interview with the pathetic Prince Edward was a huge bonus. While talking about the James Bond skit, it was made very clear that they agreed as long as it didn’t become another “It’s A Royal Knockout”. That was a lovely moment, and not only shows that they have never forgiven him for that shambolic disaster, but a subliminal nod to distance themselves from Stuart Hall as well, classic. Talking of Prince Edward, will someone please tell me why?.  When I say why, I ask that on every level, why? The even gave him a title for a part of the world that doesn’t exist.

Look, you, your friends and family are suffering and it isn’t going to get any better. Tell me one thing that she has done to ease your suffering? When you look at the amount of money the Royal Machine costs to keep this extended inbred family poncing off us, with sycophantic people bowing and scraping to their every whim.

They are at the very top of the evil system that is slowly killing off humanity. No I’m not a republican either, I just refuse any longer to be part of the brain washed majority who accept this as normal. Break up the Royal machine and use the unimaginable wealth they have acquired to give back to the people what has been stolen from them. As I said yesterday, there is no need for anyone in the world to be starving to death, it’s time we stood up and removed the elite families from the global control system.

Their days are numbered, and they know it, which is why 2 hours of prime time TV was taken up by this stuff. Get hold of any of Ickes books explaining how the corrupt system works, he’s been saying it for 21 years, you may not like him, but the truth is sometimes painful.


Greater Of The Two Evils. US Election

For the last few months, I’ve tried to stay away from the US Election Circus. This morning all I heard running through my head was “Four More Years”, well to be fair, Obama couldn’t use  “Yes We Can” again could be. He never lived up to that pledge, and should really have run on either “No We Didn’t”, or “Yes I Can” (do anything I want, even if it goes against the constitution)

So who is to blame for this $8.6 billion sham? Everyone, that’s who, because you let this farce happen.

To all you Republicans, hold your heads in shame. You had the best chance in decades to turn the country round and bring back it’s true values. You had the unique chance to send Ron Paul to the White House, but you blew it big time. You allowed the corrupt media to marginalize Paul, even though he won almost every debate, you let them suffocate and defraud him until be just had to give up. You allowed the globalist masters to put their chosen one up against Obama, (once Perry had demonstrated he was a flash lightweight), instead of standing united behind a true American patriot and hero. For the sake of yourselves, and your children, wake up, you are living in a hypnotic trance. Forget America’s Got Talent, American Idol and X Factor, spend the next two and a half years planning how to regain the true American spirit, and most of all your dignity, so that another hero like Ron Paul can emerge and turn it round in 2016.

As for you Democrats, you’ve got exactly what you deserve. Four More Years should be enough time to get sight of Obama’s real birth certificate, invade Iran and Syria, and find out what is really going on down Mexico way.

Have a nice day!

Ben Garrison Great New Obama & Romney Cartoon

By Ben Garrison

Snakes in The Grass

There is a schism in the Garrison household. My wife Tina is voting for the ‘lesser of two evils-Romney.” I am not voting. I will not give sanction to evil. For me it was Ron Paul or nobody at all. Since the nomination was stolen from him, it looks like it’s nobody at all!

 There is little difference between Romney and Obama. Both are pro-war, pro-statism and pro-Federal Reserve. Both were pro-bailout-trillions of dollars for the criminal banks. Both have received millions from those big banks-and from Goldman Sachs in particular. Both think Ben Bernanke should be reappointed. Both are pro-NDAA and the big government takeover of America. The difference between the candidates is inconsequential. It’s window dressing. A left-right puppet show paradigm.
 Ron Paul may have been our last hope, but the Republican primaries were obviously and outrageously rigged in favor of the globalist candidate-Romney. This is why I won’t be voting for Gary Johnson-the libertarian candidate. Even if he received a landslide amount of votes, the elections would still be rigged in favor of either globalist candidate. It is futile to vote. It’s rigged. Voting machines are hacked. Dead people get to vote-multiple times. Ballots are lost or destroyed. It’s all a joke. An insult. It’s a patriotic duty to NOT participate in this farce.
Reposted with kind permission of Ben Garrison
If you haven’t seen Ben’s brilliant work, click the above link, the guy is a genius. There is a great double page feature about Ben and his work in this months InfoWars Magazine. Check it out via the link on the menu.


Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney may benefit Rand Paul and Romney, but it’s a great disappointment for those of us who don’t want go along to get along. Politics should not trump principles. Obama is a Goldman Sachs man and Romney is a Goldman Sachs man. Obama started and sustained wars and so will Romney. Rand had a variety of reasons for supporting Romney and even expressed interest in becoming his vice president. Rand also expressed his admiration for McCain. Even though McCain co-drafted the NDAA that strips our liberties away!
Ben Garrison Grrraphics

Obama Calls On Romney To Release His Past Tax Returns

Hey, this is fun. Barack Obama has called for Mitt Romney to release his past tax returns. Ha, that’s a real case of the “pot calling the kettle black”! (For anyone thinking this is a racist comment, it isn’t, it is an idiom used to accuse a person guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another source )

Dear Mr President, I believe the American people would rather you spent a little time looking for, and publishing your real birth certificate, and all of the other missing documentation before you start barracking Mitt. I trust you’ve had a nice time Hills and Marco in your “Build a Burger” meeting.

Romney Verses Obama. What a Joke. Paul The Other One.

See what we did there in the title!!

So, if you believe the Globalist owned media it’s now a choice between Globalist choice Mit Romney and Globalist Puppet Barack  (anyone seen my birth certificate?) Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro, what a fine example of democracy in action.

I have to say that at the start of this pre-planned race, my money was on Slick Rick the Brylcreem kid, but he kind of blew it with the OPPS moment at the CNBC debate last November, plus his mandate to pump young Texan girls full of Gardasil didn’t help. Just to remind you, have a look here .

Is Newt Gingrich still in the race?  Can he afford it? Is he still watching the Golf replays? Who knows, but you may be forgiven for not realising that there is someone else still very much in the running. We have to whisper this bit because the Glob Media don’t like to mention the name of RON PAUL!!!.

Yes dear readers, there is a third way here, a real alternative to the problems facing America and the world.


Dr Paul is an American Hero. They tried to silence him, ridicule him, forget about him, and just plain ignore him, but for some reason this true gentleman with more guts, knowledge, determination and wisdom than the rest put together is fighting on.

Do the right thing for yourselves, your families, your freedom and your country, get behind Dr Ron Paul and don’t let the Globalists push you around.