PHONEY KONY 2012. Not Everyone Is Fooled By This Deception

Sometimes you see something that gives you hope. This whole PHONEY KONY 2012 pile of Viral Bile, plus the  staged arrest of a certain actor over Sudan, and the high profile enforcements of this Hollywood style production has back fired. You see the mob behind this scam are desperate, so they are targeting the younger people. But with the unstoppable increases in the frequency vibrations more and more people are just not buying this bull any more. So they target the YouTube generation, but they made a serious miscalculation. People are waking up, which means common sense is coming back. People can recognise a scam and are much smarter than these despots think. And the funny thing is this, they really don’t understand this truth, so they will keep on trying to lie & manipulate you.

Just watch how the US election is playing out. Lies, blatant misinformation by the main stream media,  I mean it’s not even done covertly any more, just leave the biggest threat, Ron Paul, off of the results. OK the video has been viewed millions of times, that doesn’t mean everyone believes it. The video below is a beautiful example of how awake the younger generation is.

It makes you laugh when people l these famous actors, who have made hundreds of millions of $’s pretending to be someone else expect us to take these charades seriously. You’re an actor, you’re paid millions to act, of course you can look believable when you pretend to care, it’s your job. We will start to take you seriously when you donate your wealth directly to these starving people, and try live  off of the wages  Mr Average US citizen have.