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Joanna Lumley Grabs Brown By The Gurkha’s

The YouTube, U turn King, un-elected Prime Minster Gordon Brown has caved in under pressure from guess who, us the public. At least one good thing has come out of the death throws of this disgraceful government, justice for the Gurkha’s.
The move, announced in the Commons by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, means thousands of Gurkha’s who retired before 1997 will be given settlement rights.

“A great injustice has been righted. The Gurkhas are coming home.” Confirming the news in the Commons this afternoon, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: “I am delighted that we have now be able to agree, across government, across the house, and with the Gurkha representatives, all of those who have served us so well so highly deserve all of this,” she said.
The decision sparked jubilant scenes outside parliament as Lumley informed her fellow supporters that victory was complete.
Well, Piereport-news say’s about time. We’re sure Ms Smith spared no expense coming to this decision.