Lord Alistair McAlpine Artist Graham Ovenden Guilty Of Child Sex Offences.

Graham-Ovenden_1507088cGraham Ovenden, is an artist who’s work including naked children was once famously collected by Lord Alistair McAlpine. Remember dear old Alistair? he’s the tax exile ex member of the house of Lords who was named by David Icke as a Paedophile, but has consistently failed to pursue Icke, although he did stop  the Twitter stories about him by making threats to sue  people (yet to happen as far as we know), and extracted hundreds of thousands of pounds from the BBC and ITV for not naming him as a paedophile.

Anyway, his old mate, Graham Ovenden (not really sure whether they are old mates, or that McAlpine just liked his style of work) has been found guilty of sex offences against children. What is it about these bearded artists, stick a paint brush in their hands and they think they have a licence to do what they like “it’s all about the art darling, now be a sweetie and drop your draws”.

So the jury at Truro crown court found Graham Ovenden, 70, guilty of four charges of indecency with a child, and two further charges of indecency and one of indecent assault. Makes you wonder what sort of person would collect work by a guy like that? Well, it might make you wonder, but it doesn’t make me wonder at all.

Here the link to the Guardian story. 

Link confirming McAlpines collection. 

LONDON BOOKSELLER Bloomsbury Book Auctions is today selling off Lord McAlpine’s former collection of photographs entitled A (Very) Private Collection: Fashion and Eroticism Photographs 1970-1990. For some reason the auctioneers coyly refer to “an historic collection… put together in London… by a well-known but anonymous collector”. Could their coyness have anything to do with the fact that the 344 pictures include 10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden?

“We were aware of the possible intentions in the context of this field but came to the decision that Graham Ovenden’s photos were in no way offensive,” says organiser John Cumming.

My source tells me the ” wellknown but anonymous collector” is former Conservative Party Treasurer Lord McAlpine, who in 1996 gave his photographic collection to an Australian gallery which in turn sold them on to Bloomsbury Book Auctions.

John Cumming is more circumspect: “We are selling a private collection.”

Evening Standard [London (UK)] 23 May 2003


2 thoughts on “Lord Alistair McAlpine Artist Graham Ovenden Guilty Of Child Sex Offences.

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  2. The parents of those children should all b prosecuted for allowing those disgusting perverted pics being taken of their children. What the hell kind of arsehole parents r they? I,d like 2 run them along the street wearing notices round their necks saying, we allowed a paedophile 2 take pics of our naked kids. Oh, changed my mind, they should just b shot, got rid of, caput!

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