Globalist Funeral For Margaret Thatcher

It makes you proud to be British. Nobody can organise a send off like our globalist masters, and like everything they engineer, we foot the bill.

Today’s Funeral for Margaret Thatcher was a master piece of Pomp and Circumcision, (sorry Benjamin, that was a cheap dig) Pomp and Ceremony. Timed to the second, the worlds great and good turned up to pay their respects to the grocers daughter from Grantham. And in true Thatcher style, it was the plebs who weren’t allowed to attend who paid for it. Now I don’t mean to be nasty here, but if she was held in such high esteem by this lot, why didn’t they have a whip round and foot the bill between them?

That always makes me smile when I hear “the grocers daughter ” bit. The media usually forget to mention that Alf Roberts was alderman and Mayor of Grantham , obviously a local Councillor, and on all accounts a bit of a naughty boy when it comes to the ladies. (Source) He was also a part-time Justice of the Peace, president of the Chamber of Trade, President of Rotary, a director of the Grantham Building Society, a director of the Trustee Savings Bank, chairman of the local National Savings Movement, a governor of the local boys and girls grammar schools and chairman of the Workers’ Educational Association. With his fingers in many pies so to speak, old Alf wasn’t exactly just a grocer.

So, Thatcher, is gone. She played her role well, so I thought it would be nice to share some of the memorable images of the day.

Benjamin  Netanyahu and Henry Kissinger

Benjamin Netanyahu and Henry Kissinger

Nice to see Leon Brittan still out and about.

Nice to see Leon Brittan still out and about.

Bernard Ingham. Wow, what can I say about the eye brows.

Bernard Ingham. Wow, what can I say about the eye brows.


Spivey spots Lean Brittan in the crowd

Spivey spots Lean Brittan in the crowd.


Maggie doesn’t know who I am, says Archer: Lady Thatcher’s friend reveals extent of her failing health.

I had to have a little laugh to myself as I chomped into my Wheatibangs this morning.

Dear old Jeffrey Archer, former prison lag, is claiming that frail old Maggie is now so ill, she doesn’t even recognise him.

Sorry Jeff, that may mean she is still a lot smarter than you think.



“Jeffrey Archer has revealed his sadness over the declining health of Margaret Thatcher, admitting that his long-term friend no longer recognises him.
The author and former Tory MP, who served under Lady Thatcher when she was prime minister, said that the 87-year-old had been one of three ‘remarkable women’ in his life alongside his mother Lola and wife Mary.
But he says that her failing memory means she doesn’t know who he is when they now meet.
‘I still see her and get weekly updates – she’s not well,’ he told Reader’s Digest. ‘Mary and I were among her closest friends;

Margaret adored Mary. Now she doesn’t even know who I am. So terribly sad.’

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