Samuel William Has A Syrian Conspiracy Theory

Sam Conspiracy Theories

Breaking News! Video Blogger Samuel William has a conspiracy theory.

If you haven’t seen swilliamism  on YouTube, you really need to start following him. His feeds are carried on our main site, He has his own unique take on world events, and is becoming a major force in the fight for truth.

Great work Samuel, we love what you are doing.

I Forgot About Sam William. Swilliamism.

swilliamismDam, I am embarrassed, you know the feeling when you intend to do something, and forget all about it!

Bilderberg came and went, I posted a brilliant video by Sam William, who in my humble opinion is one of the best video bloggers in the UK, and then forgot to add his YouTube feeds to Alternative News Network, sorry Sam.

I’ve now rectified my error, although I’m not sure if his new videos will appear automatically, but in the meantime, get over to his channel, the guy is a genius.