Gary Glitter Arrested in Jimmy Savile Paedophile Sex Scandal

Picture ITV News

So the arrests have started, Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter is all over the papers today, surprise, surprise. I wonder how much detective work went on to make the connection here then?

The Police have already stated that there is no evidence of a paedophile ring, really, well we’re shocked. Considering it’s been alleged for years that top police officers are part of the ring, along with politicians, bankers, judges and royality, (see here)  the best they’ve come up with so far is Gary Glitter.

As we said right at the start of this whole vile story, while it has the potential to uncover the evil nature of those at the top of the pecking order, it will be a total cover up, with a few sacrificial lambs thrown to the baiting media.

I really hope we are wrong, but I doubt it.