Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans Arrested Over Gay Rape

Nigel Evans

There is something about this story that stinks like a cornered skunk. Why is it all over the media so quickly when news of Rolf’s arrest was shelved for months? And why exactly are they using the term Gay rape? Surly rape is rape?

Snapshot 2012-11-19 08-52-45Anyway, this all seems very contrived to me, what was that line about creating false accusations from dear old Alister McAlpine. Yes that’s it, I’ve just found the image on the old Piereport archives, “Another useful; ploy is the false accusation. First, create a situation where you are wrongly accused. Then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false beyond all doubt. Those who have made the accusations…become discredited.

Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion”.

Lord Alistair McAlpine.

So dear friends in the alternative media, be very careful what you say about Nigel Evans, it looks to me like it’s a move in a big diversion game.

Or it might be proven to be true, who knows, but I do have just two simple questions, what the hell is that scar on Nigel’s head? , and how’s the Twitter action going Lord McAlpine?, just thinking about your own words re: discrediting accusers.


The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher Is Dead

Margaret Thatcher is Dead.

cnn thatcherSo, Margaret Thatcher is dead. This, perhaps not unexpected end to the once Iron Lady has seen an astonishing out pouring of grief and sycophantic drivel in the main stream media. Although I really had a chuckle to myself when CNN didn’t quite get it right and flashed up an image of her with best buddy and long time Christmas house guest, Sir Jimmy Savile. That was either an example of just how stupid they are, or perhaps how clever, who knows.

Although it is nice to see the shot of them supporting the NSPCC again, keep up the good work Chris, “don’t cha know”.

There is no doubt that Thatcher was a great politician, but that in no ways infers that she was a great person. Politicians are masters at manipulation and control, and Thatcher was one of the best.

She always said that one of her greatest successes was Tony Blair, and it is true that she and her Globalist led policies paved the way for the “New Labour” machine of Mandelson, Blair and Brown to destroy this great nation.
It would be wrong and hypocritical of me not to confess that I was once a supporter of Thatcher. She seemed to have a lot going for her. Having lived through the Heath “3 day week” era, another spell of Wilson, and then the disastrous Callaghan, Thatcher appeared to be the leader to pull the UK out of total devastation.

She openly despised Edward Heath, appeared to be more Euro Skeptic than pro Europe, remember the spats with Jacques Delors, and on the surface put the Grate back into Britain.

thatcherHowever, when you look at her more closely, you realise that she was no different to any of this type of controlled pseudo leader, serving her masters very effectively, until she out lived her usefulness.

She broke the unions power, for no other reason than they were the only opposition and stumbling block to the bankers plans for total takeover. Continuing with her Hayekian template, she embarked on a program of privatisation, sold to us as a way for the man in the street to own shares in the utility companies, but which was in truth nothing more than a way to hand over control of essential services like gas and electricity supply to the global control system.

At no time should any essential service be in the hands of profit seeking giant corporations.  How the hell did they get away with privatising water in this country? Will someone please tell me where the competition is?

British Steel, British Petroleum, Rolls Royce, British Airways where all sold off, just look at them now.

But, and even more worrying, behind the scenes there was a much darker side to her. When you consider that all of this was put in place by a government embroiled in paedophile cover ups, with some very dubious characters on the fringes, i.e. Jimmy Savile. Her cabinet was awash with some really perverted people. When you understand the truth that Icke has been saying for years, that Governments are controlled by blackmail, paedophilia being part the cement that holds it all together, you start to understand how it all works, and why so many perverted creatures have such high places in public office.

So, although Thatcher publicly despised known paedpohile Heath, and also appeared to reject his pro Europe approach, she played her own massive part in the long planned  destruction of UK plc. She famously rejected any talk of the UK taking part in the joint Euro currency nonsense, why? Again, she used the keep the British pound argument to her advantage, while all along, the UK was never going to be part of the Euro, with the City of London needing to be kept well away away from it.

Her successor, John Major-Ball, was a bit part player, just to keep things ticking over while the three horsemen of the Apocalypse, prepared for the end game of New Labour, once John Smith was out of the way.

The UK and of course most of the rest of the world is now totally under the control of the global banking families. World War II was the major trigger to bring about the creation of Israel, and the UN. Every Prime Minister since the “Rothschild friend” Churchill has played their part in the treasonable take over of our country, and who is the one continuity figure that links them all together? Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, 60 glorious years, god bless her.

So, Thatcher is dead, but she will live on forever, for better or worse.

This cartoon by Gerald Scarfe wasn’t thought of as bad taste when first published, so it seem the right time to show it again.


Lord Alistair McAlpine to Donate Twitter Loot to Children In Need

Maggie and Al were pretty talking people, but I can tell you people they were the………………(to be read with the tune of Bonnie and Clyde in your head).

I don’t know why, but I was thinking about poor old Lord Alistair McAlpine today. He’s been having such a tough time recently  what with the BBC’s “News Night” not mentioning him, and ITV’s  “This Morning” also not mentioning him, he must be feeling a bit left out. He has had a bit of coverage on Twitter I think, so that seems likely to raise a few bob for Children in Need. (I love ironic humor) source

Anyway, I was wondering how much this former Tory treasurer is putting back into the UK disaster fund after the Banksters robbed it blind. Would you “Adam and Eve” it, this fine English gent lives in Italy, giving up his seat in the House of Lords a few years back to avoid the “non dom” rule, i.e, if you sit in the Lords, you must reside in the UK and pay UK tax. It appears that Lord McAlpine didn’t want to pay UK tax after all. source

Bet he wishes he hadn’t given his art collection away in 1996 to an Australian gallery. Might be worth a few quid now, especially the work by Graham Ovenden. (stick that name in Google images) source

God, it’s a real pain having to include source links, but we don’t want to be accused of being biased.