Break Free From Microsoft And Google

Dell_XPS_Laptop_FrontIt’s funny really, when you consider how many of us “so called” awake people happily sit here using the internet, totally reliant on Microsoft and Google to control our surfing. And when I say control, I really mean control. We have no idea how much information we are giving these massive globalist corporations each time we start up our laptops, PC’s and smart phones.

Like most people, we are not a single computer household. I have two laptops that I use regularly. The big one that sits on the arm of the sofa to allow me to keep up to date with things, while still being part of the family. This runs on Windows 7, which I still prefer to the awful Windows 8. I use another smaller Acer Travelmate which is far more portable and is usually used at the dinning room table running Windows Vista. My wife, when she can’t get on the “big one” uses a small Acer One net book also on Vista, plus there is this old tower system in the office, which until this week, was really an emergency back up machine running on Windows XP.  Because, as a sort of hobby, I build and repair computers, there are a number of older laptops in the garage which could be used if needed.

Anyway, while laid up with this bug that’s been doing the rounds for the last few months (it was a heavy cold, not Flu, and no, even though work tried their hardest to get me to have the free poison jab, I have survived without it for yet another year), I started thinking about using alternatives to the globalist controlled operating systems browsers and search engines.

Apple is a very good alternative. My daughter, who is both a musician and photographer, uses a 27″ iMac, but that’s in her room, and certainly out of bounds to the likes of me. Plus it’s not exactly “Globalist free” computing, but she needs Photoshop and Logic Pro, so that’s her choice.

So where else do we go? The answer is of course Linux. Always seen as a fringe system, can it really replace the Windows? Well the answer is a big fat yes. I’m sitting here in the office, using a real keyboard, using and old tower with a freshly installed version of Ubuntu 14.10 and it’s brilliant. Blistering fast compared to Windows, and completely Gates free. It is very easy to personalise, comes with the wonderful Firefox browser. There is a non Google version of of Chrome if you really insist, and as for Internet Explorer, who still uses that anyway?

Ubuntu is one of dozens of systems based on the Linux framework. Mint is another good one, or Lubuntu if you really want the old XP experience.

As for a good search engine, again, here there is a lot of choice, but I’ve opted for Duck Duck Go.

OK, this is all very well, but what about software. Microsoft Office is still the market leader, but that, thank goodness isn’t available for Linux. The good news is that Open Office or the slightly better Libre Office is, and to be honest, I’ve been using them for years.  In fact, there are thousands of really good open source software titles out there, all produced by people who put quality before profit.

So far, this old tower is now windows free, the netbook has also been converted. I’m changing over the Travelmate as soon as possible. As for the main laptop, I will keep Windows 7, only because I use Photoshop a lot and understand the program, but will install Ubuntu to run as a twin system. Gimp is a fantastic Photoshop alternative, but because it doesn’t use “actions”, and to be honest, Photoshop cost me a lot of money, I’m not yet ready to say goodbye altogether, but for general use,  blogging and keeping Alternative-News-Network on line, I will be using it in Ubuntu mode.

So there we have it, I feel cleansed and free from Gates and Google. And before anyone says “you have Adsense on ANN”, yes we do, it’s a means to an end and helps keep the site online. If you have a better suggestion to help pay for the hosting and bandwidth ANN uses, please let me know because I would love to get rid of it.


Google AdSense to News Site: Change Your Content, or Else.

google-adsense-to-news-site-change-your-content-or-else-v3-620x335Interesting piece on ZDNet about Google.

Summary: Google’s AdSense has told San Francisco news outlet The SF Appeal that it has three days to remove editorial content that violates its advertising policy. UPDATED.

Google’s AdSense has told San Francisco news outlet The SF Appeal that it has three days to remove editorial content that violates its advertising policy.

SF Appeal Publisher Eve Batey said, “Your advertisers shouldn’t be telling you what to cover in your publication.” She added, “that Google seems to think that it’s OK to send a vague email like this is pretty staggering, and seems to suggest that the company is not the friend to journalism they claim they are.”

Update: Google’s spokesperson responded to this article saying that despite Ms. Batey’s email from AdWords telling her otherwise (included in this article), Ms. Batey and ZDNet are incorrect to believe that AdWords is requiring content to be changed.

Google’s spokesperson clarified that this news website must follow the Google AdWords adult content policy.

Google said this morning via email, “We don’t comment on specific publishers, but below is a general statement. Also here is more on our adult content policies. Your headline is inaccurate — we don’t require publishers to change their content. They cannot run ads against content that is not in line with the policies (so they could take the ads off those pages and still run them elsewhere on the site).”

Ms. Batey responded, “Given the email sent to us by Google, then, Google’s remark that “they could take the ads off those pages and still run them elsewhere on the site” isn’t accurate.”

“That said, this response does a terrible job of even pretending to address the question posed, nor the issues raised in your report.” read more:

Nice to be back, have I missed anything?

microsoft-vs-google-500x283Well, I’ve been away from here for a month. No I haven’t been anywhere, but just needed a rest, and some time to do a bit of house keeping.

One of the biggest changes is that this blog is now officially a Microsoft and Google free zone. I feel cleansed and free, in fact a new free man. Let me explain:

I have long toyed with the idea of ditching windows as an operating system. Why?, because most are aware that Microsoft is only a front for IBM, and Gates, the boy wonder was in the right place at the right time, with a lot of help from Daddy Gates. However, I can’t afford a Macbook, or whatever they call them these days, so what alternative is there to Windows spying on you. The answer is Linux, so I dusted off my old Acer Travelmate and installed Joli OS 1.2, which is a cloud based version on Ubuntu.

OMG, I wish I’d done it years ago, lightening fast speed, and very user-friendly. Plus there is the added advantage of not really having a spyware or virus problem. So I use Firefox as my web browser, Ixquick as a search engine, and Linux as the operating system. It may seem to be a small stand against the global corporations, but hey, every journey begins with one step.

Google Matchmaking, Great New Game

Saw a post on Tap today that made me think “I wonder if Google realise what they are doing”

Under the heading “Odd?” it was reported that if you type Leon Brittan into google, you get the following results on the right hand side.

The image from Tap

I have to agree, odd I thought, so I tried it myself and here is my screen grab.

google 1

Well, blow me down with a feather, it’s identical which means this is drawn from Google cache, and not cookies on local machines.
Now, to me this is a great game, so lets try some more.
Let’s think of a random name off the top of my head, I know, Alistair McAlpine.
google 2

Nice to see they put best pals Portillo and Lilley together. Try it yourself, it’s great fun

Subliminal Message In New Kellogg’s Advert.

This isn't the new ad, but I thought the context was quite symbolic.

This isn’t the new ad, but I thought the context was quite symbolic.

“From the moment you are born, you are defined by a number”. That is the opening line of a current Kellogg’s cereal advert, so seemingly innocent, tacked onto the front of an advert.  So innocent in fact that you don’t even notice it, but that subliminal message is all part of the control mechanism that the globalists, of which Kellogg’s is alleged to be part, beam at us every day.

So why is it a subliminal message? It is normalising the fact that we are all numbered, catalogued and counted from birth to death. At birth you receive a birth certificate, at death you are written off with a death certificate. In between you are part of the stock of whatever country you live in.

You are fed the illusion that you are free because it’s easier to control things that believe they have a choice.

The MSM has hypnotised you every time you switched on the brain wash box in the corner of the room or read a newspaper for decades. Technology has stepped up the pace now so this dumbing down control mechanism is pumped into you every time you use your cell phone, computer, or any other gadget that has become an essential part of life.

So, here is the truth that you need to learn to break away from this control system.

If you think you are free, living in a free society, you are under the Globalists control.

If you know that you are living in a Globalist controlled society, you are free. It’s as simple as that.

Once you understand that, the dark veil will start to lift allowing you to see things as they really are. The more people that realise this, the quicker the control system will start to crumble. They know this which is why they are moving fast to control alternative information including the internet. They also know that in percentage terms they are far outweighed by the real people. They account for a tiny percentage, i.e. the very tip of the pyramid.

OK, let me explain, they can only control you in this way because they divert your attention onto make believe situations, i.e. TV shows etc.  They hide what they are doing in open view because they know we only see what we want to see. Remember that line in the Da Vinci code when the Police didn’t see them escape in the car from the jet plane. It’s the same trick every stage magician uses; they just do it on a global scale, they are masters of miss-direction.

The good news is that it will only take a small percentage of people to wake up to what is going on for it to all appear in plain view. If just a small percentage understand that money is nothing more than shared debt created by the Bankers to control us, or that all major religions are one of the major control mechanisms used for thousands of years to keep us subservient to some fake deity, while pitting one clan of pseudo religious followers against another, creating massive wars to destabilise us, while they create billions of dollars for themselves.

Wake up people, religion is a smoke screen created to manipulate and control. Do you really think that Jesus of Nazareth would look on Ratzinger as his representative on Earth. Sitting there in his gold palace in Rome, what a fine example of Christian love he is.

To beat them, you must learn their techniques, and simply understand what they are doing. We are so conditioned to believe what we are told, right from tiny children when if teacher said it was right, we knew it was right. To be honest, it makes you a bit paranoid because you look at any news story and question the real agenda.

Take Sandy Hook for example, what the hell was going on there? We get Obama, wiping tears from his eyes, except I didn’t actually see any tears, video footage of a grieving parent talking about his little girl, but caught on film a few seconds before the main event laughing and mouthing the same words as the voice over, as if it was a carefully rehearsed script. I don’t know if that was genuine, or a set up, but something about that film made me very uneasy.

All I’m really trying to say here is be aware of how they manipulate and control you. Facebook, Twitter, & Google all have hidden agendas. That’s why they are fun to use, to draw you in.

Take my advice, bin them all, as soon as possible.

Sorry We’ve Been Away

We’ve been off line for a week. Sorry, the whole site crashed due to a sudden increase in traffic. Not complaining, but it caught us off guard. Before we went we noticed that the pages getting the most traffic weren’t displaying Google Ads, bit odd we thought, so decided to sack Google as a source of revenue, so they can stick that up their Street View data gathering camera’s.

Due to the increased traffic, we had to move to a bigger hosting company, which on the surface was a simple job, but no matter what the tech guys at the other end did, the site would not populate around the internet. All good now, and many thanks to Connor (you know who you are) who finally sorted it out.

We are now back. The move forced us to lose Truth Tube, but that will be back in the next few weeks, bigger and better.

Google Don’t Play Fair, Surprise Surprise.

PieReport-News has never been a money making site, it is a passion, my small way to make a difference. However, it does cost money to run,and the increased bandwidth doesn’t come cheap.

We keep ads to a minimum, but do have Google adsense on the site to try to assist with some of the running costs. I don’t like it,but it’s the simplest way to pay the bills.

The article about Will Gomertz has had so many hits today, it blew away my monthly bandwidth in just 8 hours. Not a problem, we were down for about 50 minutes. But do you know what the real joke is? Google has removed all adsense ads from that page.The rest of the site is fine, but the page with the most hits has no ads. Now try to tell me they play fair.

If anyone has any good ideas how to monetise PieReport-News without using Google, we would love to hear from you. Or maybe you have a product or service that fits into the sites style, lets us know.