Institutionalised insanity, Suits and suitability.

By Chris Spivey 8 March 2013.
My name is Chris Spivey. I am a registered Tattoo Artist & Body Piercer from Rochford in the county of Essex, UK. I am also a Features Writer for the Sovereign Independent Newspaper.I have an IQ of 127 and have nearly finished writing a book which is a spoof based on the rise to fame of the Sex Pistols.I firmly believe that everyone is equal and as such treat everyone with respect. However respect is a two way street so i expect to be treated with respect in return.I dont drink, which I suppose makes me boring to some peoples way of thinking.To that, I say I’m confident and brave enough not to need to hide behind alcohol and believe me ‘drunk’ isnt a good look by anyones standards………………



Has anyone else noticed that not a day goes by where at least one of the cast from the Westminster Puppet Show are not in the news for being connected to sleaze?

Why is that?

That isn’t a why as in why are our politicians constantly in the news for the wrong reasons… It is plainly obvious why that is. The ‘why’ relates to why the fuck do so many people find this fact to be acceptable.

I remarked last week that there is not one single puppet out of a cast of 650 that I cannot link to sleaze.

Now whilst I realise that I am not the only one who finds the fact reprehensible,that our lives are in the hands of a gang of self obsessed, self serving, greedy, criminal, sex mad, perverted nonces, our number is never the less small. That is truly alarming and highlights the low standard of intelligence amongst those millions of zombies who believe themselves capable of objective thinking.

I know that a lot of people look at me and see a tattooed, foul mouthed, shaven headed, violent thug who is to be avoided at all costs. On the flip side of the coin they see the puppets of Westminster as immaculately dressed, well spoken, law abiding gentlemen, who have no other aim in life than to serve the public to the best of their capabilities.

There in lies one of the huge problems that has to be overcome before we can move forward. People are conditioned from the moment they are born to think that ‘Right is Wrong’ and vice versa. And, that has to stop.

Personally, I couldn’t give a flying fuck how people perceive me. I am me, I always have been and always will be. I neither seek nor want anyone’s approval because it is unimportant. Yet that attitude is viewed as being that of a misfits. Individual thought is deemed as wrong, collective thinking is deemed as enlightened (at least in the collective arse about face thinking, running prevalent through the minds of the masses in today’s society).

I don’t need the government interfering in every single aspect of my life. I’m a big boy now, I know the difference between right and wrong and I don’t need anyone telling me how to live my life… And that’s how it should be.

What these zombies fail to see is that I know… not think… I know that I have more integrity, honesty and empathy in my little finger than those mad cunts in parliament have as a collective.

I could run rings around the useless ponces. And while that may come over as egotistical, you should by now realise that I do not consider myself special in anyway, shape or form.

Neither have I any designs on being a leader. By the same token, I will not be a slave to anyone.

The reason that I can run rings around the useless nonce cunts is because I cottoned on a long time ago that what those reprobates in parliament are doing is purposely going about things arse about face. And when someone is doing things the wrong way, someone doing things the right way will always run rings around those doing things the wrong way.

For instance, if you try put a five and a half inch cube into a six inch deep, six inch diameter round hole in the ground it wont go without an awful lot of stamping. Try putting a five and a half inch long tube with a five and a half inch diameter into that same hole and its a piece of piss. That isn’t rocket science and neither is Politics.

If politics was complicated the robbing, overpaid cunts wouldn’t have so much time and energy to pursue so many other pastimes – none of them of any benefit to us. It isn’t hard to make anything sound complicated no mater how easy it is.

The corruption HAS to be taken out of politics and institutions that are set up to serve the public. Radical re-thinking and radical change is needed. In order to do that revolution must take place. These cunts are not just going to fuck off. Once that has happened the following HAS to happen to prevent us going down the same road again:

  • Parliament needs to have a serious overhaul. Politicians wages need to be linked to the minimum wage, and allowances for decorating, gardening, mortgages etc, removed.
  • Political parties must be outlawed. The number of Politicians culled.
  • No member of Parliament, the judiciary, law enforcement or local government must be allowed to belong to a secret society such as the Masons. 
  • Any wrong doing by any of the above must be dealt with in the courts with the severest of penalties for those caught up in sleaze.
  • All politicians, Police Chiefs, and heads of local Government and Government Bodies such as the NHS, must be fully accountable for their actions and subject to criminal proceedings should they fuck up. Parliamentary privilege must be removed.
  • The UK, Government, Law Courts, Police Constabulary and Councils must cease trading as corporations
  • The government must put the welfare of the nation first and foremost.
  • The armed forces must not be used for anything other than to defend our country and those under our rule . All commonwealth countries will be subject to the same laws as ours.     
  • The Government must print its own money and have full control of the Bank of England.
  • Britain must pull out of the EU
  • The fraudulent National Debt must be written off.
  • All Corporations and Banks must play no part in politics and all tax loopholes closed.
  • All taxes must be spent on the basis they are collected for. For instance, road tax must be spent on the building of new roads and the maintenance of the existing. At the moment road repairs are funded by Council Tax.
  • Private wealth must be capped at a set amount inclusive of all assets. Anything over that cap must be taxed at a rate of at least 75% 
  • The Monarchy must be stripped of all land, property, and influence. Palaces, castles etc placed in the hands of a newly founded trust and the Royal Family made a government backed charity. The Royal family must be made fully accountable for their actions and  government expenditure which will only be granted should their charity income drop below their outgoings (personally, I would put the cunts on trial but hey, thats just me). If that occurs more than 3 years running, the Royal family will cease to exist(if the country wants a queen they will pay for it. If they don’t, all the heritage and history that bring in the tourists will still survive through the specially set up heritage trust)
  • The House of Lords has to be abolished. What the fuck is that robes and wigs dressing up fucking old bollocks all about. Its a breeding ground for nonces.
  • Religion must play absolutely no part in politics, neither must any Church, be that church, Protestant, Catholic or Muslim have any influence or say in how the country is run or what is morally acceptable. Parish councils must be disbanded and churches must become self funding charities (once again, if people want religion they must pay for it themselves). All church land must be returned to the state.
  • Common Law must be paramount. A governing Judge, responsible for the appointment of all judges must be elected and accountable for all his appointees – out of touch, geriatric paedophiles need not apply. Once again, what the fuck is all that poncey dressing up, “yes M’lud” old bollocks all about? It relates to tradition and serves no fucking justice what so ever. It is a pantomime and pantomime’s belong  in the theatre not the fucking law courts. That shit has to go. As do all hereditary titles and privilege.
  • The Temple and all its inner sanctums must go.
  • The City of London must become part of the country and subject to the same laws.
  • Petty acts of parliament and statute laws must be abolished.
  • The law should set its own precedence, not adhere to it. All courts should be open and subject to public scrutiny 
  • Fines must be linked to wealth and not a set amount.
  • Criminal punishments must be harsher and fit the crime.
  • Absolutely no one is above the law.
  • Gas, Electric, Water and public transport must be de-privatised and non profit making.

And that is just for starters because as far as I can see, if those measures are not taken then I am afraid we are all fucked. History has a habit of repeating its self and that destructive cycle has to be halted.

The fact that a suit, inherited wealth, a private education and a title equate in peoples mind as someone who is clever, trustworthy and capable of governing the masses is absolutely fucking stupid.

The fact that our future is being shaped by a gang of 650 self obsessed, self serving, greedy, criminal, sex mad, perverted nonces, intent on bringing about a country where their power cannot be challenged is absolute fucking madness.

The fact that our future is being shaped by a gang of 650 self obsessed, self serving, greedy, criminal, sex mad, perverted nonces, intent on bringing about a country where their power cannot be challenged and who were elected by those same people who perceive people like me as the enemy is nothing short of institutionalised fucking insanity.

It has to stop and it has to stop now.



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