Just A Thought.

I’ve been a bit busy recently, rebuilding the other site yet again, and generally taking a forced break from the horrendous game of world chess being played out at the moment. It actually is quite a healthy thing to step away and take a bit of time just observing what is going on.

But we are back, mainly because I’ve got ANN running the way I want it too, at last. Still needs some tweaking, but at least it’s working again.

These are very troubling times. The Elites are playing out the end game, and doing their best to silence any opposition. The Alternative media is a mess, with continued in fighting. They say the best way to control any opposition is with divide and rule and that is certainly true at the moment.

How do you know who is telling the truth, who should you believe, who should you follow? The answer is, believe no one, follow no one, be the master of your own thoughts. Use the Alternative media as a way to look at events from a different perspective. Do your own research and trust in yourself.

I’ve always said, don’t ever just take my word for anything. Just because I believe something to be true doesn’t make it true. Do I blindly believe everything Spivey says, of course not. The fact that he believes it to be true and has certainly spent far more time than I ever would researching his material is enough reason for me to trust his integrity, but I decide what I believe, just as you should.

We are in this situation because people allow the news media to shape their opinions. “We are all going to die from swine flu, please pump me full of chemicals to save me”. It’s no different with the Alternative media. Just because Icke say’s the Mrs Windsor is a reptile doesn’t mean she is, work it out for yourself.

As for Spivey, I follow my gut feelings about people and he is one of the good guys.


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