Cliff Richard Waves 200 Children Off To Florida.

I’ll be really honest here, it ruined my dinner tonight, which is fine except it was my favourite Bassa fish by Youngs. Watching the evening news they featured an item that genuinely made me feel sick.
Cliff2Sir Cliff Richard, much like the Royal Family and Rolf Harris has a large loyal fan base, therefore if you mention his name in any form of negative way, out come the blue rinse trolls to defend their saintly hero. I have to confess that the schoolboy humour in me always chuckles at Richard’s middle name, Roger, lmao, Harry Roger Webb.

Now this story is wrong on many levels, but I’ll stick to the obvious.

200 children from across the South East are on their way to America – as part of the biggest trip in the world to take seriously ill and disabled youngsters to theme parks in Florida. They were waved off by Sir Cliff Richard as they left Heathrow this morning.

What the hell is going on here? 200 children off to Florida, and they drag out the 73 year old “bachelor boy”, whose appearance is as fake as his cover stories, to wave them off. When I say dragged out, considering he spends most of his time in, where is it? oh yes Barbados, that was a pretty long drag. Let’s face it, I doubt if any of them had the slightest idea who he was, it must have been a bit like having an elderly embarrassing relative gate crashing a birthday party.

Trying to improve your public image  Cliff? I wonder where he stayed, maybe a nice local guest house?

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