Mail Does Another Story To Vilify People On Benefits

So, the Mail has dug up another family happy to parade their circumstances to the nation, and leave themselves open to vile comments from internet trolls who have nothing better to do with their time than cast judgement over people they know nothing about. I have to say, the intellectual debate these stories instigate in the comments section is always a joy to read.

Anyway, if you’re going to cover  a story about benefit scroungers, please do a better job, we expect higher standards from the Mail.

Firstly, the story is credited to Anna Edwards, nice job Anna, what is it now, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for copy and paste, well done, and they pay you how much for that? The story also appears, almost verbatim on, which you can read here, and was written by Ben Cusack. Considering the images come from SWNS, I would guess they flogged it to the Mail, a win win situation.

Secondly, whoever took the pictures forgot to tell all of the kids to look glum, it doesn’t really work when they smile, and look very well cared for. Also, here’s a tip, kick over a few things to make the place look untidy, anyone on any form of benefits shouldn’t live in a clean home, however small.

Thirdly, I don’t care if they have 15 children, they are both working, and probably only part-time because that’s all they can get, so any money they receive, they are entitled to.

Fourthly, the contraception part of the article is a cheap dig, almost certainly said in an off guarded moment.

Fifthly, sorry if they haven’t got any relatives with a multi-million pound mansion  who will let them live rent free like IDS.

Sixthly, SWNS, sort out your keyboards, is it # or £?

Seventhly, that coffee looks really weak, yuk

Eighthly, luv the iphone you sneaked into the picture.

Ninethly, you forgot to Photoshop a much bigger plasma TV onto the wall.

Tenthly, has Madison got another pair of socks like that?

This is a non story, designed to add fuel to the “let them starve” debate. Trouble is, it doesn’t work, because all I can see is a happy family, with happy children who will grow up with the benefit of a great family around them. Oops, I used the benefit word again.

(sorry about the strange numbering system, it got a got confusing after fifthly.)

Read the Mails version here, if you must.


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