Cameron Plugs Panasonic, But Doesn’t Buy Tesco’s Value Bread

Cameron Bread

Sorry, It’s not really a Freephone call, but it will get you to number 10

You’ve got to love the old Murdoch hack Nick Ferrari, he manages to trap even the most hardened politician like a black widow spider, although to be fair, with Cameron it’s a bit of an unfair contest.

Today on LBC 97.3, Ferrari managed to extract from the PM that he doesn’t buy Tesco’s value bread, uses a Panasonic Bread maker, and the interesting snippet for me was that that his daughter got a sticker stuck up her nose. We can exclusively reveal that the sticker said “If found please return to 10 Downing Street”, well you know how prone he is to leaving things behind.

Not only did Dave not know how much Tesco’s bread cost, but he got in a great plug for Panasonic, and Cotswold crunch’ flour, at £4.38 a bag. In fact he loves the Panasonic bread maker, it takes 10 seconds to put the ingredients in and makes all types of bread. Not exactly a great sales pitch, but if a Tory toff can use it, anyone can.

Now, I’ve got to be honest here, I don’t buy value white bread either, I use a Morphy Richards bread maker which was a fiver at a boot fair, and ASDA bread flour which costs 80p a bag, and it tastes great. If Morphy Richards want to send me a new one, I’ll happily accept the bribe, but it got me thinking, is there any connection between Cameron and Panasonic?

Well, it turns out that there is. You see, “Call me Dave” visited Japan in 2012, and a deal was struck for Panasonic to invest in the UK, here is the article from

“Japanese electronics giant Panasonic is to set up a fuel cell research and development center in Cardiff as part of a £2 million investment. The announcement comes as part of a tour of Japan by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Panasonic had previously announced in July 2011 that it was to locate its first European Fuel Cell Development Office in Langen, Germany. It is unclear whether the new facility, which the Welsh Government has also agreed to provide funding for, is a relocation of the planned Langen office or a supplement to it. Panasonic’s work in fuel cells focuses primarily on micro combined heat and power systems (micro-CHP), which it has successfully commercialised under the Ene-Farm brand in Japan. The Langen office was announced with the aim of developing fuel cell micro-CHP for the European market; it would be logical to assume the Cardiff office will serve the same purpose”

I bet Merkel is furious, she love a bit of fresh bread, I wonder if Dave came away with a few freebies?


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