Samuel William Has A Syrian Conspiracy Theory

Sam Conspiracy Theories

Breaking News! Video Blogger Samuel William has a conspiracy theory.

If you haven’t seen swilliamism  on YouTube, you really need to start following him. His feeds are carried on our main site, He has his own unique take on world events, and is becoming a major force in the fight for truth.

Great work Samuel, we love what you are doing.


One thought on “Samuel William Has A Syrian Conspiracy Theory

  1. Great stuff, great editing, great peripatetic perambulating & edification for us over the pond. “You lot” would probably call it “brilliant”! (While I was only an American PFC, because of more lax standards “over there” (or “over here,” where the Yanks were coming, depending on your place in the parallax queue) I was able to reach the rank of English Major.

    What I’m curious about/hope to find out about, is what kind of a rig you’re using for your walkabouts. Looks like shoulder straps are involved; doesn’t seem like a SnorriCam, but maybe ’tis–I’ve fashioned one out of PVC pipes & Ts and elbows,, but it needs tweaking–and I haven’t figured out how to make the gimbal-mounting you use for slow pans, massive zooms (what IS that camera, anyhow?–I know you mentioned having to “save up your pennies” to get it–and were a little bit distressed when it was getting wet in the Oh to be in England now April’s here showers (and May, and now June’s almost over.

    Also it’s absolutely great to listen to someone with a droll sense of humor (humour?) and a great command of The Language. And of course, your individualistic world-view is just my Venti Latte. John Stuart Mill (not to be confused with Jon Stewart) would have approved. Though I learn from Antony Sutton’s “Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones #322 (called “The Order” over here, and #321 (?) HQ’d at All Souls, is called The Group. Don’t know what the German edition (#320?) is called) that JS Mill was some sort of amanuensis or book-keeper for the Opium interests trying to (and succeeding) addict the entirety of mainland China on Indian opium, even while he was writing such things as On Liberty.

    And they say hominids cannot harbor conflicting ideas or are not at home with cognitive dissonance (aka the Hegelian dialectic, of thesis, anti-thesis, and, as we all lie bleeding out on the battlefield of a continual War for Peace, the synthesis–of a synthetic New World Order–maybe we’ll see it ride in on the 33X normal scale White Horse of marble chips and petroleum-based plastics.

    Thought you “note without comment” pretty cool as you eyeballed the web of Chem-Trails over “The City Of London” in one of your pieces. We have a team of four USAF tanker-sprayers operating in the Boston airspace pretty much every day. Too bad that weather-casters aren’t let outdoors to look up at the sky for themselves, maybe to even do a report on it. Our team likes to do spokes and wheels, then massively parallel runs, I guess trying, like Pooh, to look like a cloud–in this case, a cirrus or cirrostratus. Wonder if all these nano-particulate metals will give us cirrostratus of the liver, along w/ Alzheimer’s and various pulmonary ailments. But I don’t like to H.A.A.R.P. on it–too depressing.


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