Royal Propaganda Machine Working Overtime.

queen (1)These are very odd times. The country is bankrupt, both physically and morally with the globalist master plan unfolding in plain view before our very eyes. 90% of the population (conservative estimate) so dumbed down and and hypnotised by the deliberate mind control system, that it doesn’t even have to be done covertly any more.

I switched on the news this morning,  to be force fed images of the lovely new Royal parents cooing over Prince George. Yesterday we had Diana’s eldest son giving what appeared to be a well rehearsed “off the cuff” interview about the problems of being a new parent, lack of sleep blah blah, and how it’s much worse for Catherine, yeah, right Wills, we all really buy into that one.

Well, to be fair, most people actually do buy into it. I wonder how long it will be before we see the articles about how quickly Goldilocks Middleton has regained her amazing pre-pregnancy figure?  Anyway, getting back to the subject, while the country is being crushed and destroyed, we are all being force fed this drivel  about another royal baby. If you really think all of this new parent junk is true, I suggest you go back to watching Jeremy Kyle.

I was actually thinking about “Queen of Hearts” Diana Sunday night while lying in the bath. Not an image that you really needed, just painting a picture of where I do my thinking, but I had just watched for the second time  Helen Mirrens film “The Queen”. I was never a Diana fan, sorry if that upsets people, but in my opinion, she was as fake as the rest of them.  Well, she was of course very much one of them, poor little Jewish girl who started to believe her own press. The whole idea that she went into the marriage with the heir to the throne expecting him to be faithful only to her is laughable. She was a Spencer, or maybe a Goldsmith, depending on who Daddy really was. Her mother, the Shand-Kiss woman was a Rothschild.  Just to clarify the Daddy bit, in case you didn’t know, the word on the street is that Diana was Jimmy Goldsmiths daughter, and when you see photo’s of Jemima and Zac it fits nicely, and of course Fanny and Jimmy were said to be lovers. The point is, that this bed hopping was nothing new to her, it was in her DNA. It becomes even more complex when you consider Queen Victoria’s real father was said to be a Rothschild, but I digress.

The Queen of Hearts was really the “Queen of Spin”. When I hear all the tosh about the press hounding her, it makes my stomach churn. She was a master of manipulating them for her own ends, they knew it, and loved it. As Nick Ferrari said the other morning, any story about Diana on the front page, added thousands to the circulation.

Diana became a loose cannon. She was privy to insider information that could have finished the bunch of inbred’s off for once and for all. So although she was always one of them, they are not adverse to culling out the trouble makers for the greater good of the firm. Did she deserve to die in that tunnel in France, of course not, any more than hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children being slaughtered in the globalist funded wars being played out across the globe.

aroAnyway back to the film “The Queen”. It was good to see Michael Sheen playing Tony Blair, a role he reprieved in the Twilight Saga, along side Helen McCrory playing Cherie Booth, a role she reprieved in Harry Potter. Talk about the propaganda machine working overtime. My problem with films like that, The Kings Speech, or even Shakespeare’s Richard The Third, is that people actually believe that they are real, and history becomes re-programmed. Helen McCory

Nothing we think we know about these people is real, and to coin that well used praise from a “Few Good Men”, “You Can’t Handle The Truth”, because the truth is way beyond the comprehension of most people. These people are void of any form of compassion and empathy. We are their cattle, servicing their greed and need for power, and as long as the sheep (deliberate use of mixed metaphors there) choose to remain blind to the truth, they will continue to farm us for their own ends.

The good news is that a growing number of us are seeing them for what they really are, and as soon as we choose to step outside of their control system, we are no longer the cattle.



4 thoughts on “Royal Propaganda Machine Working Overtime.

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  2. Oh Sam, how can you be so right about so much and so wrong about Diana? She was so obviously an abused woman. She was also obviously a very naive 19 year old when she was picked to be wingnut’s breeding mare.

    I have no idea how much she knew about her own parenthood, but to assume she had precognition of the way the wingnut would treat her is ludicrous. All you have to do is watch the notorious interview in which she’s asked: “And presumably in love?” to which she replies: “Of course.” Then look at her reaction to his terse retort: “Whatever love means.” She is plainly a very naive girl for whom the prospect of a loveless marriage is impossible to conceive. Yet if at that moment she had a hint, it’s already too late.

    Now, she may well have been in denial, but she was a naive girl in denial, not a scheming woman clamoring for the top table. The scheming came later, and was obviously a response to the shit she had to endure. If you’ve read Morton and Botham’s books you’ll know what that entailed, especially the Camilla angle.

    I never met Diana, but I did see her at a polo match. Have also met and observed at close quarters most of the others. When I say met, I mean I’ve had conversations with them in public and in semi private. They have a certain charm, but it’s barbed, caustic, brittle and irredeemably fake. Diana was nothing like any of them in interview, so I have to believe she was as real in person.

    Your premise in this blog seems to be that Diana was the same as the rest of the Royals. I say you’re 100% wrong. Diana was a rebel. She had a unique quality that was observed by many others who met her. She had character, a spirit. She also knew the lengths they would go to to get rid of her. Why? Because the wingnut has a horrendous temper and undoubtedly threatened precisely what happened to her.

    But I’ve just realized you have a good excuse for your opinion. It’s emphasized by why you had to use the line: “When I hear all the tosh about the press hounding her, it makes my stomach churn.” You were what, two or three when we all became aware of Diana? Well the paparazzi behaviour you’ve witnessed throughout your life, began with Diana. It was immediately rampant and unrelenting.

    Sure, some film and pop stars have always been pursued by hoards of mostly professional press for decades. But as your Nick Ferrari quote contends, the value of a Diana pic was astronomical. This brought in the gangs of paps who’s only allegiance was to the almighty Dollar, and they had no code of conduct. This I did see in person, many times. It was like witnessing rape!

    So, what you need to understand is that Diana was the first paparazzi victim. She was unprepared for it – because not only did no-one prepare her, no-one had ever experienced it before, so no-one could prepare her. There were no rules. This is why I give Diana credit for being so much more than a “poor little Jewish girl who started to believe her own press”, and so much more than just a rebel. She was a survivor. Yes she had her bulimia moments and her breakdowns, but they never broke her. That’s why they had to kill her.

    Maybe you had to live through that time as an adult to really appreciate who Diana was. Maybe you had to see the reaction of everyone when she hugged an AIDS sufferer – the very first person to publicly do so, at a time when 95% of people genuinely believed you could catch AIDS by drinking from the same cup! Watch Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington in ‘Philadelphia’ to understand where the world was at that time. Then take a fresh look at this brave woman.

    • Just to clarify, we promote Sam William’s video blog, but please don’t blame Sam for my highly biased opinions, Sam is a much nicer / smarter person than me.

      I respect your opinion and thank you for the reply.

  3. Diana was as you describe in her time ‘on earth.’ But, and research will confirm this, she did an amazing amount of good work. I am a lifelong republican, the Windsors leave me cold. Do you have an open mind? If you wanted someone to contribute to the world of spirit’s desire to help heal the world, who would you choose? A rebel in the world’s most powerful family? Is it possible that Diana’s soul is working with people on earth. Go to our Facebook page, Diana Divine Healing or web site, and suspend your judgement. Keep up the good work. Love & Light, jack

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