I Forgot About Sam William. Swilliamism.

swilliamismDam, I am embarrassed, you know the feeling when you intend to do something, and forget all about it!

Bilderberg came and went, I posted a brilliant video by Sam William, who in my humble opinion is one of the best video bloggers in the UK, and then forgot to add his YouTube feeds to Alternative News Network, sorry Sam.

I’ve now rectified my error, although I’m not sure if his new videos will appear automatically, but in the meantime, get over to his channel, the guy is a genius.

2 thoughts on “I Forgot About Sam William. Swilliamism.

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  2. ” but in the meantime, get over to his channel, the guy is a genius.”

    I second that. A 33-something genius. Droll, understated, just perfect “Londonian.” He even has a couple of good RANT stops on his personal Mighty Wurlitzer. Pretty deft camera-work, as well. I’m trying to learn from him, but it’s not easy. He’s been working on this for a few years, now, continually improving–and a patient practitioner of time-lapse photo- video-grapher.

    As I’ve been reminded by lots of things of the Late Frank Wisner, CIA “ace,” and the hundreds (thousands?) of media types, print & TV, stars of “stage, screen & radio (tv?)” who were on his payroll, to play any propaganda he wished, from solos and small quartets, to full-blown, theatrical orchestral pieces–all made possible by his “mighty Wurlitzer”–Made in North Tonawanda, NY, two of them, and shipped to and installed in the Rockefeller City Music Hall (aka Radio City Music Hall), Sam’s attuned to it all, from Eric Blair (George Orwell) and his 1984, to the latest US/UK false flag op. I’d like him to give us a tour of the underground facilities of MI5 and 6, and wrangle a tour of the Surveillance Factory of domestic spies “Watching the London Millions With Hundreds (Thousands?) of CCTV cameras.”

    Sam’s got a camera sense like the legendary CBS cameraman who, with but one camera at his disposal, turned the Army-McCarthy hectoring of Annie Lee Moss into McCarthy’s Waterloo. Said cameraman (haven’t found his name yet) started his filiming conventionally enough, focussing on the person speaking, then panning to the next speaker. Moss to McCarthy, to Moss. But as McCarthy became more hectoring, the cameraman started to focus on the face of the silent one–watching Moss as you heard McCarthy; filming McCarthy, as you heard Moss’s answers–and finally catching McCarthy as he got up and fled the room in embarrassment .

    I say that from watching one of Sam’s pieces, this in a “transportation station” of some sort, where there are hundreds of surveillance cams–closed-circuit tv cameras, or CCTVs. One state operative (i.e., police ossifer or Terminal guard, wha’evvuh) was protesting Sam’s videotaping of his face, You’re invading my privacy,” and such, while Sam zoomed in on a large cluster of CCTV cams. You say I’m invading your privacy, here in a public space, do you? And so on. All impromptu–hard to get Bobbies In Lime-Green to do any rehearsals whilst on the job, right? Sam didn’t pontificate; just ran through the interchange a couple of times, for emphasis. And the Guardia was most cooperative, whinging on cue when Sam swung the camera round to the ossifer’s phiz.

    Hip, hip hooray for SWilliam-ism, an “ism” eminently worth espousing, joining, (And fun-EEEE ! OMG. And can he ever, no kidding, use the English Language.)

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