Judge Nigel Peters, The Face Of British Justice

Judge Nigel PetersShe was 13 years old Your Honour, 13 years old, and you in your stupid wig said to paedophile Neil Wilson the girl was ‘predatory’ and ‘egging you on’. So you gave him a suspended sentence! Weren’t you the same person who presided over the acquittal of perverted choirmaster Stephen Douglas-Hogg on child sex charges?

But, if I remember correctly you prosecuted former Essex cricketer Mervyn Westfield for match-fixing. (thanks to the Mail for doing the work on this one)

He was jailed for four months after he admitted accepting £6,000 from a gambling syndicate to bowl so that a specific number of runs would be chalked up in the first over of a match between Durham and Essex in September 2009.

I wonder if that’s connected with you being a member of Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord’s and serve as chairman of its membership committee?

And just for the record, the Mail reports that before studying law at Leicester University, Judge Peters was educated at the Hasmonean Grammar School for Orthodox Jews in Barnet, North London.

Anyway, what does that matter, but she was still just 13, not cricket is it Your Honour.


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