Sam The Blogger Harassed at Bilderberg 2013 Venue,The Grove.

This video is a wonderful lesson in dealing with harassment from the boys and girls in blue, sorry, black.

  1. Know you rights and the law. This is a good place to start
  2. Do not do anything illegal, sounds obvious, but it is important that you do not give them a justifiable reason to arrest you.
  3. Stay calm and polite. Nothing is more frustrating to people trying to manipulate a situation than not falling for the control tricks they are trained to perform.
  4. Record the whole conversation for your own protection.
  5. If you are in the right, don’t give in.
Andy the Ryder Cup cop.

Andy the Ryder Cup cop.

Sam was firstly challenged for walking through The Grove by a police officer dressed in casual gear. When that didn’t work, he was monitored by a police chopper, until Sgt Dibble and officer 587 stop him outside on the public highway.

Police Chopper

Police Chopper

How much did Sams trip to the Grove cost, and why does a guy with a video camera need armed officer Sgt Dibble and friend, heavily dressed  in paramilitary kit to stop him on the public highway, with no legal justification?

I suspect that as the temperature rises around The Grove, there will be a lot more of this, watch this space.

Sgt Dibble

Sgt Dibble

Sgt Dibble & Officer 587

Sgt Dibble & Officer 587

I must admit, I did feel a bit sorry for Sgt Dibble, nice hair cut by the way, because he knew from the start he was onto a looser, it must be very embarrassing when he meets someone who knows his rights. And to be honest, he was just doing his job, remember, he didn’t write the script, the globalists meeting at Bilderberg did that job, he probably really believes he is working for the right side.


5 thoughts on “Sam The Blogger Harassed at Bilderberg 2013 Venue,The Grove.

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  3. Albert is the man….Seriously it’s unbelievable one month before the meeting…..if you do nothing wrong you don’t have to be afraid….

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