The Reason Behind The Woolwich Murder

I’ve stayed away from the knee jerk postings of some sites over this whole Woolwich thing.

It was appalling how the MSM, within hours was plastering the word “Terrorist” everywhere. LBC 97.3, the London talk station, and commercial mouthpiece for the globalist controllers, was playing it’s role brilliantly, with old “Murdoch” hack Nick Ferarri using it time and time again. Repetition is a very basic and effective form of mind control.

Taking the whole thing on face value, it was not a terrorist attack, it was a cold blooded murder. No different in many ways from any of the  dozens of knife crime murders occurring on the streets of our cities each year. The main difference here is that it was acted out in a very public way, to get as much publicity as possible.

I’ve been following the “fake attack” stuff so quickly reported by some of the other alternative sites. As much as I see the need to investigate everything, from every side, I still haven’t seen any evidence to convince me yet. Yes, the lack of blood at the scene, where it suddenly appears smeared across the pavement in later images is odd, but not conclusive proof.

Whatever the truth, and it is only by people questioning the MSM version that it ever comes out, there is one thing that is not in doubt, the version put out by the MSM is designed to cause as much “terror” as possible.  The two suspects Adebowale and Adebolajo acted in a completely “un-terrorist” way, apart from the obvious of course. Why wait around for twenty minutes waiting to be shot, talking to passers by?  It has now been revealed that they were both known to MI5, and that MI5 had even attempted to recruit Adebolajo. My guess, and of course it is only a guess, is that MI5 were successful in recruiting them, as for the rest, who knows.

The best way to control people is by creating fear and division and that is exactly what has happened here. It would not be in any Islamic groups best interests to be behind something like this. This smell every bit like an agenda much closer to home.


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