Boston Marathon Bomb. Figure On Roof

Person on roof

Person on roof

Craig Charles Haley writing in That’s is having a bit of a pop at the alternative media. I don’t blame him really, every type of media should be questioned, however, the figure on the roof stuff does appear to be genuine. I enhanced the image we had yesterday, and it proved nothing, but a new better quality image today clearly shows it is a man, with sun loungers on the roof.

But as Craig rightly points out, this is just an image of a man taken as the second bomb went off, only 20 seconds or so after the first explosion. When you look at the image, you realise that the person does not have a good vantage point to see the finish of the marathon, or indeed where the second bomb exploded.

He was probably just having a snooze in the sun, woke up to the first explosion, and was going to see what was going down. Or was he?


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