Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. Media Control?

Margaret-Thatcher-Oz-620-1819610Yes, I was around in the hay days of Radio 1 banning records, Je t’aime, Wet Dream, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, but to ban a song from the children’s classic The Wizard Of Oz, whatever is the world coming too?

There are many levels to this story. On the surface there is the respect for the grieving family aspect. This I really don’t get. Carol “I’m A Celebrity”, and Sir Mark “Sat Nav” Thatcher, twins to Dennis and Margaret surly have got used to the very divided feelings their mother created. They are also fairly thick-skinned people. After all, wasn’t it Carol who famously referred to Jo Wilfred Tsonga as a half “Gollywog”, and then refused to apologise saying  “I stand by what I said. I wasn’t going to apologise. I never meant it in a racist way. It was shorthand. I described someone’s appearance colloquially—someone I happen to greatly admire”. Yea right. And of course Mark was involved in the attempted coup in Equatorial New Guinea, for which he was fined £313,000 with a four-year suspended jail sentence.

But looking closer, it is interesting also that Capital Radio who run the rival chart show for the Heart Network took the same stance. Heart and Capital are of course owned by Global Radio, the biggest commercial network in the UK. They also own LBC 97.3, the UK’s first Independent Local Radio station. How sad that across the country all of these tiny independent local stations have gone forever. Swallowed up by the controlling few.

My point here is that the globalists have total control over the media. Therefore, the public decides that it wants a song at number 2 in the download charts, and the globalists say, “don’t care what you slaves say, we control you, and we’re not playing it”.

The real truth is more likely to be that these elite control freaks don’t want a song from the very film that parodies their control system, being linked to one of the most effective puppets they had the pleasure of controlling. Maybe just too many people are waking up to the reality of what is really going on. You may say I’m a dreamer, bit I’m not the only one.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


2 thoughts on “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. Media Control?

  1. Nice to see you ending with a song written by a multi millionaire on a grand piano in his mansion shortly before leaving the country to go into tax exile in the United States.

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