The Voice Is A BBC Scripted Load Of Tosh. Don’t Buy Into Hype.

You’ve got to love the Mail. The countries on the brink of meltdown as we are deliberately being driven to the point of total desperation, and they lead on a story about Freddie Mercury’s former girlfriend.

After ignoring that story, my eyes scanned to a bit about Jessie J getting upset over Under the headline ‘He never wants people to pick me’: Jessie J and come to blows as he tries to influence artist NOT to pick her on The Voice” Fay Strang expands on the spat between the two highly paid performers as if it’s real life!

Jessie jSorry to shatter the illusion, but it’s not real. It’s a controlled pre-recorded contrived load of old tosh to draw you in to watching for weeks on end, to achieve what? Where the hell is last seasons winner Leanne Mitchell? It really changed her life didn’t it.

Nothing you see on these shows is real. Simon Cowell stopping some kid half way through a song and getting him to sing another one, a glass of water being thrown, all of it is crafted to cause an emotional reason to keep watching. If you enjoy this stuff, good luck to you, but please don’t for one second think any of it is real.

I happen to think Jessie J is a very talented singer, Tom Jones of course is a legend, as for, I just love the Black Eyed Peas (Let’s get retarded), although I still have no idea who the other one is, and to be honest it doesn’t really matter, they are following a script, which dear old Tom looks like he has forgotten most of the time. Years ago I used to watch WWF  (now called WWE after the globalist backed WWF complained) and WCW, but I always knew it was fake.

Everything you watch on TV is controlled and designed to mesmerize you, from the news to Eastenders, please understand that simple truth.

If you want reality, focus on the pain you are suffering every time you go shopping or fill up the fuel tank. Start to study how the control system to slowly killing you and your loved ones with forced vaccinations, poison in the water, a health service designed to fill you full of drugs to profit  big pharma rather than teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Find out about the real corruption that controls our legal system, government, and police, and why the current paedophilia scandal will always be a white wash because the authorities in charge if investigating it are the very same people caught up in it. Do you really think all of this celebrity nonsense  including the Rolf Harris saga is the real story. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

The real truth is at the very top, the evil few who manipulate everything. Do you really think Ted Heath would have remained Prime minister if the truth about him had been exposed?  No one at that time had any idea he was an evil paedophile, abusing, and if the Icke information is correct, murdering little boys. He was given access to enjoy his grotesque lifestyle in order to be controlled, it’s how the system works.

As I always say, It’s your choice, I may be completely wrong, in fact sometimes I really hope I am, but unless things start to change soon, all will be lost, forever.


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