Alternative Media In Fighting. Give me Strength!

Everyone has their own agenda, and / or reasons for spending time writing this stuff. I’ve made mine very clear on many occasions, so I find the current in fighting rather strange and a little sad.

The Needle
the outlaw

My view on this whole saga is, even if you don’t like each other, and to be honest no one would possibly like me, this public in fighting does the cause no good at all. I don’t care if people use the paedophilia topic to get more views on their blog, who the hell cares if it helps to get the message into the public domain.

I read all three blogs, and find them all useful, although Madlands has now retired to spend more time with his family business. I dislike forums with a passion as many people seem  interested on being the top poster, rather than actual content, and they tend to be a breeding ground for personal attacks and insults.

I usually make it a golden rule to believe nothing until I have done my own research, but blogs like gojams The Needle are a great pointer  towards information. Even Nutter boy David Icke has to be researched before you can trust what he say’s, and as for Spivey, well I am so trying to trip that bald foul mouthed Essex geezer up, but unfortunately, so far everything he has written has turned out to be right don’t cha know.

So here’s the deal guys, keep your personal wars to yourselves, keep on publishing good information and let the reader decide what to believe.  The best was to destroy any opposition is to infiltrate and divide it.


4 thoughts on “Alternative Media In Fighting. Give me Strength!

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  2. “Nutter boy David Icke” “bald foul mouthed” “keep your personal wars to yourselves”
    “Pot” “Kettle” “Black”

    • Hi Pat, you are of course correct, except that any regular reader of this nonsense will know that I have been following Icke since 1991 and promote his views and teaching very heavily on here.
      As for Spivey, love the guy to bits. He is a good soul fighting against any form of unfairness and evil in his own special way. Having said that, he would be very annoyed if I said anything nice about him, so keep that to yourself. 🙂

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