Comic Relief, Saint Sinner or Just Another Big Globalist Con.

funraisers-post-rndI don’t usually write a post with 100% lack of research, sometimes you just have to do things by gut instinct.

To be honest, I’ve been mulling this topic over for a few weeks now, ever since the Comic Relief promos have been forced down our throats, so here we go, and lets see where this takes us.

Comic Relief, and for that matter, Children in Need make us all feel nice and comfy, satisfied that we are doing our bit to save the world, pledge a few quid, stick yet another red nose on, and we’re good to go, all set up to bury our heads in the sand to the real truths happening all around us.

You see, my problem with anything like this, especially when the corrupt, discredited BBC are involved is that it’s all smoke and mirrors, one big con to make us think we are doing something positive, while being shafted from behind. I have, by the way, the same feelings about WWF, Save The Children, Oxfam and any other organised charity, including and especially Cancer Research. And it is genuinely not about being tight fisted, if someone needs help, I’m there at the front of the queue, it’s because it’s all one big con, designed to satisfy our instincts, while distracting us from whats really happening.

So let’s look at Comic Relief. A bunch of do gooding celebrities making wonderful sacrifices to feed a child in Africa. No, a bunch of self seeking no marks, spending tax payers money to look good and satisfy their already over inflated ego’s. Look at me everyone, I really care by patronising some poor little starving kid on the other side of the world. Bit harsh you may so, to which I reply, no it isn’t. The child in Africa should not be starving in the first place. The Royal family in general, and Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in particular has enough personal wealth to solve this problem over night. Personal wealth that we are not allowed to know about.

Anyway, back to Comic Relief. Len, we love you, you are probably the most famous non funny comedian in the history of entertainment (Katanga my friends). I know you’ve been there for 25 years, along with Richard Curtis, Bonio and Stig (is that right?), and you’ve raised an astronomical amount of money, but at what cost? How much licence payers money is spent by the corrupt, discredited BBC to stage this out of season pantomime? BBC radio and TV is taken over for a month selling the idea, eager celebrities  who lead a very charmed life anyway, jet off across the globe to snivel all over some poor starving black kid with man made HIV, culminating in the biggest BBC TV network channel being given over to this charade for a whole evening. Can anyone please tell me the exact cost because I’m dammed if I can find out what it is.

But here is the real sucker punch to me, the television enforced tax which is a CRIMINAL offence not to pay, is used to run the gig, forcing, through emotional blackmail jessie-j-hair-2and hypnotic propaganda, honest men, women and children, who are living through the worst depression in living memory, (deliberately brought about by corrupt collusion between the banking masters and the Blair globalist agenda “New Labour” government,)  to dig deep into their already empty pockets to find yet more money to line the greedy pockets of the Globalist run charities.

It only costs £5.00 to cure one of these children by filling them full of poisonous vaccines. I bet Bill Gates is almost having an orgasm at the very thought.

Yes, people and children are starving all across the world. They are supposed to be, it’s all part of the plan, don’t you see that? One vile family could solve the problem straight away, but they won’t, because they are part of the controlling elite who create this appalling situation. No matter how much money you give, it will never be enough, because it’s not supposed to be solved. Until humanity wakes up to the truth that we are controlled pawns in a real life reality show, manipulated by a few interbred families who run absolutely everything, this will continue. The only real difference at the moment is that very soon, if not already,  it will be you and your family starving, and not just the black kids in Africa.

We are heading for total collapse and the 9.5 million people who tuned into Comic Relief last night have no idea.

I’m doing my bit to change things, for god sake wake up and do something as well. Once lit, the fire will be impossible to extinguish. They may control everything, but they are surprisingly few in numbers, turn the pyramid upside down, the base weighs millions of times more than the tip.



8 thoughts on “Comic Relief, Saint Sinner or Just Another Big Globalist Con.

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  2. My sentiments xactly…& this 25th yr was worse than ever…the amount of drug pushing that was done in the name of charity…went above & beyond the usual…& the gullible just lap it the pavlova dogs they have been trained too be. Sickened me to the very core…ThanX for pointing it out…Great site by the way…:0)

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond Colette.
      The problem is that it is far easier to go with the flow than to open your eyes to the true reality of what is happening. However, once they are open things make sense in a way that seemed impossible before.
      How many people sat and watched the program about the Queen last night thinking what a sweet old lady, spent her whole life dutifully serving the people, what a sacrifice. They even employ someone to roll butter into little shapes with the Royal seal on, while decent people are freezing to death in their beds.

      Thanks for the comments about the site, if you feel strongly enough to post on here, why not set up a blog yourself, we all need to work hard to get the message out there.

  3. Brilliant post!
    Have been swimming against the flow for some time now, and you are right things make a lot of sense when you take a closer look.
    I once read a book called fingerprints of the gods by Graham Hancock(about how the pyrimds and other structures could only have been built with heavy machinery) and ever since have questioned everything about anything, but when i try to tell people i get looked at through those conspiracy theory goggles.
    What to do, i say we need to form a political party and take them down from the inside, the system is broken and possibly designed to be dysfunctional.
    Any good name for a political party??

    • Thanks for the comment Andy. Footprint of the gods, brilliant book by the way.
      I quite like the idea of a political party, however it will almost certainly be infiltrated from the start, because as you rightly say, the system is designed to be dysfunctional. As for a name, I’ll leave it for others far more creative to come up with something.

  4. We don’t need a political party.We need a massive movement of open minded people
    who believe in truth and love.We all need to do our bit no matter how small to overthrow
    this tyranny.
    I have never supported any of these pantomimes because I have never been one to
    follow the crowd.
    I think that most people who get themselves involved do genuinely believe in the whole
    thing and that some good must come of it.
    After starting to connect the dots many years ago I would not trust any of these people
    especially with my money.Rise like Lions.

    • Well said Vic. My big worry is how many people haven’t been upset about what I posted, I was expecting more of a back lash. I guess the 9.5 million who watched it are a bit busy at the moment. It’s time you set up your own blog, you’ve got some great info and thoughts. I’ll happily walk you through the process 🙂

  5. I am glad someone has made reference to Comic Relief, I did intend to watch it on and off during the night, but I turned on about half an hour in and I suddenly felt very sick and had to turn it off. I have had my eyes open for over twenty five years now and nothing surprises me anymore, and yet I have not felt that way about Comic relief in the past. The tiny bit I watched felt malevolent in nature, maybe the evil intent behind the so-called do-gooders was more evident this year, I don’t know but I feel someone is laughing at the general public, all the way to the bank.

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