Has Spivey Gone Too Far This Time, Or Is He Getting Soft?

spivey1Enough is enough, some people give the alternative media a bad name, and it’s time to speak out.

Firstly, lets look at why people like me spend time running a blog site like this. It’s because we believe in something. It’s because we want to make a difference.

Now that’s all very honorable, who the hell do I think I am, and why do I believe doing this can make a difference.. The true answer is I’m no one, and I don’t care. But also the reality is that I can’t do nothing. I know and find out certain things and need to tell people. I don’t care if no one is listening, I will carry on.

We all have our own natural style, which is where the reason for this post come in.

On Spivey today, the main topic is the cost of living, how the system is deliberately bankrupting the country to destroy hope and create desperation. It is asking the question we are all asking, why are we putting up with this. Why are we allowing our loved ones to suffer and die, while the caring elite steal from us and live in palatial luxury.

So here is my reason for being annoyed with Spivey.

In order to coherently make his point, Spivey used Fucking 78 times, Fuck 15 times, cunts 29 times,  piss 6 times, and shit 8 times.

This is a very important and serious subject, it’s about us standing up and being counted. It’s about why we are letting this happen and doing nothing, and Spivey used  Fucking 78 times, Fuck 15 times, cunts 29 times,  piss 6 times, and shit 8 times.

You are an absolute disgrace Spivey, why the fuck are you holding back on such an important subject. The cunts should be in three figures at least. It’s your style, Spivey, it gets you noticed, it gets the message out there, and it’s real, don’t hold back again. Fucking tosser.

Much love.



8 thoughts on “Has Spivey Gone Too Far This Time, Or Is He Getting Soft?

  1. Not funny. I used to like Spivey’s stuff but recently I’ve started to go off him.

    Personally I can take the excessive swearing as long as the underlying message is relevant but as far as trying to educate and wake people up, I hesitate to pass his message on as there are certain people I know who wouldn’t see him as anything more than a foul mouthed yob. If he’s “getting noticed” , unfortunately, it’s for the wrong reasons.

    I also hate it when – for instance – he uses a Daily Mail article as his subject matter then comes across as a stereotyped DM reader full of (albeit foul mouthed) righteous indignation which totally defeats the object. The idea is to expose and rip apart gatekeepers such as the DM and everything they stand for, not use their pro-establishment right wing propaganda as lazy blog fodder. Apart from that he’s done some good stuff.

    Rant over. That’s all. Keep up the good work. I’m on your side…and Spivey’s…sometimes…

  2. He is quite rightfully expressing his ANGER thru the English Language & its wonderful sweary words.I also curse but, unfortunately i have run out of swear words & now am at a complete loss on what 2 shout out & type.I,m gona haul out my trusty old Dictionary & make a list of bad & insulting words & also make some up 2 describe my hate,disgust,rage towards the parasitic worms wi big sucking mouths taking all from humanity. they r ALL gony b torn apart by the people when they understand just what has been going on, especially 2 the poor innocent children.

  3. some people you can ask nicely to go away and they do,but rarely! most people you can ask nicely,and they don,t go, a big fat FUCK OFF is the only language that gets attention and they understand,well done mr spivey!

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