Chris Huhne Pays A High Pryce For Being a Deceitful Liar.

Yes, I know, a cheap headline, but hey what do you expect from the “gutter alternative media”
So Vicky and Chris get eight months each, what’s the expression about hell having no fury?
Much like Aitken and Archer before him it’s nice to see one of these arrogant gravy trainers getting what they deserve, and all over a speeding ticket.

There’s no point is going into the in’s and out’s of the case here, but this is what happens when someone thinks they are better than us, the people they should be serving.

I have to say I do feel a bit sorry for Vicky Pryce, she was unaware that he had claimed she was driving until she got the letter from the Police. Like anyone supporting their spouse, she went along with it, only to find out later that he was a lying cheat.

Huhne lied, and kept on lying until the point when he knew it was game over, changing his plea to guilty to try to reduce his sentence. What a fine upstanding fellow. The big laugh is that for an eight month sentence, he could have stayed an MP.

This guy has cost you and me hundreds of thousands of pounds trying  to keep his position in parliament. He is a cheat and a fraud, and has got of lightly. As for Pryce, her big mistake was falling for him in the first place.

I would think Huhne is regretting he wasn’t caught for kiddie fiddling, he would probably have had the LibDem cover up machine working harder for him.

Wake up people, it’s a corrupt system run by corrupt people. Only you can change things.


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