Revenge of Jimmy Savile victim Leisha Brookes. Isn’t it now time it take action on mass?

Leisha BrookesThis story in the Express today, which I first saw on David Icke, caught my eye. Leisha Brookes, 45, is reported to have wept as she told magistrates that she refused to pay the £145.50 licence fee because of the abuse she suffered as a child.

“No matter what you fine me, I am not going to give a penny to my ­abusers from the BBC. I cannot pay the BBC or anyone connected with it,” she said.

Miss Brookes claims she was abused repeatedly by up to 35 men including Savile over a two-year period while ­visiting the BBC TV headquarters in White City, west London.

Headlined as “Revenge of the Jimmy Savile victim” this is exactly the type of action that needs to happen to grab the headlines. But it also highlights the totally pathetic situation in this country where we all do what we are told by our betters, well, enough is enough. It’s now time that control over our lives was taken back.

The BBC is an outdated, discredited broadcasting mammoth, for far too long manipulated by the powers at the top to feed us propaganda. They waste money on an incredible scale,  with the biggest joke being that we have to pay for it by law! We pay them to brainwash us, how amazing is that.

So what’s the answer, well it’s so simple it’s embarrassing. Non compliance. If enough people simply refused to pay the licence fee they would have to do something about it. It’s all about numbers, the system relies on us conforming usually in fear of legal action. If enough people stopped paying the licence fee, the courts could not cope with the numbers.

licensingThe BBC is damaged goods, directly responsible for allowing shocking events to occur within it’s walls, it needs to be broken up not cleaned up, and those responsible for it’s failings must be brought to task.

If the abuse claimed by this women is true, and there is no reason to think otherwise, you need to support Leisha Brookes. If this turns out to be a mis-information hoax story,  action still needs to be taken to break up this corrupt pit of snakes.

This is an interesting site to look at 

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Addition to Post

When I first saw this story in the Express via Icke earlier today, I sat down and posted this action against the BBC stuff. At the time of posting, all I had to go on was the report in the Express. Using MSM newspapers as a source of information, and without checking the details further is always loaded with problems, but it seemed a good enough reason to highlight the stupidity of the UK public in allowing this crazy TV tax to continue.

I have just read a similar article on Spivey regarding this case. Chris knows Leisha personally, which is good enough  for me to know her story is genuine. And before anyone brings up her political views, which they probably will, this is about a corrupt broadcasting establishment, a system which criminalises people for not funding it, and child abuse. On this one Leisha, you have our full support, when exactly are the BBC going to pay you damages for the abuse you suffered?


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