Spivey Refuses To Say “And Finally Esther”. Rantzen: A byword for see no evil.

esther and jimmyWe’ve had out spats in the past, but credit where credits due, Spivey is like a Rottweiler with a scraggy old bone. He just won’t give up the pressure on dear old family favourite Esther Rantzen. Remember her, she’s the one who made a career out of vegetables that looked like rude things, and dogs who could say “sausages”.

Portrayed during her That’s Life days as “St Esther of Wilcox” the founder of Child Line, her rise to the top appears to have been a bit of a dirty affair. Starting as a bit part researcher for the brilliant Bernard Braden on the Braden Beat, it seems, according to his late wife Barbara Kelly, that she was complicit in him being sacked by the BBC, with Ratzinger, sorry, Rantzen emerging to front That’s Life. As for her affair with producer Desmond Wilcox, well that’s a whole story on it’s own.

So well done Chris on a brilliant piece, which you can read here:


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