Is The Church Of Rome Paedophilia Cover Up The Real Reason For the Resignation Of Pope Benedict XVI. The first Pope to resign in 600 years.

Looks like old Joe Ratzinger has been a naughty boy doesn’t it. The very holy man who kept  Karol Józef Wojtyła, better known as Pope John Paul II going through his last four years, eaten up with Parkinsons and various other aliments so bad that he could barely speak, has decided that he is himself too weak to carry on.

I don’t get it??? Surely, as the leader of this worldwide faith, you have committed your life to your god. As pope, it is the big boy upstairs who chooses when you when you leave the job and return to his heavenly arms, not you, unless of course you are Pope John Paul (the first) who was helped along this path.

pope_dBut no, it appears I’m wrong, Joe Ratzinger has decided he knows better than the big boss. The figure head for millions of religious sheeple has basically confirmed what many of us have thought for years, it’s all one big hoax. Don’t underestimate the huge significance of this papal decision, it is big enough to bring down the Church of Rome on it’s own, but when the real reason for him quitting is exposed, which it will be, there will be an awful lot of  rosary beads on eBay.

Take a look at this from Icke:

Nazi Youth member Joseph Ratzinger was appointed in 1981 to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), formerly the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition – the mass murdering and torturing ‘Holy Inquisition’ – by the wrongly rose-painted Pope John Paul II.

The same Pope decreed in 2001 that all child abuse cases worldwide involving the Catholic clergy should be dealt with directly by Ratzinger at the CDF with the role, carried out with vigour, of stopping the Church-destroying truth coming to public attention and, in doing so, denying justice to abused children and allowing paedophile priests and bishops to stay in their jobs and continue their abuse of other children.

Ratzinger has resigned because of ill health? His mate John Paul II continued in his last four years despite suffering from Parkinson’s disease, severe arthritis and having difficulty speaking and hearing. Popes don’t resign and this is why it hasn’t happened for 600 years. This is really about the truth coming out and there is a tidal wave of that still to do so – especially in Ratzinger’s case.

I have said it for two decades and I will go on saying it – paedophilia and Satanism are the cement that hold the global Establishment together and the Roman Church is founded upon both going back to its theological ‘inspiration’ in Babylon and beyond.

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