MMR: Mass Murder Recipe – Dedicated to the memory of Joanne Ogden. *MUST READ*

Another great post by Spivey. Read my about page, and you will get my feelings about vaccines.


The Daily Mail Spivs Comment (updated) Following the posting of the following articles this morning (10/2/13), a friend of mine got in contact to tell me about her God-daughter who died of a swollen heart 2wks after having the MMR jab. At the inquest the verdict was left open despite the batch being withdrawn and no responsibility acknowledged… Then again no responsibility would be acknowledged, would it. To do so would leave those people open to a charge of mass murder.  Once you have read it, have a little think about what you would prefer: A spotty unwell child for a week or a brain damaged/maybe even dead child. I know what I would prefer…


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