A Horse, A Horse, My Freezer Full Of Horse.

Continuing our Richard III week, the whole horse meat story is exploding all over the media.

findusI’ll be honest, I love lasagna, and have it at least once a week, so did it come as a massive shock to find out that Findus lasagna has been made with 100% horse meat, not really, and I don’t care.

Make up a decent meat source, onions, meat, tin of tomatoes, herbs, salt and pepper. While that’s cooking, do a quick white source, chuck in some cheese at the end. Grease a big dish, layer sheets of lasagna on the base, then a layer of the meat source, layer of lasagna sheets, layer of cheese source, layer of meat source, lasagna sheets, layer of cheese source. Bash it in the oven for half an hour, serve. It takes about 15 minutes prep time.

Or open a pack of Findus, and eat dobbin, it’s your choice, but don’t complain, they are lying to you about everything else, why should food be any different, stop relying on manufactured food.

As a footnote, I don’t eat meat, personal choice, so I make a vegetable lasagna, but the principle is the same.


Slaughter … beheaded horse at abattoir in Rungis, France


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