Tory Peer Lord Dalmeny Makes Auschwitz Joke At Black And White Party, Watched By Cameron.

Dalmeny1I wonder if the people at the Mail realise they are the source for so much material in the alternative media, my guess is they do.
I just had to post about this guy, Harry Ronald Neil Primrose, or Lord Dalmeny as all Tory supporters know him. Well, he’s done it again.

Last year, he upset a few people by calling the Tories c**ts (sorry for the * Spivey and David Icke) in front of Princess Beatrice, this year he’s made an Auschwitz joke in front of Jewish Tory party chairman Grant Shapps, and called the French “Frogs”

I’m really starting to warm to old Harry Primrose. What a guy, the chairman of auctioneers Sotheby’s UK is.

Although Harry has no formal connection to the Tories, his wife Caroline was a Tory Cabinet aide

Paying tribute to Freddie Mercury.

Paying tribute to Freddie Mercury.

And, as this was a charity event, to raise funds the the over privileged (tory party), he didn’t charge a penny.
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