Churchill appeals against ‘£5m insurance payout’ to brain-damaged girl, 16

Here’s another example of Scumbag insurance companies who rob you blind with sky high premiums and then when push comes to shove, the heartless bastards pull every trick they can to avoid the payout, even when it involves a young girl who was ruled in court as totally blameless. Read the following report taken from today’s Mail, and then to anyone insured with Churchill, I urge you to cancel your policy and tell them to shove it up their fat dogs arse, Oh Yesh.

Bethany Probert deserves your support on this one, please spread this story far and wide, it’s time these parasites  understood that people power could easily destroy them.

Give Churchill a kick up the balls.

Give Churchill a kick up the balls.

Churchill insurance has appealed against paying up to £5million compensation to a teenager left brain damaged in a car accident – because she wasn’t wearing a high-visibility jacket.
Bethany Probert, then 13, was mowed down while walking home from a horse-riding lesson down a country lane in Silverstone, Northamptonshire.
The schoolgirl, now 16, suffered a broken collarbone, lung damage, and devastating head injuries which have caused permanent brain damage.
A judge found the driver 100 per cent liable for the crash on the evening of December 3, 2009 and insurance giant Churchill was ordered to pay up to £1m in compensation to fund Bethany’s full-time care.
But the company has now launched a bid to wriggle out of paying the cash – claiming the accident was Bethany’s fault.
The Court of Appeal has allowed the insurers to appeal the original ruling, which means the teenager could be left with little compensation if they find her to be at fault.
Churchill’s lawyers plan to tell the court Bethany should have known to wear reflective clothing because she was an experienced horse rider.

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