Elm Guest House Scandal: Coded Advert That Gave Signal To Perverts. Mirror Picks Up Exaro Story.

It’s gaining momentum, the Mirror tonight is running another story from Exaro about the Elm Guest House. I haven’t read all of the Sundays yet, let’s see who else runs it. What do you think Harry, web of lies not doubt.

Elm+Guest+House+advertisementAdverts for Elm guest house included a coded invitation to paedophiles, the Exaro investigative website has revealed.

The written message “10% Discount to Spartacus Club Members” is understood to have alerted abusers that young boys were available for sex.

According to Exaro, files seized by police last month also name a man who helped turn Elm guest house into a paedophile brothel allegedly used by MPs and other VIPs.

The key figure who persuaded co-manager Carole Kasir to create a haven for homosexual men to have sex with boys is identified in the papers as Peter G, who was part of an underground paedophile network called ‘Spartacus’.

The evidence raises serious questions for the senior politicians and other VIPs who, according to the files, visited the guest house in Barnes, south-west London.

In a joint investigation last weekend, Exaro and the Sunday People disclosed how a Conservative party campaign group “strongly recommended” the guest house to members in a newsletter.

Papers relating to the guest house including a list of alleged VIP visitors were seized in a police raid last month.

The papers also suggest that two men ­persuaded Carole Kasir to change it into a place for homosexual men in 1982.

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    Keir Mudie Nick Dorman

Elm guest house scandal: First victim of paedo guest house breaks his silence

2 Feb 2013 21:00

A victim of the VIP paedophile guest house has told the Sunday People of the horrors that went on there.

The former care home orphan says he and his 12-year-old brother were sent by staff to theElm Guest House for “a treat”.

There they were lured into cider and beer-drinking races to get them drunk and ordered to dress in girls’ fairy costumes while their pictures were taken.

Finally they were forced to take part in vile sex acts after phoney games of hide-and-seek.

The victim, now a family man, broke down in tears as he told the Sunday People of his nightmare at the Elm – and how his tormented brother killed himself a decade after leaving care.

He said: “The people responsible have blood on their hands. I shouldn’t think my brother is the only one to have taken his life because of this.

“I’m speaking out now because I want justice done for me and for my brother.

“What went on was absolutely disgusting. When we told the staff at the care home what was happening at Elm they used to say ‘They are friends, they are good people’.

“No one was listening to us. It’s taken 30 years for anyone to listen.”

The former guest house in upmarket Barnes, south-west London, is now the centre of a major police probe into an alleged child sex abuse ring in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It is said to have involved senior politicians, showbiz celebrities and members of the royal household.

The first victim to speak publicly has waived his legal right to anonymity but the Sunday People has chosen to identify him only as Dave.

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‘Diana saved my life’: Elm guest house victim met princess when he was sleeping rough

Another victim of the Elm guest house scandal believes Princess Diana saved his life, the Sunday People has revealed.

The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough outside a London church.

He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10 while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home.

Diana gave him food and helped him find a temporary home as he battled to rebuild his life in his twenties after escaping care.

He left a tribute to Diana at Kensington Palace when she died in the Paris car crash of 1997.

The man said: “I have rebuilt my life and I owe it all to Diana.

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