Fake, Fake Fake. Big Brother Is One Big Con (Channel 5 That Is)

rylan-clark5-460x306When are people going to wake up to the fake con that is “Reality TV”? (is that a double negative? is a fake con not a con? anyway, what I am trying to say is Reality TV is fake, and a con)

It been dramatically revealed by “Caffy Beal” that Rylan has been secretly sneaking out of the secure house to rehearse for the X Factor tour.

Latest evicted housemate Gillian Taylforth shocked audiences on the Wright Stuff, when she said Rylan had left the house. Read more

This story left me in a bit of a dilemma, I haven’t watched the fake X Factor, ever since the auto-tune revelation, and Gary “Eeyore” Barlow took over, so who the hell is Rylan. After much investigating I find out that Rylan is a camp lad who couldn’t really sing but won the heart of the country, a bit like Reg (I’m a new daddy) but with less, or is it more hair. That’s not really a fair comparison because Reg used to be able to sing, but they both cry a lot in public, so I’m staying with it.

Reality TV is as manufactured and controlled as any other TV. It’s all part of the mind control strategy of the globalists, who by the way, own and control all MSM. Please don’t think there is anything independent about ITV, BBC, Ch4 or CH5, and especially the Murdoch brain washing channels on SKY.


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